Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Miss You!

Today has been a very sad day for me. One year ago today my sister, Angela, was found dead in her home in Memphis Tennessee. I can't believe she's been gone for one whole year already. I was busy taking down the Christmas tree when I got the call from my brother in law that the ambulance had been called to her house. This was and to this day so unbelievable.  I miss you Angela....I will see you again some day!

I love and miss you!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

When Does School Start Back?

Ok....I'm thinkin school should be starting back up right about now. As bad as I don't like homework...trying to please everyone is just a little too much for me at this point and time. I need a girlz night or ....immediately. Can I get an AMEN? Lil Bon is bored at the drop of a penny and if her friends are not at home...she get's angry....and the Big Boo...has friends and more friends that are over everyday and I am the official "Taxi" of the neighborhood apparently.  I not only "take" but also "pickup" ...does that sound fair....I think not.

I have asked Lil Bon to pick up her clothes from Christmas .."O Let's see a dozen or so times" and have they been picked up? Not......nada one. And if I have to pick up one more band-aid wrapper....I am going to go crazy. She is obsessed with band-aids......she thinks the floor is the tonight hopefully I cured her of this.  You might ask....what did I do to possibly cure her of this problem? I picked up every wrapper I could find and went and put them right next to her plate as she was eating and nicely gave them to her. I think seeing ALL of them together kind of overwhelmed her.....she looked at me with disbelief like I took her food away from her or something. I came back and it was all I think she got the message. I am looking forward to going to the movies tomorrow.

O Yes I am!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ok...So My Snowman Cookie Has A Toupe!

Yes ...My Sista's I really thought I had outdone myself making cookies for Boo's school tomorrow....that's until I got to the snowman and had no black icing. Well....I had a little bit of brownie fudge icing so I was trying to cheat a little with a toothpick and when I got through....this is what he looked like!

Ok he's been on the other side of the track with
this toupe...he looks like he's Italian fo sho!

So I wanted to thank my Bloggin
Sista...Cuz you know I give credit where
credit is due......Shawn over at Seriously
lent me her BIG Cookie cutters....and
my mitten turned out a lot better!

It's a little blurry but whatevah!
Here is a cute picture of all four!

In my personal Santa Hat came
out the best!

So's to my Sista....Lisa....who is the Cake Miss..
(in an Italian accent) toucha my cookies...
I breaka ya face!

Sista's I DO NOT BAKE....It scares me! But these
were so fun! I followed the royal icing recipe on line
and it made the cookie icing dry hard and everything.

Somebody get the Cake Boss....on the phone.

Hugs to you all!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Did You Send Me A Card?

Can I just tell you how much I love Christmas Cards! So far I only have eight....some somebody somewhere is slackin! I already have a favorite....well.....there's two in the running. One of them is a blogger....and...the other one use to blog but doesn't anymore. I don't know what it is about pretty paper...but I love it. You would think that I'm a scrapbooker....but I'm not....but I do love me some good paper!

One of my friend's name is Torry Greene. She is the creator/entreprenuer of Graceful Correspondence! A custom paper company that I love to frequent ....too much really! She designs the coolest stuff. I am just waiting for her to learn how to do blog templates....she is so talented...I know she could do it! But then I wouldn't have all my cool stationary.

So if your reading this and you haven't sent me a Christmas card....pony it up my friend! Here is my address so there are NO excuses! Christmas Count Down has begun!

Debi "SoulSista" DeLoney
3519 Cord Grass Drive
Valrico, FL 33596

My favorite Christmas Card will receive a Crystal Beaded Cross!

Just TEN more days!

Remember....Jesus is the reason for the Season!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Snuggie or a Cuddler....It's Not Really A Toss Up...Is It?

Would you rather have a Snuggie like this
or a

Cuddler like this?

