Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's Snowing Out The Wazoo!

They said it was coming! It's finally here and the snow hasn't stopped since 10 a.m. this morning. I got up to run to Target before it started to try to get last minute goodies..just in case we got snowed in for the New Year!

So...I am at the checkout line and glanced outside to see a blizzard going on!!Lil Bon said, "Mama...hurry up or we are gonna get stranded"! You mean in a wreck...not stranded. So....we grabbed the buggy and hurried out the door!! When I got home...which is only two minutes from my house....this is what I came home too!
Seriously....can you believe that this happened so fast!

It's been kind of funny lately....everyone keeps telling us that Colorado is breaking the weather to the DeLoney's very easy! "It's never been this mild" all we keep hearing! It snow's up in the mountains every other week or even day....but that's an hour away from us in Denver. So if you're a weather bug and watch the news at night and see it that it's's usually in what we call the High Country...not in Denver particularly.

So all of this is making one boy very happy!
This is Troy....(my other boy....or so I've claimed him as mine!)

Troy is here visiting us from Tampa from our old neighborhood....he is one of Big Boo's bestie's!
He is loving all the snow and the soulmate took them up to Copper Mountain he's been in La La Land here with us! We love him dearly!

In fact....they are all playing in the snow right I'd better get out and take some photo's!

Peace Out!!! To all my Sista's!!



Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas In Colorado.....Our Very First!

Our First Christmas in Colorado 2010!

I can't hardly believe we have already lived in Colorado for six months! Wow has the time just flown by! Everything is so different here but in a good way! Colorado is very family oriented and there is tons of things to do here in any direction you drive. Right now though...primarily snow skiing. All of the ski resorts are just an hour from where we this makes it great to head to the mountains and just ski for the day and come right back home!

This family picture was made over Thanksgiving up at Copper Mountain. We loaded the car and headed up to the slopes and stayed in a condo at Copper and had three fun-filled days of skiing and relaxation. Some of Austin's friends met us up there he had friends to snowboard with while we went skiing with Coley. Except we split up and Austin left me on the side of a mountain.....I was later rescued by two very cute ski patrol you see....sometimes things just have a way of working themselves out!

I look forward to 2011 and meeting more new people and making sure my peeps are doing well in school and helping them pursue their dreams. Having a 15 -yr-old...who just got his permit...and an almost 11-yr-old sure keeps me on my toes. I have to say ...they both have been amazing about the move an everything that meeting new school and in the neighborhood....getting involved in our new church. So I am very proud of them for putting forth every effort to be happy and getting settled in.

Now that all the dust has settled and our basement is finished....I am curious to see what God has in store for me here. I miss all of my life-long friends I have made in Tampa and have been missing them all very much lately. I guess you could say....I am officially getting bored. So who knows what 2011 will bring....but I am looking forward to it!

Many Blessings to you and your family for 2011!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

GloZell Is Killing Me!!!

I have a confession to make....I have spent a WHOLE LOT OF TIME on YouTube today! You see my son sent me an email with a link late last night. It was YouTube video of this chic called GloZell ...and she has had me hysterically laughing most of the day. Yes...a grown woman....Likes ...myself...laughing stomach is still sore from laughing! Take a look for yourself and please know that I am not responsible for what comes out of her mouth....and some things she says.....I would not condone for children to be present.....but this chick is just crazy funny! (insert Full Disclaimer!)

I have to tell you that she will have her own show one day...or end up on Saturday night live...I am sure! So enjoy Sista's. O and GloZell ...if you happen to stumble upon this....I will take you to lunch if you are ever in Denver....I'm just sayin!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Potter Loves A Screaming Mama!

It wasn't my was my daughter....Lil Bon! "I really want to go see Harry Potter tonight"! (Insert big sigh here!) This type of movie is usually reserved for "Daddy...Daughter Datenight". Usually because it's something he wants to see as well. However...the Soulmate was with Big Boo at a Lacrosse game. Hence thereforth...this journey began.

First of all....I have only purchased Harry Potter books and I am probably the only person on earth who hasn't seen a Harry Potter movie and never seen ANY Star Wars episode as well. Yes...I am the minority. I cannot stand Sci-Fi or this fantasy mess...yes that includes that Twilight crap too. Call me crabby...crazy....I don't care....I don't enjoy scary mess...or vampires....or anything else that's creepy.

Did I say I've never seen the Harry Potter movies...that would be H to the Y. And yes...I knew completely nothing about what was happening...other than a man named Dumbledorf had died in the movie prior to this one. ( I did get that one...pretty early on!)

So I was ok...until Harry follows some creepy old woman to her house and then comes this God awful big snake....Did I mention I hate creppyness....OH YES I DID! Well....I let out a SCREAM when this snake popped out on the screen...and as my friend Shawn would say....."I may or may not have wet my pants". Lil Bon said....I am not allowed to take her to Part two. So....let's get this straight....I thought this was the very last one...or that's at least what I was told prior to making this commitment. So now Part two doesn't come out until July 2011. Uhmmmm....the thangs....we do for our babies.

So I would like to officially apologize to anyone who I offended or scared at the theatre tonight. I know some one got a laugh out of this Mama screamin in Harry Potter. real!

Friday, October 29, 2010

HaPpY HaLLoWeEn!!

Hey Sista's.......should I apologize for not blogging? I don't know why I haven't been able to make myself sit down and really pour my heart out? I guess I have so much to say.....but just don't want to ramble about it all since....there is SO MUCH I could say! But let's be real....I can't say everything I want to say because this IS THE WORLD WIDE WEB. I know it's not like I'm running for a politcal office....but I guess there are just some things better left unsaid.

The basement renovation is progressing though. They start the drywall and stone fireplace next I am ready for that! Halloween is this Sunday and Lil Bon will be a Greek Goddess, which was a much better selection than....Lady GaGa or Micheal Jackson....which she previously expressed interest in!

Tomorrow we will be going on a horseback riding trail in the mountains and when we come back down...we'll eat dinner and then do their "Haunted House". This will be the first year that it hasn't snowed on Halloween.....according to the locals. It will only be in the 60's everyone is acting like this is a definite heat wave. It feels absolutely great to us!

Tomorrow is Big Boo's 1st Fall Lacrosse game and then off the ride! Wishing all my Sista's a great weekend and Happy Halloween. It will be my Daddy's Birthday on Sunday......he always told us he "rode in on a broomstick". Love ya Pops!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Birthday Off Track! I used to celebrate my birthday all week....and clearly I would make this known to my immediate family within  the four walls of my home. However, the soul mate has been out of town for the last two days and let's just say....I am in desperate need of a Girls Night Out. (In A MAJOR WAY!) And I mean I don't need anything materialistic....just an's Mom's Birthday.....let me take the trash out for you....or clean up the table......or Mom...let's just order in tonight? Nope....hasn't happened.

How can one thing that goes wrong just set the tone for the rest of the day? I did wake up and do my Bible Study! Maybe that's it...I usually do it late at night after everyone's in bed and it's actually quiet. I chose not to do that yesterday....uhmmm....Guess I'll need to talk that one over with the man upstairs.

After the one thing that actually threw the wrench in the just got worse. Lil Bon has been out of school for the past three weeks due to her being in what they call...."All year around" school here." Oh...yeah....lots' of benefits....your children are supppose to retain more ...therefore create less work for the teachers...uhmm..Well...let me tell you about the cons.

