Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Spirit FM's Shareathon! If You Love Me....Call Today!

Ok to my Sista's,

I will be not posting a whole lot this week due to Shareathon at the radio station where I work. We are totally listener supported....that means that we have to raise money to keep our station on the air. So if you have a minute to listen on line at http://www.spiritfm905.com/. and call in and share in supporting Christian radio!
I will be on the air from 10 until 2pm! Looking for all my friends to call in and give me a shout out!  Call 1-800-223-9286!

Give your Sista a Hand!!!!!

Love you all!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let It Go....Let It Go!

Hey to you Sista's!

Praise the Lord....it's Wednesday! That means only one more day of work for the week for me! Yesterday was apparently the first day of  Fall! That just ain't even right! We don't officially have FALL here in Tampa until at least February! The humidity today is over 90%...can't we even get a little break?

I am ready to put on some sleeves and some boots and some really cool scarfs that are so popular! What I find so amusing about that is...I keep seeing people wearing them right now....and it's stinkin 90 degrees.

Can't a Sista get a fan? Seriously, I am hot just thinking about it around my neck. I have to let that go!

Speaking of letting go......Do you have trouble letting things go? For some reason......I do struggle with this from time to time.  The soul mate will confirm this to be true. I try not to hold on to things and ask God for his grace and mercy in this area.....but let's keep it real.....we all have days when we know Satan is sitting on our shoulder sayin...."Ok....Now you know you are not gonna let them say that to you....I know!" Don't make this white girl take off her earrings! O Yes I will!

Seriously...I try to ignore that kind of temptation....but sometimes things people do or say can really get to me.

As usual a circumstance arose where I was trying to help someone secure something for a mission trip.....and Satan didn't want this to go through.....that's the only thing I can say about it! But God got the glory anyhow....because I prayed it through and low and behold it all worked out.....but it wasn't because he didn't stop at all cost. He likes to plant doubt and more doubt!

Have you ever noticed that Satan seems to attack you more......when things are busy and you've got places to go and people to see.   I know that you have experienced something like this too...so I would like to hear from you about that and what you do when it hits you hard!

So Sista's please do share....


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Going WAY Beyond For Ms. Mabel!

Hey to you Sista's!

Here it is almost Wednesday, and everyone I know who went to the "Deeper Still" event in Orlando ...is still talking about it...and I will say that is a good "thang"! I keep looking back at my notes to see if there is anything I missed..FO REAL!

I have a confession to make. I accidentally picked up Ms. Mabel's booklet that we wrote down our notes in. And you ask me how I know this....in the front of the book there is a place for people to put there name and address down for some type of survey....and yes...Ms. Mabel filled her's out... quite properly I might add.

It's all coming back to me now......I just had met with Travis, the one and only, and I came back to my seat and was trying to gather myself altogether...when Ms. Mabel politely asked me...."Hun...have you seen my book....I laid it right here on my seat before I went to the ladies room?"

I replied, "No Ma'am...I'm sorry ...this one is mine and it's been sitting on my bag.....it couldn't have gone far...."Are you sure you didn't accidentally take it with you and lay it down somewhere. Ms. Mabel said, "No..I left it right here". 

And then she turned around and mumbled something.....I felt really bad for her! As I am reviewing my notes from the event last night..."I used the 3rd session of her book...to write notes down when Beth was speaking about discernment. I couldn't believe my discovery.... I feel really bad.

Thank Goodness Ms. Mabel put her address and phone number down in there or it wouldn't be going back to her. Yes...I am mailing her back to her.....because, I also found two other empty ones that I had picked up for my friend...and then I found the one I originally started in when Kay begin to speak.

You know what I'm thinkin.....Ms. Mabel  is a "rule follower"! She filled out the front...every single line....O yes she did!.And quite impressive handwriting I might add. I felt just awful about it today. I was so busy I didn't have time to call her and tell her that it is being mailed to her...but I will for sure tomorrow. Sadly enough.....it made me think of my sweet Mamaw that past away last Thanksgiving. I tell you.....the handwriting is identical.

How do I know that? I was recently cleaning out an old box and I stumbled across one of my Mamaw's old letters she wrote to me while I was away at college. It made me cry.

Her letter was written probably about five years after my grandfather had already passed and you could tell that she was just really lonely. She called me Deber....for some reason...that's always how it came out. The letter also spoke about all of her friends that had passed and that she couldn't wait to go home to the Lord and be with Paw Paw! She would run out of lines and start writing around the sides of the paper....somewhat like a maze....it cracked me up....she was always saving something so she could use it later. Therefore....she would never consider just adding another page.  It made me miss her terribly.