I must say Happy Birthday to the SoulMate! Not that he reads my blog. He thinks that Facebook is for kids and still doesn't know why I like it! Not to mention the fact that there was a report on Bloggers tonight getting fired from there jobs from posting inappropriate pictures on their sites. There's one thing I try to keep in mind while posting. Act and talk like Jesus is sitting right next to you....would you say it.....would you post it? Let me be clear....I need Jesus everyday to keep me off a path I could very easily go down. And the days you don't hear from me......are generally the days I have gone down that path!

Yes know the day......when Satan is sittin on your shoulder sayin this and tellin you that!!! OH yes...
he makes him self known. I think he has messengers sent down.....just to mess with ya!Some might say he presents himself as the "anonymous blogger".....CAN I GET AN AMEN up in HERE!

It's been a crazy but sick week....but the Hamster has finally left the trunk of my car and is well on it's way to
Stacy! I will have to tell you honestly that this is the first year that my Christmas shopping is not done. This is somewhat unsettling since I have to mail things to Memphis this week or they will not make in time for Christmas!

The soulmate and I are shopping tomorrow night while Little Bon is at church making gifts at the church boutique for family and friends. (This was a really great concept!) It was only $12 for the workshop and she gets to make four gifts and wrap them and bring them home. Not to mention ....that it is also cheaper than a sitter for the night!Three hours will go by trust me...I will have a handy dandy list so we can make the most of our time.

Little Bon and I headed to Steinmart to buy the soulmate some presents for his birthday today when she stumbled upon something that I thought was very interesting. Unless have been living under a rock...everyone I know has heard about the "Snuggie" blanket....right? Well....leave it to Little Bon to discover that someone has allegedly "stolen" their idea and have come up with the same thing but low and behold named the "Cuddler"!"

This really bothered her for some reason! She said, "Mama, did those people steal away the idea from the Snuggie Man?" I said...well apparently so...since we've heard of the "Snuggie" and not the "Cuddler". She said, " Mama, what do you do when someone steals your idea?" I said...."well as we are sitting here talking about it...I'm sure some where in some courthouse.....a judge is going to have to make that decision on whether or not "Mr. Cuddler" owes "Mr.Snuggie" some money! She said...."that's not fair is it!"

I said , "no baby" isn't. She said, "I wouldn't want anyone to do that to me....would you?" No baby...I wouldn't! So we've decided...this year ....we wont be buying a "Cuddler".....we will be buying a "Snuggie"...
in the Cheetah print of course!

What do you think? Snuggie or Cuddler? Is it fair? As I sat here at wrote this tonight....I couldn't help but start laughing. You see I have this crazy bloggin friend name Shawn....and today when I went to her post to catch up I saw this dots comin down on my first I thought I had a virus or something...but then I noticed that it looked liked it was snowing. Bing Batta was I have to tell you that I saw this and thought my reindeer on my template would love to play in the SISTA"S KNOW I give credit where credit is DUE.....SHOUT OUT TO ...Shawn over at SERIOUSLY....for being the SNOW QUEEN of BLOGGIN! O YES she is!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Winner Is......Stacey!

The winner of the Zsh Zsh Pet is Stacey over at Bloggin Like It Is!Just email me your address and it will be on it's way just in time for Santa to deliver! I just had to let you know....I usually don't post this early in the day's been a few days since I've posted!

Have a blessed day!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Last Chance to Enter Zhu Zhu Pet Giveaway!

You could have this in your Mailbox by Friday!
Just enter to win!
Become a follower and post about it....and
your could be the lucky winner!

Last Chance to enter is Tuesday, December 8th! I will be picking the winner on Wednesday, December 8th!I want to make sure the winner gets this baby in time for Christmas! Thank you to all who have entered so far! Yes I could sell it on Ebay for $40 but I wanted someone to have it that really really wanted it for their kid who couldn't find it! So....good luck to all who entered and I have increaded my followers by 7 yay! I look forward to hearing from a few more people....but you seven that entered have a really great chance to win.

Have a blessed week!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tide May Roll....But Beware..... of Gators In The Swamp!