#1. They want to stay up all night and sleep until 10 and then expect you to either to take them to breakfast and or lunch.

#2. You have to constantly remind them to read the required material that they are to continue while on break, as well as, visit sites that keep their mind sharp for upon return.

#3. They get bored at the drop of a penny. And most of their friends all have plans and are already signed up for things to do during this time. (I will know this for next time!)

#4. What do you do if you work....hire a Nanny? I am not working but I would like to because I am bored beyond belief....what then?

So...I am ready for traditional school....and she is on the track that is closest to the traditional school year calendar. So Lil Bon starts back on Oct 19th and Big Boo starts his fall  break this Friday. Praise God it's only for a week. This three week thing has driven me bonkers. We've shopped....did extra horse lessons....make pottery....went to the libraries....shopped some more....and eaten out almost everyday for lunch. (Hence the weight gain!)

So I will always remember my OFF TRACK Birthday week! Oh...and did I mention I'm homesick....for both cities....for my family in Memphis and my friends and family in prayers are needed....because....I am OFF TRACK!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Homecoming....A Whole New BallGame!

Way back in the day....your Homecoming dance generally speaking .....mean't that you had a date. I thought it would pretty much be the same when Boo started High School this year. It all started out the way actually! He told me that he was taking a girl (who shall remain nameless) to the dance. Oh....let's say about five days into saying that....IT ALL a twinkling of an eye. POOF.....(this is where the smoke rises...) GONE! FINITO! When I asked what happened....."Don't worry about it Mom!" This was not what I was use to hearing! Usually he spills it.......pretty quickly...mainly because he has a WHOLE LOT OF his Mama in him!

                                                          No Not This Time!!

So Now everything is this group deal....which in all really the smart way to go in my opinion!
At first...I was a little disappointed. I thought to myself....I get to take pictures of Boo and his date before they leave.....yada yada yada....and it's his first exciting.....but then I started thinking about the pro's and con's and the pro's came WAY OUT on top ....and here's why!

  • There are no expectations! You don't know what your missing if you've never experienced it!
  • Drama.....there is sure to be A WHOLE LOT of it ...if your date shows up with the same dress as one of her peers! (Let just be real...that is the epitomy of embarrassment for a woman!)
  • You don't just have to dance with your can ask anyone of the girls in your group!( this is where the old rap song comes back into play....remember....."Hotel...Motel....Holiday Inn....If your girl starts acting up....then you take her friend"! He can have a good time and move on....if the drama starts up!
  • He doesn't have to buy a corsage or pay for dinner!
  • He can torment his friends who brought a date....but are totally bored with the girl they asked!
These are just five small reasons why going in a group would be a great way to go to the dance! I am sure there are many more.....I will say that we had a great day shopping at BUCKLE for his outfit. He will definitely be the best dressed one there.....and YES...I will have a picture up as soon as possible.
He informed me that he has invited everyone over here to take in ....OH  BY THE WAY...I almost forgot to tell ya! Thanks Boo....glad to hear that two days prior! It's not like we are about to have a basement renovation going on! 

Well....I am sure there will be Boy Drama....when he gets home. So I will keep you all posted!

Peace Out.....Soul Sista's!!



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well.....He Thought It Was A Good Idea!

He's 14 years old....what does he know! much more than his parents. We  knew Lacrosse was his passion...and IS his passion, but upon moving here....everyone kept saying...Lacrosse really doesn't start full swing until February. So he played relentlessly all summer and went up to the High School to participate in Strength and Conditioning to keep in shape. As luck would have it, the Coach for S & C is the Freshman Football Coach. As soon as he met Austin...he saw his size and asked him did he play football.

"No Sir.....I am a Lacrosse player" as he shook the Coaches hand." in Denver....Lacrosse players play Football......and Football Players play Lacrosse"....the Coach said. "Uh....Ok. ( I mean really what was he supposed to say after a comment like that!) So....the Coach would begin his courtship in talking Big Boo into football...much to his dismay.

So what am I doing right now you might ask. Uhmmmm.....lets see....I am SO KNEE DEEP in Football have no idea. There are over 50 players and 10 coaches just for the Freshman Football Team. And yes....same ole same ole....the 20/80 rule....20 percent of the parents do 80 percent of the work. We do have an amazing team Mom....who is basically the assistant to the coach...I tell you I don't know how she does it and she works full time! But I am trying to help her with anything I can. Oh..did I mention that I am feeding the 50 players and 10 coaches on Thursday night. Yes.....It is being catered but the "Soulmate" and I decided not to beg other people to step up and give...(I don't have time for excuses!) So the only thing I have asked for is someone to bring yeast rolls, dessert and Sweet tea from Chick-Fil-A! Bada Bing....Done!!! I am having Pot Roast and Mashed Potatoes made from the Marie Calendars Restaurant here in Denver made for the team!

So back to Boo! I cannot say exactly what I would normally say....for fear of retribution of some sorts...but lets just say...Big definitely a Lacrosse player....Note to self: When your son tells you what he is.....just listen to him. Let him decide what he wants to do.....without encouraging them to out of their comfort zone......just listen! And yes...I am talking to myself. We thought it would be a great idea for him to stay in shape while waiting to play High School Lacrosse in February....but there are fall Lacrosse Leagues he could participate in and will be when Football is over in October. Also...a great way to meet more friends and build a comradery with some other players. least the social aspect of it is working out.

And yes....let me be clear about one thing. The Social Calendar is up in and running in the DeLoney home. Big Boo has something going on just about every other night! I will posting more pics soon!Ok....he is towering over me....I thought he would be this big when he was a Junior not a Freshman.

Hugs to all my Soul Sista's!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Hottie Trotti Hookup!

I thought I was on a roll....actually very proud of myself for sticking to an exercise program! In fact...I was getting to know the nice elderly gentlemen (Dave) at the check in counter at the Rec Center pretty good. Well...that is until I had my wreck two weeks ago yesterday! I mean seriously...I am very thankful God is apparently finished with me yet. He must know so much more.....

There was over 25 grand in damage to my it was totalled last Thursday. So bada bing....had to go car shopping. As many of you know....Car shopping is not my thang. I mean really...whatever gets me from point A to point B and I'm good. At least that's what I used to think in my BL days. If you dont' know what that's a term I coined myself. It means Before Lexus. Yes that's right! Cars really have never ever mattered to me, but once you drive a's hard to drive anything else. I guess now I am a Lexus Snot....thanks to Chris of my friends...hottie she would say! Ya see...Chris made it real simple...ya tell him what your looking for and he just calls you when he finds going back and forth and's just what it is. I must admit..I kinda like not spending all day hanging out at a dealership....playing the cat and mouse game with the salespeople.
(Who by the way.....always think they can fool me!)

Yes... I live in Denver now...not in Tampa....far away from the Hottie Trotti...who always made my life a little more simple for me when it came to my car. And yes...I called on him for advice .....and he politely reminded me that it didn't matter what I got..because someone would end up hitting me again in a few months....since this is the 4th time since February! Yeah....and I wasn't laughing at that one...bad karma...I told him that he was not to speak those words out loud. But he does have a point.