So I will do what a good southern girl was raised to do........send Ms. Mabel her book....you know it's still buggin the stew out of her. I can just see Ms. Mabel heading out to the mailbox in the next few days to come...looking for this book.....wearing her beautiful white "easy spirit" shoes and her sweet little turquoise Beall's outfit with the top that has the fitted waistband. Her hair perfectly in place because you just know she has it set every Wednesday morning about the same time everyweek.

I know Ms. Mabel will also find my notes attached....in the 3rd session.....and that will also probably trouble her just a bit. I'm truly sorry Ms. Mabel......I'm going beyond, Way Beyond, and make sure that you have your book back......Ms. Priscilla would be proud.

Peace Out Sista's!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Can I Get A Witness.....Up In Here?

Hey to you Sista's!

Well.....can we just rewind it and make it Friday again?......Cuz I want to go back to the "Deeper Still"event in Orlando. Just looking through the pictures this morning made me want to go back. What it really makes me want to do is find Priscilla's Bible Study...."Discerning His Voice", and sign up. Here lies the problem....most Bible studies are on Tuesday morning or either a Wednesday night and those are not good for me. I need one on a Thursday night....so if anyone finds one ....please let me know!

I wanted to let you know a little more about what Beth spoke on in the last session. And Sista...it was a BIG one! One that I have to tell you that I need to know more about because there are times when....that little voice isn't so little. It's more like....HEY.....DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID? Beth called it ...Divine Revelations in Human Encounters.....and that we ALL need a sense of discernment. That small voice is the Holy Spirit resonating with us....but if we are not in our scripture and reading HIS word....we shouldn't even discuss it.

Beth said there are Four Questions we need to ask ourselves...if we find ourself in this situation:

1. Can I trust what I'm sensing? Am I a critical or suspicious person by nature?

2.  Am I jealous or do I feel threatened by this person?

3. Do I have anything selfish to gain for this outcome?

4.  Are my emotions clouding my discernment?

If you answered ALL four questions with a "No".....then you go with your gut feeling! But if you answered a "Yes" .to any of them...then you need to re-examine it.  She refers to II Timothy 3 vs. 5.  There are people that you need to stay away from. God has not called you to listen to anyone who lies. Go with your spiritual gut feeling! When you walk in the spirit of Christ......you won't be wrong.

I have to tell you that before she spoke that night....she prefaced it by saying..."The Lord has laid something special on my heart for you tonight...I'm going to be speaking on discernment".  I am not kidding.. I wanted to stand up and lift both of my hands in the air because that was total confirmation of what I had told someone just the night before. You have to know the night after Kay spoke about "Resting in His Faith"....we got back to the room and I just started chatting with one of the girls in my room ...when this VERY SUBJECT came up and I preceeded to share a couple of incidents that had happened to me lately. It's something that I have NEVER shared with anyone else. So when Beth said she was going to speak on discernment I seriously about fell out of my chair. I know three rows of people heard me shout......Haleighlleeeurer! I am NOT kidding.

I almost died! I needed to hear everything she said about it because..... I JUST DID! After the event....I called the person I spoke with and I asked her....Could you believe what Beth spoke about tonight? She said she kept thinking about me the whole time. Talking about divine appointments......I had one last Saturday in Orlando with Beth Moore!

Can I get a witness.......up in here?


Sunday, September 20, 2009

There Ain't No Pie....Like The Most High! words by Beth Moore.

Hey to you Sista's!

I have to tell you that if you haven't ever been to an Lifeway Women's event called "Deeper Still"....find the nearest city that it's coming to and GO! It can change your life!! I haven't been able to go on a womens retreat in a couple of years...so this was a much needed weekend for me....especially considering the last few weeks I've had.

Better Yet.....Travis Cottrell, yes.. my Favorite Worship Leader in the whole wide world led us in come incredible praise and worship sessions all weekend. Prior to going I had arranged to meet with him through Lifeway...in order to get some things signed for the station I work at for some Christmas giveaways. He also blessed us with some goodies as well! What I love about Travis...He has such an incredible heart and love for Jesus...that is so genuine and real to his very core!

But another highlight was meeting this crazy lady.....Melanie...a.k.a. Big Mama...my favorie blogging buddy!