Yes today is the official day of Gators and Bama playing for bragging rights to go the SEC National Championship. You would have to know me to understand....I love the Gators but most football snores me. But I have to share with you a funny story about my cute nephew of the twins of my sister, Jen. My Brotha in law is a Die Hard Bama Boy....who tends to tease me when possible, Christian love of course. Only today...I have to tell you that I will be teasing him today because I can tell everyone what his son is saying!

This is my adorable nephew Jonah.

I told him that Tim Tebow is a really good
Christian young man who plays awesome
fotball but he really love Jesus best of all!
I told him to tell his Daddy that he wanted
Tim Tebow to win. SO...Jonah...with
his sweet innocent self...told his Daddy
that he wanted the GATORS TO WIN!

And.....then My Brother-inlaw, Todd,
preceeded to tell him that he was
confused and didn't understand!

Hee Hee! Todd's face was....well

I sure hope the Gators make me proud today!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Apparently Hamsters Are In! Want To Win One...Find Out How?

Do you recognize this?

Apparently I live on another planet! Or so I'm told by A CVS employee who spilled the beans
to me earlier today when I stopped in the store for a card. Well my friends.....I have hit
the jackpot on these things. So I will be giving one away within the next two weeks.
Yes....I have been looking for some followers.....just because I like to amuse
myself and think someone want's to laugh at the same things that I do.

So Here's How it Going to Go Down!
Post my site on your page and send me a comment letting me know and
become a follower and let me know that as well, and I will figure out from my friend Shawn over at
Seriously how to pick the winner.

Tell me which one you want and's just
that simple! O and could someone please scroll down and
figure out how I can have my name in the Signature that I
can't ever seem to get out of the Box....Lord help me.
That could enter your name twice. Or just make me a
pretty signature and send it over to

Good Luck Sista's!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

He Made His Mama Proud!

Hey to you Sista's....

A couple of day prior to the Big Boo Lacrosse "playa" won 1st Place in his Lacrosse Championship Games for the Tampa Bay Fire Elite Travel Team. I must admit I was quite proud! So proud that I will share some awesome pics of Big Boo and his team. I am not proud because they won...I was proud of the way they played the game and won! Here is my favorite picture!

and this next one I like because
his number is 1 and he's holding
his finger up that his team is #1!
How cool is that!

and the prize picture of Big Boo and
his Championship trophy!

I have never been able to go to both
days of his Lacrosse tournaments....
this was the first time. Boo
said I was his lucky charm!


Monday, November 30, 2009

The Rockin Rockettes from Memphis and Tampa!

Hey Sista's,

If you are able to get a ticket to the Radio City Christmas Show with the New York City Rockettes.....GO Sista's GO! We were blessed to get tickets from my niece Erika's friend, Will.....for the amazing Christmas Show while we visiting Memphis. Thank you very much Will, but I doubt you have time to check us out on the blogging world. I will however tell you that my niece Erika could be a Rockette if she so desired and here's why!

Just look at these Girls...they are kickin it
just outside the Fed Ex Forum.
Somebody get Casting on the phone!

As the Gators saw Tim Tebow play his last game on Florida Field...we were winding up to go to our show downtown Memphis.....on "Billy Street" as Lil Bon called it. Of course...we laughed at that one...because everyone know that it's really Beale Street ....right!

I must admit that I did provide a little bit of entertainment on the way out of the show. There's just something
about wearing boots and seeing a long stretch of glassy floors when leaving the Rockette's show.....that well.....frankly just makes a girl ....shall I say "tap dance"! As I caught the eye of a "Sista...Security Guard" she saw how much fun I was having and joined me in a "High Kick Line" real! That's was not caught on camera but here is another cute picture of Lil Bon...holding her "Rockette Barbie" that Aunt Lisa bought her.

It was out of the box before we made it to the car...
definitely ....not one that is to save or keep for
years to come. No way.

Aunt Lisa better get to sewing the outfit
on the Rockette Barbie for Christmas
because that is what she is asking for.
Thank you Aunt Lisa!