So....I headed ovah to the Denver Lexus Dealership and told them what was going down....and they ended up helping me out and getting it all done. This time....Hottie Trotti wasn't there to tell me to take his car and go to the International Mall and he would call me when the car was ready. I had to sit there and wait for more than three hours to get it all DONE DID! I politely told my sales person that my guy back and Tampa didn't make me wait like this at all.....I had to rub it in a little....but they do have a great massage chair at this dealership! But the whole process made me miss my Hottie Trotti who always had my back. I miss you CT! Shawn can give him a big huggie and relay this message to him!

Ya'll have a great weekend Sista's!



Sunday, August 29, 2010

Too Much Going on...

It's been so long since I've's not even funny. If I am's all I can do to post this one. What is wrong with me...well...I don't even know where to start! So much has happened over the past month. Especially the last two weeks.

In not in any particular goes!

Contracted the basement out to to be finished.
Big Boo started High school
Big Boo started Football & practices
Lil Bon had choir performance, I was Emcee of event
Got Safe Racks installed in Garage
Cleaned out basement (still in process) for preparation of Basement Renovation
Voluteered At Lil Bon's school ( reading assessments)
On Care Committee at MVHS (Boo's school) for Faculty appreciation
Sponsorship Coordinator for QB committee for football team
Coordinated Silent Auction Items for MVHS Football Fundraising Gala
Still trying to find Lil Bon a Barn for riding....(this is overwhelming.)
Company (3 Visitors) in three months
Was in a totalled out.. had to find another vehicle.
Big Boo was injured at football practice..
Xrays'....then CT SCAN and two Dr's later.....more appointments for diagnosis this Tuesday.
Need to see a Chiropractor...did I mention I am so sore still....trying to stay busy to make it all go away.

Need I say more....I  have too much to even I will be back soon once the dust settles. I hope to chat more wtih you all soon. I promise I will catch up soon!

Hugs to ya Sista's!!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

K-LOVE - Selah "Unredeemed" LIVE

I love me some Selah! I hope this blesses you as much as it has blessed me!
Have an Amazing Friday! Hugs to you Sista's!

Contentment.....It's A Dilemma!

I have to tell you that moving clear across the United States has been quite exciting. I never thought I would ever be settled so fast, clearly that's why I haven 't posted in over a month. Sorry :( But I have to tell you that if you know thought would understand. I really don't stop ..until I have things pretty much the way I like it. You noticed I said the word "like"...because there is a difference between "like" and "love". In order to "love" would have to be WAY OVER THE TOP. Change is always good!

So I have had painters...IN and and there ....My sweet new "Handyman" Roy from the church to do odds and ends things....that I need to have done so the "soulmate" won't have to worry about. Tomorrow I have the "basement" guy coming to give me an estimate on finishing my basement before winter comes...possibly by Halloween....just in time for friends to come in and visit me and go Skiing. (Hint Hint Tampa friends!) So here lies the dilemma.....

Lil Bon starts school next Tuesday....because it's all year around school for her. She goes nine weeks and then has three weeks off. Big Boo will be a freshman in High School and he starts August 9th. As soon as this happens......what am I going to do?

Well...if I was the athletic type.....I would be going to the gym! And I do plan to do that....I just don't see myself going more than three times a week. Maybe four...if I get REAL motivated....but I can already see myself getting BORED OUT OF MY MIND.

The Dilemma....

Do I volunteer....or get some type of job that will make me feel like I have a purpose? The "soulmate" asked me not to work for at least a year.....I told him that I could only guarantee 6 months. I've only been here seven weeks and I am going stir crazy!!

I have to be around people or I get a little down and out. So that's my dilemma Soul Sista's! Can you give me your thoughts....they really do help! I am already on a committee for the High School....attended my first meeting this week. The nicest people here in Colorado....everyone says "Welcome to Colorado"....I am not's hilarious!

Missed All You Sista's!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bed Bath....and WAY Beyond!

I could be in trouble. Big trouble! Not only is there a Super Target two minutes from my house....across the street from there is a BBB (Bed Bath Beyond!). This store was about 25 minutes from my home in Florida so needless to say I did not frequent this store that often. Have you been in this store lately? I have to tell you that I have never paid that close attention at all the little gadgets....I promise I DO get out but I was very impressed.

Please tell me this.......why do they sell Candy?
It was late and I was tired... tired and I am here to tell you
that I had some trouble passing up some
plain M & M's!( I'm just sayin!)

I have been there three times in two days!

I think being so close to all of these shopping
centers is going to get me into some
serious trouble!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Welcome To The Neighborhood?

What do you do when you meet new neighbors who were best friends with the people that lived in your new house? Well for starters......
complaining about how dirty the house was.....maybe not a good idea!


I mean really....I didn't know they were BFF"s....but when she told me she let the
cleaning lady in.....I asked, " to this house" was probably not a good "idear" as my
Mom would say!

I asked..."There was a cleaning lady? Really?
(Thinking to myself... that's what they call it!)

OK....I walked right into that I had to tell her
that she may want to tell her friend that she needs to get
her money back...cuz I spent two hour cleaning the
laundry room floor ....where when they pulled out
the washer & dryer......well.....let's just say

So....I treaded the waters....quite litely
after I learned this wonderful news.

My neighbors are the nicest.....SO FAR!

Big Boo is currently undefeated in his Lacrosse games.
Headed out next week for the "Vail Shootouts"....for
the Championships.

Hugs to you Sista's!


Friday, June 11, 2010

I Just Thought I Knew What Tired Was...

I know people say those two words very non chalantly! "I'm Tired"! Just two little words that I thought I really knew what they were but my dear Sista's...I had no idea! I've only moved one other time that required a rather large truck...however...this one was a 54 footer that did not have one more inch for even a tennis shoe.

Speaking of Shoes.....

One of the movers made one small comment. And it was this...

"I thought my wife had too many shoes...but take the cake!"

OK.....can't a girl like some shoes! So these guys have been giving me crapola for all my shoes! Why so many...he asked! This is why.....when you get disgusted looking for clothes....when all else always fit!

It's true!

I will have to say....those two little words....I'm tired! Too tired to get rid of any of those shoes. So for know they will stay in boxes until I am not too tired to put them away. So...Sista's I'm so tired I can't even make I will go for now but I will start posting more soon. That's when I dig out of boxes. Hugs to my Sista's!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

YAY.....We Made It!

Hey to my Soul Sista's! We made it! Thank you to all my BFF"s for praying for Kelsey to make it on board my flight out to Denver. She did great! Everyone here has just been wonderful. My new carpet was just installed throughout the whole's looks awesome! They had someone come in and clean it professionally so that takes a load off of this Sista!

Lil Bon and my friend from College, Michelle, went and looked for furniture today for her room. We have two that we have picked out. I think she has a favorite and I will more than likely order it tomorrow! The soulmate and Big Boo fly out here on Saturday once they get will feel more normal.

The weather is absolutely was 68 degrees today and no humidity....ahhhhhh! I'm lovin
it! Our cars arrive tomorrow....way earlier than we expected.....I just got my rental here this I won't have it for long. Met my new neighbors across the street today and they are moving in the first week of July....apparently they just live down the street. I will be posting pictures soon!

Hugs to my Sista's!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just Six More Day's!