 She is just as sweet as ever! It
took me playing detective to
track her down....
thank you Betsy Langmade!

I had an amazing time with a lot of friends from church! But what I thought was totally amazing is that I didn't know each day who I would sit with because their were so many of us going in at the same time. As a result of this I met a lot of wonderful people that God wanted me to meet .....because as we shared a little of ourselves with each other...it was quite evident that there was a divine appointment with all the new women that I met. Things that we shared together was next to unbelievable!

Here are my two new friends from Gainesville...
Brenda and Patty!

This was Beth and Priscilla and Travis
rockin it out!!

So ...as you can see...it was amazing and I am so blessed to have been able to go! I will share some more of the conference with you this week....so hold on ...there's more a comin!!!! Have a blessed day in the Lord and as Beth so eloquently put it...."There Aint No Pie....Like The Most High!

Be Blessed!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Orlando Bound with Deeper Still...you know...Beth Moore and Travis....whoo hoo!

I know it's not Wednesday...and it's not officially the middle of the week, but I am seriously counting down the days till Friday comes. Because I am on my way to Orlando with Girlfriends at Bell Shoals....the women's ministry group at my church. And I can't wait to hear Travis sing!!!
I wish my sister Jenny could come an go with me. That's ok...I'll get Travis to sign something just for you! Smile!!!
Known for presenting the Scripture in living color, Christian speaker, Bible study author, and ministry leader Beth Moore brings joy and excitement in Christ to life through words. Her deep love for the Savior is obvious; her style of speaking electric. She loves the Lord, loves to laugh, and loves to be with His people.

At the request of her first Bible study class, she wrote daily homework on the Old Testament Tabernacle. That material later became Beth’s first published Bible study, A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place. Numerous books have followed. Beth speaks at conferences all over the United States and enjoys getting to serve women of every age and denomination. She is passionate about women knowing and loving the Word of God.

I love me some Beth Moore and I just found out that one of my FAVORITE blogging buddies, Big Mama, is going to Orlando and we are suppose to hook up! I am surprising her with some goodies from Florida...she will be coming from Texas. I cannot wait! I will post plenty of pictures!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Alone In A Crowd?

What a crazy last few days...I haven't posted because of many different circumstances...but I will say this....People will always disappoint you no matter how good of a friend you think they are. Certain people only feel loyal to a certain few, that's one thing I have learned this week.

God is the only one you can truly count on in your time of need and times of trial. His word is the only thing you can trust and count on.

My Sista's ....don't put your faith in others because they will let you down.
Disappointing ....Yes....unimaginable...yes....this was a good lesson for me too because I know I am fiercely loyal to only a few people so this made it ever harder for me when something VERY unexpected happened to me this week. I can tell you that I would have never thought this person would have said the things they said to me.
Has it changed the way I think I about them? Yes.
DO I forgive them? Absolutely! But that's a hard one.
Do I think I can get past it? That one may take awhile.
Will it change my relationship with the person and or persons involved?
Did I need my Pastor's message or what yesterday.....O YES I DID! It was titled ....

ALONE IN A CROWD...by Dr. Stephen Rummage
I"ll give you the Readers Digest version:
In Psalms: 142
As David is hiding out in the cave ....on the run from King Saul...He cries out to the Lord!
In verse one David pours out his complaint before God...he says....before him I tell my trouble.
In the midst of it all....David does not stop praying. I must admit...there are days when I don't tell God
what is bothering me....I figure...he just knows...why bother. David didn't do this....if he did he'd probably stilled be holed up in a cave like a Branch Davidian.
Some times we treat our prayer like it's a Spare Tire....O...I'll get it out if I need it...
I have it somewhere....if I need it..that's if I can get it out..
when we really should use it like a steering wheel! We should do everyday before
we hit the road. I am so guilty of this!
In my mind...this is what I'm thinkin....Lord...I don't want to bother you right know because
 I know you are dealing with families who
have terminal illness, women who have lost their sons and or husbands, when
my little everyday junk seems so trivial so please forgive
me for bothering you right now....I don't even want to ask him for something
as simple as spiritual guidance about a certain situation that I am very bothered by.
Do you ever feel alone on occasion? I can be surrounded in a room full a people this week and still feel
like no one quite understands what I'm feeling like. Trust me ..it has not been good.
The Lord never stops listening though. He know our every thought and hears our
every prayer....and when there are the times you feel alone...he never stops caring.
I have to remember Psalms 143:
"Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have
put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift
up my soul".  vs 8 
I would love for you all to pray for someone who you may think feels this
way....I am looking forward to Friday and you'll know why tomorrow!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Perfect Weekend....Not!