It wouldn't be proper not to show Aunt Lisa who
will be making this all possible!

and our baby girls together
eating crab legs!

Yes ...this is our future Rockettes.....aren't they PURDY!

I am just a little teeny weenie bit biased.
Thanks again Will!

hugs to you Sista's!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in Memphis!

Hey to all you Sista's....yes ...I have been very very bad. I have not blogged and I have been hearing alot of smack about that. Well...everyone know's one needs you until you get ready to go out of town. I had a ton of stuff to do at the station before I left.

Thanksgiving was a much needed break....I can tell you that! It was great to go home and see all of my family and a couple of my friends over the holidays. I stayed with my sister, Lisa, because she as the most room and it's in a central location that will allow both parents to pop in. Thanksgiving Day was really great! I have to say that I did not over eat....even with all the much that it was really so overwhelming that I couldn't make a decision.

My sister Lisa, is the CAKE MISS....and I have to apologize to her because I was makin "Sista jabs" about the color of cake she made. I wanted it to be white inside and she made it really looked alot better than it sounded. I do have a picture somewhere. But our table for thanksgiving was the fun part...we always have fun being decorating "diva's". Yes ....IT WAS A MARTA TABLE! And I helped!

Sista's this picture doesn't do it justice
and when you cut this looked
like this.....

Sorry for the was tasty too!

I haven't ever attempted something this elaborate so....I shouldnt' even be talking about it
for real!!

But this best part of Thanksgiving was seeing all my cute and older but crazier nephews and my one
beautiful breathtaking niece. Visiting with my Mom &Da d...and Sista's and brotha-in-laws! It went
by really fast!

I have lots to I will commit to posting every night because I have TOO many things to do it just this one post!

Hugs & Blessings!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Homework...I Am Officially Not Smarter Than a 4th Grader!

Ok Sista's... I officially need some help. I feel like I've gone back to school and the sad thing...these are things I probably learned in High School and not in the 4th grade. Lil Bon...had so much homework that I can't even start going to choir practice at church. I wanted to go really bad tonight but she has two test tomorrow of them Huge and she needs to pass it....with an A or a B!

I guess I'm stuck on stupid but apparently before tonights assignment or should I say ....studying...I could not tell you how the "eye" works. After going through the process of studying it.... but not really getting it....Lil Bon and I had to get creative because we were both might say....a little "giddy"!

Yes...I had to make a game out of it to even understand it myself. Here's how the "eye" works as it applies to...well....what we love best....SHOPPING! Thank you Jesus for not calling me to the school system to TEACH.  I would be in more trouble. Here's how it goes:

TOCPLRONB.....keep in mind this is how the eye works.....
TOC means "Toes Are Cute"...which really means Transparent Outer Covering.
P means Purses...which really means Pupil
L means Like.......which really means Lense
R means Red........which really means Retina
ON      ................which really means Optic nerve
B means Blue.......which really means Brain....which Translates to "Toes are cute purses like red on blue!

This is the flow chart that makes your "eyes" work....this actually made Lil Bon remember the whole thing.
This actually made ME learn the whole thing....Praise God. I can't tell you how tired I am after 3 pages of math. Studying for a Science Test that will be on Heat and Light! OK ....this is just boring stuff. Tonight would be the night Boo has LaCrosse and the Soulmate drove him to a practice that''s an hour away.

Lil Bon and I were laughing so hard from our "Eye" test that we had to call him and tell him so he could know the JOY of it all. I'm so tired ....I'm telling you....these people want this kids in High School in Elementary School ....and in Middle School that want them in High School and in High School they want them in College therefore they give classes which give them College Credit. This is absolutely crazy.

What ever happened to fun school days.....filled with laughter and Music and Art contest and Poetry contest. That's what I remember? What do you remember....somebody tell me I am not going crazy?

I gotta go.....Calgon's gotta take me away!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary Soulmate!