Only six days left here in Brandon Florida before I take off for the wild wild west in Colorado. Tomorrow is the kids last day of they are excited about that, but I think the reality is starting to set in. In fact...I know the reality has officially set in because I have been the chauffeur to anything and everything the past few

I don't think it has officially hit me yet because I am still trying to tie up loose ends with just the little things. I am chopping away at the list a little each more everyday. I just don't want to forget anything before I take off.

I am not so sure I will be able to see all the people I want to see before I go, so I don't quite know what to do about that, but I guess the Lord will have to work that one out for me as well. I will say this...there is a time and season for everything and I have to make myself understand that. I know my true friends will always remain with me whether I'm in Colorado or in Timbuktu.. it won't matter. They will always be there for me.

I know that the Lord has orchestrated this entire move from the very beginning so...there has to be an amazing reason why he is taking our family all the way to Colorado! I am excited about that journey, but I know I will be leaving behind many dear, sweet, and some real sassy friends! I will be updating my blog real soon with some neat things... but I may not be able to post for a week or so. I take possession of my new home on June 2nd late in the evening. So I will definitely keep you all posted!

I love you all!
Peace out Soul Sista's!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Soul Sista Sunday!

Sometimes it takes a good ole fashioned church service to get you out of your "poor pitiful me" way of thinking! Doesn't it? I'm not kidding! With so much going on in my's been hard for me to focus on anything not pertaining to the move in the next couple of weeks. This is what's consumed my mind...keeping me being the person who God has called me to be....

  • home repairs fixed for new home buyers (have you ever tried to find a good roofer?)
  • playing phone tag with moving coordinator's ( I have three)
  • Speaking with Vehicle Transporter's
  • Dealing with Insurance Companies....I've been rear-ended 3x in 3 month!
  • Making sure kids schools in Colorado have all required paperwork submitted
  • just wrapped up my last work this past Friday...letting go was VERY hard!
  • keeping my children on task for the last few weeks of school....this continues to be a struggle
  • coordinating my dog, Kelsey...on the plane with us...will be a total act of God! You wouldn't believe what all that's involved in getting a dog to travel on a plane. The temperature has to be be perfect.
  • Getting Austin in to see his Dr. for Asthma check before we head out to Colorado!
  • Getting both kids teeth cleaned before we go so I dont' have to worry about that when we get there!
And I wonder why I haven't had any time to see any of my friends for breakfast or lunch. Please know that I love you all anyway and if I don't get to see you before I's not because I don't love you! I will be sending out my new cards with information once I get to Colorado! I more thank likely won't even be posting the month of June....but I will post as much as I can until then!

I do know that today after church that I felt that I should not moan or ever complain about my day again after hearing about what all Kelly Green encounters every time he goes out of the country! Lord do forgive me.

Love you all my Soul Sista's!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

17 Days Left....But Whose Counting?

Well...I haven't been really counting down the days until things started just going downhill. You always hear people talk about things like this, but never thinks it's going to happen to you. Generally speaking, I tend to seem to see the glass half full....but this's just been down-right half empty.

Seventeen days from today and I will be boarding a plane for Denver Colorado. It snowed there yesterday. The "Soulmate" went by our house and snapped this picture!

Can you believe it? You would have at least thought he
could have taken a picture of the whole house....there is a
whole other side of the house. I do love my cute Christmas
tree in the front!

So yes...I am counting the days considering the week I have had...I'm just sayin! In fact, my kids are actually counting the days too! Too many last minute things to worry about. I actually found out that in order for my dog to fly with us on the plane, the temperature outside cannot be more than 85 degrees outside. let me see....June 2nd....Tampa, Florida....4:45 p.m. what are the chances of it being that or cooler? I would say second to none!

I am praying that my friend,Olivia, will have her baby before I leave on May I will be here when the baby is born! That is what is currently that is weighing very heavily on my mind. It's not due until the middle of June but I had a dream!

Tomorrow is my last day to work at Spirit FM and I am very sad about that! So....please say a little prayer for me!

Hugs to my Soul Sista's!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Boom.....There It Is!!!

I was just stunned! Straight ahead are a couple a cars at the light.....and boom....there it is! I'm hit from behind again! I kid you not! This will be the third time in four months that I have been in an accident where I have been hit and it has not been my fault. Two of the accidents, I have been rear ended....and the other one...was a hit and run.

And as luck would have it.. the "Soulmate" would be out of my "new" home town. I called him at 8:45 a.m. which is 6:45 a.m. mountain time. I told him that I had been rear-ended and he said, "Dont' be messin with me this early"! Then....the ugly cry set know....the really ugly cry....we've all had it! I said, "Do I sound like I messin with you this early?" He said..."O honey....I'm sorry...we are gonna have to get rid of that car....something's just not right!" get's better!

The lady that hit me was actually really nice, I actually felt sorry for her. I was still in shock of it all and wasn't even speaking about it...just crying. I didn't even have a real tissue. Just an old dunkin donut napkin to blow my nose on from my glove compartment as I looked for my vehicle registration. Pretty pitiful.

As the officer pulled up...he said..."which one of you ladies haven't been so nice?" And she raised her hand. He said..."Do explain?" She said..."I was pulling out of the Eye Doctor's driveway and didn't see her car". Did I hear him right....did he just say the eye dr? Can she not see...obviously not!!!The  officer glanced over at me....and I gave him my ..Sha Nay Nay really...could this get any worse! Is there a camera on me some where? Is Ashton Kutcher in the bushes? Am I getting punked?

Meanwhile...I'm glancing down at my watch...thinking that I am suppose to have my "exit interview" at work today. So I try to call the "General" at the office and finally reached him and give him the news of why I am not at work. He was so sweet and couldn't believe it either! What a week! And it's not even Wednesday!

I think ....what really got me the that the lady that hit me got out and took a picture of my car. I'm thinking....WHAT? Seriously...there is no damage to her car hasn't been out of the shop from the last accident for more that 92 hours and she's going to think that I am going to possibly cause more damage to my car in some way? She is seriously off her rocker! Part of me wanted to just back up a little and nudge her just to scare would serve her right....give me a stinkin break!

                                          I just have to PRAY FOR STUPID PEOPLE!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Things That Are Going To Be Hard To Say Goodbye To !

Getting ready to say goodbyes have been weighing very heavy on my heart. How does one say goodbye to great friends and "BFF's" that have been there for you in the good times and in the bad....some for many years and some for only a few. I have been very emotional....all over the place. Some one could say ..."Boo" and I could cry!

Of course it doesn't help that my children have had their own struggles as well with school work and other kids at school saying stuff...doing stuff...just being..ridiculous. Where are these parents at? That's all I'm asking?

There is a song that was written by a former contestant from American Idol, Chris Sligh called, "Here Comes Goodbye" that is sung by Country music artists, Rascall Flatts...that I love.. but it's about a girl about to break up with her boyfriend it's not exactly what I'm talking about but I love it. So I need to find an appropriate song for my friends before I take off.

Things That Are Going To Be Hard For Me To Say Goodbye To:

1. Friends...I won't name you....because I would hate to forget someone and make you mad at me before I leave. (I've already made some of you mad....and I don't even know why.) It's not like I've thrown a party...and left anyone off a list!

2. Church...I will miss my Bell Shoals Baptist Church Family and my former Sista Church ....FishHawk Fellowship Church. All my peeps in the FFC choir and at Bell Shoal Baptist Academy.

