Tuesday, April 5, 2011

She Has A Point!!

I have to admit she had a point! I mean really....who wants to get clobbered by girls that are WAY BIGGER than you. She's only 11....my little Bon and most of the time....she says "out loud" exactly what I'm thinkin. Could this be that I have rubbed off on her...or we are so innately alike it's not even funny.

She saw the other team from a distance and she started telling me some of the things that the other girls on her soccer team had already told her. Apparently, they had played them last year and remembered it well. The girls that they would be playing on Saturday were actually known for kicking girls and playing dirty. I told her what my PaPaw used to tell me...."the bigger they are....the harder they fall". I don't think that helped her any. Despite that...she looks adorable in her uniform...don't ya think?
My spunky monkey!!

So we have had three games thus far.....and she's pretty upset about not winning any of them. Did I tell you she is competitive? This is usually why she only does individual sports. Oh well.....she does love playing this game so we are happy about that.

As we approached the field and saw the big girls....she said, " If you think I'm getting out of this car and playin those big girls....you're crazy!" After much encouragment she finally got out of the car! At least it wasn't a shutout! They team actually held their own. Maybe next time!

Peace out to you Sista's!