As I woke to weird noises at a really early hour this morning....I nudged him in the back. No.. he wasn't snoring, he was making some weird noise that sounded like a whistle or harmonica or something. After I realized that I wasn't dreaming , due to my sister, Princess Lisa, scarring me forever from playing chicken with a train when I was four years old....I had to actually wake up and look around. It really was him! So I rolled over and went back to sleep...the next thing I know it's 5:30 and he grabs my foot as he passes by getting ready to go to work and says....."Happy Anniversary"'s almost time to get up.

I am not a morning person......I repeat...not a morning person. I really don't think I said anything back to him!Seriously!

At around 10 at work this morning...I received two dozen beautifully arranged long stem red roses. Yes I could have had another COACH purse with what he spent on this thang....I'm sure! But he said it was one for every year and 1 extra for the upcoming year. SO SWEET! At that time I decided it would really be nice of me to tell him Happy Anniversary back, since it was at least 10 a.m and I have had my coffee with pumpkin spicey stuff.

Twenty one years ago was sprinkling outside of Memphis Tennessee when I truly married my soulmate. They say it's good luck to get married on a rainy day....and so far....they're right! He truly is a wonderful wonderful husband and Father...and is very devoted and loyal to family and friends. He has a true and genuine heart for the Lord. Every morning he has his devotions ....and sometimes he even leaves it open on a page in which I apparently need to read....yes ...that's happened more than just a few times in which I might add...I needed desperately!

Frankly...I don't deserve his goodness but God did bless me tremendously when he created him just for me!
The soulmate is just a very sweet....loving man with quiet strength. I know that the name of Tony Dungy's last book....but it really does describe my husband.

What is sad is that he has a outspoken, opinionated wife...who seems to be a little like Lucy in finding trouble...or should I say  trouble finds me. Also, with two children who have characteristic's from both of us....but all the loud and crazy things are from me.....and the good and nice things are truly from him.. what can I say....

A winning combination!

I Love You SoulMate!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Nephews Say It Best!!!

I'm sorry but I have to brag! These adorable boys are my nephews!
O Yes They Are!
And this picture needs to be on the front page of PARADE this Sunday!

So I could never post anything to top this so
way to go boys!!
Noah....Drew...Graham and Jonah!
It doesn't get any cuter than this!
You made your Auntie proud!!

God Bless Our Veterans!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Playing Catch Up!

It really has been a blur since I have been back from going out of town. I've been so busy working that I have not even been in my right mind to post! busy that it hasn't even came across my mind. When I get totally focused on something it's hard to get me to switch gears and I have been swamped at the station since I was gone for a week.

I will say that the peeps have had a lot of homework and things that I've had to pay alot of attention to as well. And might I just add that "Lil Bon" is in her first fashion show this Saturday! I will be posting pictures of her in the cute little outfit she will be modeling.

So be on the lookout Sista's for some hot new fall fashion to be coming down the line...yes right here on GirlZASoulSista!

Peace Out!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back to Reality!

If I ever thought I was trying to play catch up.....this would be the week! I think my body is still on Island Time "Mon". Praise God I'm not on the cruise this week. There is a big storm in the Carribean. Thank you Jesus it wasn't this week as much as I complained about being gone on Halloween...I could not have taken the " Perfect Storm".

The Soulmate tried to get me on some "Zipline". I THINK NOT! I want my feet on solid ground as much as possible. He took a picture of himself since I wasn't around to do it. And this is what he came up with!

It makes me dizzy to even look at this!

I have to tell you that the Island was very beautiful and the water was so blue!

But my favorite place was this.....our excursion on Sandals Resort in Ocho
I could seriously just go back there and stay for a week with no problem and this is why!

This was just awesome....and so was this!

I think this where some couples get married!
And if you wanna play a game of chess or feel like your in
Alice in's this!

It was a great time but I missed my peeps too too much!
Sooooo Back to Life.....Back to Reality!