3. My Work...My Spirit FM 90.5 Family. I've been working there for about five years now and I will miss them all.(well maybe not one person).. as well as, my Business Underwriters, who I have had the priviledge to serve and get to know for quite some time now. They are ALL truly so incredibly awesome!!

4.  My In-Laws...They are the sweetest! Even though they live an hour and a half away and we don't see them as much as we use to now that the kids are getting older and their schedules are more hectic....we know they are just a phone call away if there was an extreme emergency.

5: Gator Season Tickets..I can't personally say this one...but I will say this on behalf of the Soulmate since he had to give them up and he has had them since he graduated since 1986. So he's not been really happy about that one.

And the rest are little things like our Cleaners. I have had the same Cleaners since 1990 in Tampa. It's called Al Capotes. They bill us montly and they have been our cleaners forever. We know the owners personally and it's just little things like that. Little family owned business that we patron that mean alot to me. I'm sure I will have more to add to this list before the end of the week...but for now...please pray for me. Satan has been on the attack since early last Tuesday....and he hasn't quite let up yet. 

I  need your prayers!



Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sold A House...Bought A House....All In Two Weeks...Am I Crazy?

Yes heard me right. My house sold in three days and only one full day on virtual tour! Then I flew out to Colorado over spring break with the kids just to look around at neighborhoods and get a feel for the area and found my dream house! So we made an offer and today...we are officially under contract on our home in Colorado. And today.....I have a migraine! I'm just sayin!

And really...I can't even blame it on the house stuff! I can only blame it on a 14-yr-old who can't seem to get his class work done or home work done....for some reason or another. One could presume his social calendar and or Lacrosse has somehow suddenly interferred with his school work. I officially have a G1 phone sitting in a drawer right next to me...that I can't even get into!

Oh'll make a believer out of him. He won't get it back until he can prove he can handle school work and outside activities. To top this off ...this was a very busy week for me at work.....and I really didn't need the extra stress....not this week.

Sorry I haven't posted....I've wanted to and tried to but couldn't in my hotel last week. But couldn't find my picture thingie to put it on I will get another one so all of you Sista's can see where I am moving to! It really is breathtaking! I am surrounding by mountains....totally amazing. Hugs to you all and I will post more in the next coming days.

I am happy ...kind of sad.....all over the place.....right now...if that makes any sense. You can say ...Boo and I could cry or laugh...depending which mood you catch me in. I need a girly ....therapy day....with a friend.....someone help!

hugs to you all and please pray for me....I really need more ways than one.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Soul Sista Sells Her House!

OK....I'm just sayin....there is something totally scary about selling your house in just four days on the market. Actually.....I really thought my house was worth way more than what we put it up for but we had to be realistic and price it per square footage! So Yay! But now comes the weird appraisals...and buyers potentially nickel and dimin you to death....over little things. I know they are coming....I can just feel it! Been there....done that! So please pray for me...that I don't go Sha Nay Nay on somebody!

The soulmate and the peeps and I will be headed out to Denver next week during their Spring break to house hunt....and fit in at least one day in of skiing since it's only an hour away! So I just want to ask you all to please pray for us finding an area that we will be comfortable in! I believe in prayer and know that you Sista's will not let me down!

I love you all!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hold Up....Wait A Minute!!!

Nothing like putting your house on the market. I am official "mean mommy" who makes my kids clean their room upon leaving the house  for the slightest thing! Because if I don't....I know they will show it while it's a mess! I was told my house would be shown on Saturday at 11! At 9:15 I heard my dog barking while I was in the bathroom....and low and behold the realtor that was showing my house....only two hours early! Can't a girl....get a little notice! Thank God I was dressed and was just doing my Texas hair!!!

I don't think it has officially sunk in that I am moving. Even though the house is keeping me neroutic and the ultimate NAG! The soulmate is leaving for Denver in the morning to meet his new staff...and next week we will be all going out for spring break....possibly to find schools and the area in which we want to live. Probably not so much looking at houses....maybe a couple that are of interest. I will tell you that I do feel sorry for the Realtor who has to help me out there! Because I need some closet space and a bathroom with a fireplace in it!

There's a brokers open in my house in the say a prayer....I make it through the morning! I will have some more very important news to share just stay tuned!

Hugs to you Sista's!!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Officially.....Official!

Hey to all my Satellite Sista's! officiially official. Our family is relocating to Denver Colorado!! When is the all going might ask? It's hard to say....I have NO IDEA? Mainly because I have a house to sell.....yeah....and it's just a great time to be selling a house in Florida! So....that is definitely ALL UP in the air! So please pray that would happen sooner than later.

And how are you suppose to take .....asking someone...."Did you hear about my news?" And the person doesn't even look up and actually turns their back to you and says....."Yep....I did."

Uhmmmmmm. Maybe I don't have to wonder what their really thinkin! I thought she would at least offer to help me pack!

Can a Sista get some "Love?" Or at least a packing party?

Love to all my Satellite Sista's anywho!!!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Clowns Make My Skin Crawl...Still Today!

So here is the lowdown about Clowns......they give me the "heebie jeebies". Seriously....and here's why!

Back in the day.....when my BFF...Susan and I were Seniors, there was a brand new mall that opened up called the Germantown Square Mall. It was the "grand opening" day that sent us out on this escapade. One day that I will never forget. Susan, my cousin Sharon Kay and I headed to the new mall to go shopping. We entered the mall on the bottom floor but upon entering it....saw an elevator calling our name.. obviously. Just the three of us got onto it alone and preceeded to the second floor.

Here's where my skin starts to crawl!

No quicker than the door opened and we stepped out of the elevator......two clowns appeared out of no where and tried to shove us back in the elevator! When I say shove....I mean shoved us fast that it made my head spin. Susan's reflexes kicked the first clowns "family jewels" and he doubled over immediately. The other clown caught my arm as I started to run and pulled me down to the ground. My cousin Sharon Kay was screaming and couldn't move. I got back up and we all started running down the mall while screaming! For the life of me....I think all I can remember after that was ......we left the mall. I don't even recall who picked us up....but it was not a grand day at the new mall. It took me a long time to go back to this mall.

To this day.....I despise clowns.....they are creepy! But what you won't believe.... is this! Not even five years down the BFF Susan gets married...has a precious little one....and guess what she decorates her daughters room in? .....CLOWNS! I will never forget it as long as I live! I entered her daughters room and the was just..."speechless"!

Oh no you....Di....ent!

She looked at me and said...."What?" You don't remember? She said "Remember what?" When I told her....she said..."OMG"...I totally blocked that day out of my head!!! Oh must have been the childbirth! Let's be real....Childbirth does have a way of making you forget plenty!

So this is why I cannot stand clowns to this day!

There you have it my Sista's!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Friend Is A Friend....Forevah!

Today has just been one of those days! Feeling a little bit under the weather for the past two I didn't officially work....but unofficially worked from home. So...I had a better part of the day just thinking about people. Friends...Family...but certain BFF's that have been in my life for a very long time. One in particular that I have has since 5th grade! Yes....I said 5th grade! Her name is Susan! From the 5th grade all the way through the 12th grade...we were best friends! She was Laverne and I was Shirley....we use to sing the song....really we did!

If you have a moment...I will give you just a glimpse of our friendship! It really started in the 6th grade because in the 5th grade I was new to the school and we weren't in the same homeroom. But 6th grade is where it all began....and 7th grade we ended up in the same homeroom.

