Sunday, August 29, 2010

Too Much Going on...

It's been so long since I've's not even funny. If I am's all I can do to post this one. What is wrong with me...well...I don't even know where to start! So much has happened over the past month. Especially the last two weeks.

In not in any particular goes!

Contracted the basement out to to be finished.
Big Boo started High school
Big Boo started Football & practices
Lil Bon had choir performance, I was Emcee of event
Got Safe Racks installed in Garage
Cleaned out basement (still in process) for preparation of Basement Renovation
Voluteered At Lil Bon's school ( reading assessments)
On Care Committee at MVHS (Boo's school) for Faculty appreciation
Sponsorship Coordinator for QB committee for football team
Coordinated Silent Auction Items for MVHS Football Fundraising Gala
Still trying to find Lil Bon a Barn for riding....(this is overwhelming.)
Company (3 Visitors) in three months
Was in a totalled out.. had to find another vehicle.
Big Boo was injured at football practice..
Xrays'....then CT SCAN and two Dr's later.....more appointments for diagnosis this Tuesday.
Need to see a Chiropractor...did I mention I am so sore still....trying to stay busy to make it all go away.

Need I say more....I  have too much to even I will be back soon once the dust settles. I hope to chat more wtih you all soon. I promise I will catch up soon!

Hugs to ya Sista's!!