Hugs to you Sista's!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm Baacccckkk.....I forgot How To Cook!

Hey to my sista's!

One thing great about being on a don't have to cook for at least seven days! The thought of cooking up dinner tonight has got me totally frazzled. Uh....let's see.....some ground beef....uhm.....taco's....yes...some taco's sound nice.


Now...since most of you know by now I was gone over first Halloween ever away from my peeps....but they were in good hands because my sister (the wannabeprincess) A.K.A. Big Mama Irene, was here to take my place. If any of you think I AM haven't met my sista....Lisa! She is crazy funny and has three grown children she know's ALL the tricks little ones use on their "Aunties" while their "Mama" is away.

Big Boo didn't want to go on a field trip last Friday and told his Auntie that he told me about it and I cleared him not going.....Do I remember this?  I think NOT! But agreed reluctantly rather than start a feud while I'm gone.

Little Bon....was just full of delight with things that I apparently let her do all the time.....hence therefore makes me "Mean Mama" when I'm at home, but when gone.....I'm apparently the "Best Mom Ever". You
see Big Mama makes great cakes....and Little Bon wanted some serious homemade goodies. We bought cake mixes and icing and cut cupcake holders prior to Big Mama's arrival.

Everyone survived the "soulmate" and I being gone. The only beef I have is with T-Mobile. We purchased an international email package since we were out of the country.....only to not have service in any of the places we went to..including the ship. So....I called home twice from the ship....using the Ship to Shore little button on our room phone. Only to find out the night before we left that one call for eleven minutes and another call for seven minutes equals out to be $216.00 !!!!!! Apparently it's just 7.95 per minute per call.

You know they heard from me bright and early...O YES THEY DID!

More highlights to come....gotta do some to you all!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vertigo On A Boat...Something Just Ain't Right About This?

Hey To You Sista's!

OK....I have been a very bad "Gull" for not posting! Bad Sista! Here is the reason why. The Soulmate told me a little over a month ago that he was given a 7 day free Cruise from work......from some vendor who they've been working with. It sounds great and I know most people would be doing back flips right about now.....expecially since the big four letters.....F R E E was attached to it.

But I have to tell you I have not been on the "excited" side of this. And here is why.

#1:  You all know what I have been dealing with....severe migraines that cause me to have vertigo. It is much better now that the medication has kicked in....but I am not crazy about being on a boat with vertigo. Hello?

#2: After about 4 days anywhere...I get antsy for my own bed and pillow and just everything about being home.

#3: Trying to get a schedule made out for where and what my kids have going on while I'm just nuts. Is it really worth going anywhere with all this stress? I think not!

#4. And the big kicker..... I will not be here for Halloween for Little Bon and Big Boo.  At least Little Bon... Big Boo is 13 and all he is going to be doing is eating candy. I have never ever been away from my kids on Halloween. What were these people thinking when they booked this trip? I don't want to sound ungrateful...but I have "chiren"!

#5. I am missing our staion "Grand Opening".....and that's all I can say about that one... I won't even dare go there!!!

So there you have it! I do want to get Nicole's Horse picture on before I I will document my trip. Oh.....we are going to about 5 places in the Carribean ...don't ask me where...dont all those Island's look alike....for all I know they may be doing circles in the ocean somewhere and changing up the port entry.
I wish I could take my laptop but the Soulmate said "No".... so my blackberry will have to do.

I won't be posting until Nov I will check on you all later!!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Your Soul Sista's Birthday!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hey to you Sista's! No presents are necessary......unless it's jewelery or
stationary because I'm hopelessly addicted to both. This is my new
Media headshot for Spirit FM...taken by Brian Elledge with Divine
Light Photography......he is absolutely awesome!
It's also another friend of mine's Birthday...

Natalie Brock over at
The Brocks ROCK!
She's 29 again...and I am 39 again!

Looking forward to this weekend not because
it's my birthday, but because it's
Little Bon's First Horse Show
on Saturday!