It was the year that "Welcome Back Kotter" came on. If you can remember the was about kids that acted up in a classroom...but somehow they had this teacher that seemed to get his point across ...and as bad as they hated school.....he kept them coming! This is the year that Susan and I had our first male teacher....Mr. Herring! He was the epitomy of good looks and had a great personality.....we loved him. And .....I ain't one to brag....but he called us "his girlz"! We had him hook...line and sinker. Especially Sue Sue cuz she was "Large and In Charge" with her girlz all nice and perky! Not to mention her smooth, honey, silky complexion with a smile to light up the room! I was just ok....but kind of plain jane with blue eyes....I always had the cutest clothes because my Mom made them all and no one else had anything like them!

One day we disappointed him of us...didn't study.....and the other one helped the other one out....just a little on a spelling test! I am not saying....who did what!!! I'm just sayin....we both were guilty as charged. He slammed the book down on our desk and we both stared at him in shame...well...I was crying by the end of his speech! I don't know if that permanently bonded us forever....but I think it did something!

Fast foward....through many teachers and many grades....Susan and I were inseparable! She always had the boyfriends and I always wanted A boyfriend! Susan could walk into a room and "Own" it. Her head held high....she would always say...." Debi ...just keep your head up high and walk straight ahead and don't look at anybody"! This was Her entrance ...and it always....Worked! Yes...I did learn a lot from her.

I lived out in the "sticks" and she lived in the city....therefore on many weekends...I had my own special twin bed in her room! Did I mention that she loves to NAP.....20 minutes and Susan is ready to get up and start back all over again! Her mother, Margaret.....treated me like her own and always made it over to my church just to hear me sing! Never once did she miss a play...or song that I would sing! And trust me....she was of the Methodist faith and my parents were "Pentecostal" this wasn't the most easiest thing to sit through! She did love our music though. She treated me like her own and I will always love and remember her with a smile! I really miss me some Margaret James....she was one of a kind!

Fast forward to Senior year. Did you see the movie "Wedding Crashers" with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson? That movie was based on our life. We would take a ride into Memphis on Saturday nights and hit every church on Poplar Avenue that had cars in the parking lot. Why you ask? Cuz we wanted to see a wedding? I am not kidding.....we did this WAY BACK IN THE DAY!

I tell you all of this for one reason. From time to time....friends will agree to disagree on one thing or another....but Susan and I never really did....EVER! She would have an opinion and then convince me on her opinion and then it would be my opinion! A few years back.....I disagreed probably for the first time in my life with something that was said....and like that.....we hung up and haven't talked since. Can we say...TIME WASTED!

So much has happened during that time to her and to me.....and we've missed sharing it together. I say that because of this...Life is just too short to let something like a disagreement take root and cause bitterness between life long friends! I miss my friend terribly. I have had conversations with her in my dreams and finally came to the conclusion today that even if she didn't respond back to me....I felt something pulling me to reach back out to her! So thankfully she still had the same cell phone number and I decided to text her since I was to scared to leave her a message in fear of rejection.

So....I did it! I texted her and to my surprise....she texted me back....saying that she would call me tomorrow at noon! So.....why do I say all of this to my Soul Sista's? Because....if something ever happened to either one of us.....I know we would both be literally sick with regret for letting something really stupid get in the way of a lifelong friendship.

Did you ever hear the phrase....."you can count on one hand your TRUE FRIENDS....and still have one finger not sticking up". Well I know I have friends and plenty of aquaintances....but a TRUE are on one hand.....or at least in my world it is! If you would like to say AMEN....feel free....but no comments are even necessary....only if you want to....but I can't wait to talk to my friend...I just hope I can keep it together!

Stay tuned for my next post on why Susan and I hate "Clowns"!

Love to you Sista's!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Time For Tanning Spray!

Spring has officially feels like. So it's officially time for a self tanning product that doesn't streak! I will be taking a poll of which product you use for tanning! Please don't say a tanning bed...cuz I stopped doing that a long time ago! You can't tell me that they get all of the DNA stuff off of that tanning bed.....just the thought of it creeps me out! With a quick squirt and a swipe.....especially if a teen is doing the cleaning. So that is not an option!

I have used a really good one in the past...but now I don't have my hook-up to Arbonne anymore. The Arbonne spray was a really good one but it cost about $18 a bottle that you can go through very quickly. But it was great because in didn't streak! Right now I am using a neutrogena misting spray...but if you miss a spot it looks really really bad! So please leave a comment!

Hope all you Sista's have a week!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You Said No Tattoo!

So get this! My 14 yr-old son, aka...Big Boo, came home from school on Monday afternoon with all smiles on as usual! As a Mom of two....if one out of two come home in a good mood...things are REALLY GOOD! So ....the Boo wasn't home long when I noticed something was coming out from beneath his shirt and I asked " Just what is that?" He pulled up the sleeve of his shirt and this is what I found?

OK?....I said ...when did you have time to do that at school...
Isn't FCAT this week? "Yeah", but I got through early
and got bored!

As a Mama I can take this two ways....
#1...Isn't that sweet that he loves me
so much that he tatoo'd Mom on his arm!
#2....I know my son well enough to know
when he thinks he's done with something..
that really means he didn't finish what
he started!

So what could I say really? It made me laugh! The ironic thing is that Boo and I are a lot alike and we can talk just about anything. I don't want either one of my kids one day to say well, "Mom didn't have a talk with us about that or anything". I don't want those words to every come out of their mouth! So....when the opportunity presents itself.....(which lately...seems quite a bit!) I certainly take advantage of the opportunity to talk about every thing from drugs to tobacco...drinking and driving ...teenage things..... and a little of the birds and bee's as well!

Funny thing is that we just talked about tattoo's just a few weeks ago! I explained to him how permanent they are....and when he get's married some really wouldn't look good if he decides to get something rolling down his arm or neck. Of course...he whole-heartedly agreed.."I would never do that". And one week rolls by and he comes home with this.( really it's just a marker from school.)

What bothers this? I didn't even know my son's muscles had gotten that big! I know he works out and plays Lacrosse until he can't play anymore...but geez...this is a BIG Muscle for a 14-yr-old 8th grader!
It has really got me thinking....he's looking more and more like an adult! I am here to tell you  ....I don't know if I am ready for all of this!

Seriously....I know someone out there must have a teen that has been through this...I'm scared of the unknown....I know I shouldn't be.....but I don't like surprises either...the soulmate can attest to that! So if you are one of my Sista's ...please do share....because I'm kind of thinkin...I'm in for it?

Hugs to My Sista's!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Layers Of Dumb!

OK....I can't stand it any longer! If I have to hear .....just one more time from the idol judges...."this is the best group of contestants we've ever seen"......I think I am going to go GaGa Crazy! Seriously....."the Dawg" aka...Randy...keeps saying this over and over. we have layers of "dumb" written on our foreheads?

In my humble opinion..and ya'll know I have is THE
worst group of singers that have ever come out of American Idol.....
I'm just sayin!!

And this is "How We Know This To Be True"......

1- The look on Simon's face when the camera pans on to his face unexpectedly from a shot from the side as the contestants sing.....well...let's just say it's "priceless". There is one thing about Simon that I know to be true....his face cannot say's it all!