So....the Soulmate had the best of intentions....to wisk me and the family off on a weekend getaway to Sanibel and Captiva Island! Yay! Well....before you all get out your happy banners....just wait a minute. It was the weekend from....let's just say....one I'd like to forget.

I  have to admit I was so excited because I have been sick lately and I really did feel like if I got away from everything that I could relax and maybe start to feel better. With that said.....I should have seen it comin when the kids starting fighting on the way down. Ugh....but I was armed and ready with my beads and plenty of magazines to read .....so I am good....well....that's what I thought!

We arrive to a really nice condo unit on the beach...but I noticed that it was freshly vacuumed but a little on the dusty side. Mike noticed that the toilets were on some type of continuous running sound. It would take them forever to fill up. We woke up to ants all in our food in the kitchen. We had to throw all the breakfast food out. Girlz...it was not good. My babies were HONGRY! So I called the office....which after asking a "few to many" questions...promptly found out that the UNIT had not been rented in quite some time.  WELL...NOW....there you have it. No wonder I was stopped up...those filters hadn't been changed in Lord only know how long. You could see where this was going.

Well....A couple of sweet maids showed up a couple of hours later and cleaned the place up much better and they both couldn't believe how dusty it was. They even said that it was not up to par! This was not some
little cheap place on the beach. For what we spent on it....I could have purchased a "real nice" fall wardrobe from Nordstroms. Girlz...I needed some "disCOUNTING".... as Madea would say!

I have to tell you from there....with the kids fighting...it was just down hill from there on. I threatened not to go to dinner at all Sunday night with hopes of them leaving me be. One by one they came in the room and said something nice to make me change my mind...and by the time we got there from the car ride...I was ready to get a cab and go back to the room. 

Yes I needed some "Retail Therapy" on the way home. I texted my friend Debbie and met her and we went to the mall for a killer Dillard Shoe Sale. It helped me for a little while......or at least until I got back home.

Someone bless me!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Trisha!!

Hey to you Sista's!

Today's My Sister Trisha's Birthday....and well .....Let's just say she's 39 again for the very first time!!

I can't believe it's Wednesday! Where has this week gone? Vertigo has stopped me cold from doing a lot of things that I just automatically take advantage of...it's amazing. This medication has not helped me in the least and it's keeping me in somewhat of a "fog". I met a lady today that experiences the same thing and and she gave me some little tobacum pellets to put under my tongue that she got from the health food store to make it go away. I can't say for sure that it worked....maybe I need to buy some more...I tell you I am a desperate woman....and southern woman take desperate measures.

Apparently my Doctor is out of the Country until my next appointment which falls on September 11th. I'm not kidding you when I tell you this....the soulmate had to tell me that as well. I seriously don't even remember us scheduling an appointment...why would I .....I was there for over five hours and threw up at least four times ...until they finally felt sorry for me an gave me a shot that put me into "La La Land". My arm still hurts from that shot. I probably wouldn't have gotten that but I accidentally ran into the Doctor in the hallway coming out of the bathroom crying and I was walking with my hands on the wall. These were his words:

Could someone please come get her into a room RIGHT NOW! That was sweet music to my ears since at that point it was four hours that we had been there. The soulmate was totally annoyed with me since I can be somewhat combative when sick....and especially sick and tired. I don't know how he puts up with my silly self.

I will tell you that I am happy to report that Lil Bon is very happy. She loves her teachers and they have a lot of little projects that make school interesting and fun. She has to be busy. She wore her shirt not tucked in today so ....she was all about that. She also wore shoes...some little wedges that looked very tacky and I begged her to put on socks.

"No...my friend in my class all wear shoes like this without socks...it's not like my other school".. I said, "I'm just saying there will be some blisters on the feet by 12:15.......as soon as I saw her.....I asked, "So how's the feet?  She said, " Who told you?" I started laughing and said, "No one I can see that you are walking on your toes and the back of your heels are red..... " Oh"!

Mama alway knows!!! That's what I tell her....but she has to learn everything the hard way. She reminds me of my sister Trish when she was small. Happy Birthday to my Sista Trisha! She is the BIG 40 today. I kid you not she looks like she is 28.

Ya'll have a great night!

Nite, Sista's!