2- Paula Is Gone...Gone...and Gone! And let's just be's not the same. Good or Bad....Paula had a way of bridging things together.....when things started falling apart for the contestants. You gotta love her for that! Idol producers made a HUGE mistake not giving her a few extra pennies to come back. Bad Move!

3- I will be the first one to say....I love Ellen! I think she's funny ....she has a great show ....but....she adds nothing....absolutely nothing to the show. She is not in the music business....she's a comedian...that's not what Idol is all about! It's about industry professionals giving the contestants constructive criticism so they can hone their skills for the upcoming week! Sorry Ellen!

4- They picked too many girls with the same type of sound! There are at least four girls on the show who have that folksy artsy sound! I guess when they went from city to city...they had the same thing in mind apparently. I guess at least they were consistant at something!

5- The buzz is that it's time for a girl to win. Yeah...maybe, but this is the deal....America is voting....and most of them are "tweeners" who are not voting for the girls. They are voting for boys like Tim Urban who is "Zac Efron look alike" but can't even stay on all! Poor thing was a little train wreck the other night! You know if Paula was still there... she would have taken care of that! Ryan Seacrest has had to take up where Paula left off in that department.

And Last But Not Least......

The only comment that Ellen makes for the guys is "your just adorable ....I really like you!" And then she refers to a banana? So there you have it!

Layers of Dumb!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Come On Girlz....Do Something!

Tonight hopefully American Idol girlz have their kinks worked out and they can hopefully bring some good performances to the table...if bet is going to be the winner just might be another guy. The buzz is that it's going to be a girl to win this year....well it certainly might be time for one....but is there one capable?

Uhmmm..let's see who can bring it tonight!

Peace to you Sista's~

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hold On American Idol Girlz...the Boyz Are In House!!

Hey to you Sista's.

I have to tell you that I was very disappointed with the American Idol girls last night. All week they have had promo's saying that the girls are awesome and they are this and that! There were only maybe two that I liked last night! All the slow songs were so boring, low key with no spunk. I'm sorry but all this folksy artsy stuff is really boring to me. The song selections were horrible. I have to say I pray tonight is better! I am so glad is Ellen is on the show. SO HOLD ON here we go!

Peace out!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympics Are Wearing Me Out?

I begin my days at work by checking the internet for headline news....yes I confess to be a "news hound"! I have been fascinated with stories all my life. As a child I wanted to be Mary Tyler Moore and work in the newsroom...thus my degree in Broadcasting. In order to do that I would have to be able to keep a straight face...which for me .....well ...let's just say nearly impossible. One look and that's it. If my eyes meet someone elses and it's that lose it!

So this morning was no different than other morning...iI checked out the news headlines for the day, except their was a byline that read...."Skater to take ice tonight after Mother dying". First of heart dropped a notch....and then I clicked on the story. The skater mother flew into Vancouver to watch her for the Olympics and suffered a massive heart attack. Click here for story

Can you just imagine? I'm sorry but if that news came to me...I don't think I could get on the ice! She must
have nerves of steel or a need to fulfill the dream that her Mother wanted her to achieve. So please keep this Canadian skater, Joannie in your prayers.

I don't know what it is about the Olympics that's so nerve racking. When I watch it...I am just so tense! wears me out. I feel like I need to get my Beyonce off of the couch and do something. They always make everything look so easy too....have you ever noticed that? Especially the ice skaters...which is my favorite thing to watch. What makes these snowboarders keep getting back up after getting whacked in the head by their boards? It's just amazing to see how it all comes together.

And  let just keep it real....I don't care whoever wins....when they get to stand up on the little tiered boxes to receive their medals....I don't care if it's Americans or Canadians....I get a little teary-eyed when they play their anthems. They always pan in on their face and their singing the words...closing their eyes....and taking deep breaths. Kinda like being in a dream or fairytale I'm sure. It's also amazing to me how it all comes down
to how well one can perform under pressure and how they can come out ahead on just that "One day"! What if they are having a very bad day .....on their ONE DAY! The years of training all comes down to how they]
are on that day of competition. That my friend is what separates the atheletes from the "wannabe's!

Just some of my thoughts.....what are yours? Your favorite winter sport is what?



Monday, February 22, 2010

When Is Cuddling Not So Cute?

OK.....I thought I was coming to terms with being the mother of a teen.....but Sista's ....dear Sista's. I am here to tell you that I am not ready. I know...I may have spoke to me on the phone and I tell funny stories about my "Big Boo" .....but I don't know if I am finding some things so funny. Now for all of you that don't know my history......My Boo is 14 years old and in the 8th grade and currently 5"10 and weighs about 145. I mean a lean mean adorable kid who seems to be quite the charmer. ( As if I didn't know that one already!)

It seems that now days...the boys don't have to pursue the girls because the girls don'tgive them a chance....they do it first! Now let me start from the "Get Go"! Way......Way......back in the day...I was never allowed to call a boy....or show up at his house even by appointment....let alone randomly. Today the girls are apparently really comfortable with fact so comfortable that they automatically walkin and go to his room....which is a "No No" in my house. Here lies the trouble. Sometimes these girls may like him but he thinks differently of them....or so he says. He is usually very honest about what he feels or doesn't feel!

Here lately....God has been providing those little "moments" (if you know what I mean)....that I can share a little light on how it a nice girl should really behave. Sometimes I get a blank stare ......sometimes he shakes his head from side to side.....and sometimes he just laughs out loud! Uhmmmm....I don't know how to take that one. I don't know if he's laughing WITH me or AT me!

If you are a mom with a daughter...I need to hear from you ....Seriously! Would you let your daughter do the following: Do you have a policy.....or is it just me being too strict!

1- Do you let your daughter go into a boys room when she says she is going over to "Hang Out"?

2- Do you ask to speak to their mother...if she ask to go over to his house?

3- Do you allow her freely wander the neighborhood without knowing who she is going with?

These are just a few "Need to Know" things that I would like to hear about! Any takers...

Would love to hear your comments?

                                                                    Peace to you Sista's!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nothing Like.. New York..New York!!!

Hey to all my Sista's! I wanted to blog really every night on my trip but I didn't take my laptop! I have so much to catch up on! Way back in the day....we told Lil Bon that we would take her to New York when she turned 10 years old...well....that time is here... so we booked the trip. My real life Sista Princess Lisa and my niece..Princess Erika met us there for a fun filled weekend! We had a mahvalous.....time! But it was just a tad bit cold!

The highlight of the trip for me was seeing the Broadway Musical " Wicked"! It was absolutely phenominal! I wanted to jump up on the stage and sing the very last song...because that's the only one I know the words to unfortunately!We were about nine rows from the front of the stage to the left and it was ssooooo awesome!

Nicole's favorite was the musical too....but it ran a very close race with this store!

The American Girl Doll Store. I think
we were there for about two hours!

but wait....there were other moments
like this.....if she was only a size 5!

She wanted me to buy these and save
them for her. She is the shoe queen!
Don't know where she gets it!

She also had to pick out her
favorite horse for Central

And this one.....won out! This my niece Erika who
just had her 22nd birthday....we were celebrating
both of their birthday's in New York!

We had a blast and I am sure it's a
trip that she will always remember!
Just like Mama want's it!!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FCAT Is On My Last N E R V E!!

I have to apologize right off the bat if you are a teacher that is reading this post. I do not hold what I am about to say against you in any way.....but this FCAT has taken over my child's life. Everything she is being
taught has been geared toward this test.....if I wouldn't know better I would think that the teacher's are getting a bonus for their classroom's performance. You have to do have to score need to work on need to above the line in this....this is stinkin 4th grade....not Princeton. If this is what a blue ribbon school is all about.....I am appalled.

Just I wish that I would get a positive kudos from my daughter's teacher. Instead....I'm getting negative comments and pompous attitude about whatever is going on. Who mandated this FCAT and why are they pushing these kids to do in my opinion 6th grade work in the 4th grade?

What am I ready to do you might ask? Go back to my daughter's former Christian school and climb in
my box and see her be happy again. She is so stressed out with all these test and unrealistic expectations it's changing her personality.

Does anyone else feel this way or I am just overeacting?


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Birthday Party...Horse Show....and WinterJam...Now Why Am I Tired?

OK....I have so much to blog about I don't really know where to even start.....Let's see, Big Boo's 14th Birthday Party....Wow...what can I say. I told him he could invite 20-25 people, but I made the mistake of telling him only half usually shows up. So what did he do might ask? He invited about 45 people and ALL of them showed up. Well...the last head count I took... it was 42! And NO my house isn't that big...thank the Lord we have a large patio and pool saved me. Oh ....and there wasn't a shortage of food....because 13 & 14 year old not eat in front of boys. Or should I say at least in the beginning.

Of course right before their parents came calling to pick them up....they asked me to warm up some left over PIZZA....can you believe that? I said ....Honey...we have put it all up....have a piece of cake and some tostito's! And.....they did! 6:30 a.m....the next was Lil Bon's Horse Show...O yes it was! And she was stylin because this one we had to wear the white blouse and riding jacket....all prim and proper like! She was so adorable. I will post a picture maybe tomorrow when I have a chance to download some off my camera!

Then might I tell you that we had Winterjam after her horse show later that afternoon. That mean's "your SoulSista" had to work. O yes I did. It was a great time seeing all the big Christian artist under one roof. But it left the Soulsista quite tired that I didn't make it to church on Sunday. SO I watch the service on podcast....isn't that just the coolest. You don't have to miss church..... if you really miss church.

Who came up with that's still not the same as being in a service. I feel so much better when I go to church. There's just something about live music that brings you closer to the Lord. That's all I'm sayin!! And might I add I needed a double dose of Jesus after a crazy busy week.

Look forward to posting new pics tomorrow....cuz you know between the birthday bash and horse show ...I do have some cute ones pics to post. I did get a picture of Big Boo and his little girlfriend who could be a supermodel she is so cute. Would you like to guess if she is a Brunette or Blonde?

Chow for Now!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why Can't Everyone Just Play Nice!

Well Sista's....the cold air has locked up my hands....shame on me for not posting...but there was a "SITUATION" in the DeLoney home last week.....that well...let's just say took up quite a bit of my time in the evening after working everyday. And here's the Reader's Digest Version:

Someone stole my "Boo's" new $500 BMX Bike in our neighborhood and then lied and made up a story about someone else doing it...."Casper the Thug" I guess, but then told my son...that he "thought" he could get it back for $50. Boo freaked out (without telling his parents) and gave him his Christmas money that was sent to him by his grandparents. Long story short....I could have prosecuted these two boys but chose not to. might say? Well......I am still asking myself that question! Why can't everyone just play nice. My flesh wanted to do a whole more...and let's be real here.....SAY A WHOLE LOT MORE! Instead....I asked the boy to tell me the truth and he swore that he didn't do it. So....I took him for his word .....even though his story fell apart more and more by the minute. I told him that if he even admitted to doing it...I would not report it, but still...he wasn't believing me when I told him that I would "forgive" him for it. His Mother knew the truth too.....she was thanking me profusely after we talked.

A mother knows when a child is not being truthful.....we all have the gift in some way or another of having that gut feeling when something is just not "quite right". You know the feeling. The unsettledness of something that was said or mentioned that just doesn't quite even add up. I would love to think that this young man learned his lesson, but I'm afraid that he actually started believing his own lies. Satan has that effect on people doesnt' he. He will tell you lies....grip you with fear....and steal your confidence in yourself and others if you choose to let him.

I had to forgive him and choose to let this go this week to give myself some peace. I can tell you this.... I did let this young man know that I know the truth .....and what goes around comes around. And the next time he steals someone else's bike....he may not be so lucky.

Has anything like this happened to you......if so...I would love for you to share your story with me. By the way...the police would not investigate it ONLY unless I agreed to prosecute. I didn't want any mother to have to hear their 15 yr old son is in jail for stealing a bike. What are your thoughts?

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday Is So Much Better Than The Monday Meltdown!

Did your kids start back to school yesterday? Well...mine did and I am here to
tell you that my Lil Bon had a "Meltdown Monday"....and that is putting it
very mildly. She has riding lessons on Monday after school and it seems to
be a pattern forming on the days her trainer picks her up from school.
Everything is wonderful until I pick her up and the back door isn't even
shut yet when the whining begins.

Did anyone else have this yesterday? Plus two hours of math
homework. Welcome back to the real world Mama! I was
so crazy I couldn't even turn my computer on!

So ...this morning I was bound and determined that our day
would have to be better. She got up crying saying it was too
cold to go to school. Imagine that.....I don't think that excuse
would fly if I called it in! Especially since this is really the first
whole week of cold weather that we've had this year and it's
January! I'm lovin this weather! I've worn boots to work
two days in a row. was really my Monday and I started to walk and run.
Yes you heard me right ....walk and run. I start out walking...
then I run a little. I began this form of exercise because I really
don't ever see anybody that's running .......with a weight
problem. Hence thereforth....running must work.
So...I am starting out by doing this only for 30 minutes
a day......and commit to doing it everyday....that way
I can make sure to at least to get that much exercise
a day. Hopefully I can work myself up to an hour by the
end of the month.

I'll keep you posted on how that's going. Hopefully it
will work and I can drop some lbs before March. I
don't have anything planned for March....but if I get
thinner....I just might!

Be Blessed!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Am I The Only Person Who Is Not Wearing Uggs?

OK....I thought that Uggs were for the teens and twenty-somethings! Apparently ...I am the only person who doesn't own a pair. After walking the mall with my BFF Tracy today.....everyone we saw walking down the mall had a pair of Uggs on! I am not kidding. In fact we ran into a couple of Tracy's friends....who were in their Early 40's.....that were sportin them quite nicely. I must say they were standing next to their teenage daughters at the same time. Now let's take a look......there are some Uggs that make your feet look like you're a COW....I don't care if your a size can look really frumpy with these kind....

Can anyone's feet look somewhat feminine in these?
But amazingly enough....I did find a pair that I really like!

These are called the Classic Tall "Swell" Uggs....

Now these are more narrow...not so clunky looking and I would
love a pair if someone want to send me a late Christmas present. Size 9 1/2
will do nicely! I really do need these for my New York trip coming up with
Lil Bon...these will definitely keep my nice and cozy. I'd prefer them in Chocolate
or Olive ....just in case the "Soulmate" is checkin in on me.

So am I the only one not sportin this thang's or what? If you have a pair I would love to know what
you think about them ....and if you like the one's I chose.....or should I just nix it altogether . Share your
thoughts with me please!

Happy New Year!