I am sorry......but she is just so stinkin cute on
her horse....Valentine! No she's not riding a blind
horse.....she's allergic to this protects
her eyes from getting icky!

As you can see....Little Bon takes it serious!

and my Big Boo has
a Lacrosse Tournament with
the Tampa Fire this

You Sista's have a blessed weekend!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sha Nay Nay's Office Etiquette....

Hey to you Sista's,

Don't you just love it when a Doctor's office gives you a medical release form ...then ask you to sign it so they can get your medical records from another Doctor's office..... and then tell you that you are responsible to call the other Doctor's office ....the day before your appointment.

UHMMM....let me see.....why did you give me this form to sign if I was going to get it myself? Let me see.... is that because you are lazy? Or do you think they just like seeing if they can make you feel like your going senile or feel hopelessly inadequate the day before my appointment.

O YES.... the Good Doctor will hear from this Sista about it. I am not one to spare some words. Now the Doctor's office THAT I wasn't suppose to call....has filed away my reports in some warehouse that is who knows where......obviously I will not know now in time for my appointment in the morning. So hence therefore...I will have to take additional test at my expense as a result.

DO I sound a little put out.....there should be a law against this somewhere. I think it would be the law of proper office etiquette. Is there such a thang? Uhmmm. Maybe I need to write one.  So let's see....where would I began?

Sha Nay Nay's Office Etiquette
Rules To Live By

1.  If your office manager feels the need to post a sign saying....."If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment you will need to reschedule your office visit. Then your office manager better count on doing the same for me if I have to wait longer than 15 minutes to see the Doctor....can we say....RUDE!

2. If you feel the need for me to fill out more than eight pages of medical history...then you should have a proper website where I can download the information prior to the visit.......instead of springing this on me like a jack rabbit. If I wasn't stressed I wouldn't be sitting at the Dr's office.......HELLO? Somebody get my medication!

3. If  you feel the need to ask me to make a copy of my driver's license for the seventeen umteeth time....please have the decency to give it if I get pulled over the "Po Po" won't cart me off to jail. Although I must admit....I do wear orange quite well with my olive skin tone.

4. Must I remind you that I don't weigh in well late in the if my appointment is scheduled at that time of day.....please know that I will complain and tell you that the weight I've gained is because I am bloated because I'm about to start my "Cycles". Can I get an amen?

5. If you are the attending nurse to escort me to my second waiting room....please understand that I make it a point to hide my undercloths even if you are my female Doctor....I'm southern.....and that's just what we do. We hide our panties and bra's.

6. If I tell you that I am allergic to a medication.....that includes the synthetic forms of that medication as well. Didn't they teach you that in Medical School?

7. If you ask me about my diet and eating habits....just know "Hands Down" I will yell out a "Salad" everytime. ( With a 4 oz Grilled piece on the side..of course.)

8. If I tell you that I have to be in car line by 2:30......making me wait to see the Doctor until 2:20 is really pushing it. They charge me when I'm late picking up my children. Doe's a Sista really need to wait 45 minutes in the second waiting room?

9. If I want to schedule my next appointment before I leave.....please don't tell me that your system is down and you will call me back tomorrow. Sweetie....who are you kidding here. The only call I'm getting from you is the one to tell me I missed my appointment and will be charged a fee of $25 at my next visit.

And Last But Not Least.....

10. If I tell you that I'm not coming back while I'm rolling my neck.....Shay Nay Nay means it!

Ya'll Have a great Wednesday!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Spirit FM Is Moving....Can A Sista Get A Hand..Up In Here!

ey to you Sista's,

Now.... I am not one to complain....but I have been packin up our station for the past three days. I will joyfully pack...cuz our old 1950ish building that I've worked in for going on five years....I'm convinced is full of mold and mildew. If the truth be is the reason I have headaches. But like I said....I ain't one to complain.

We have a big bright awesome new building...with everything new! We are seriously so happy...that nobody cares that we have to pack up everything ourselves. I've been so excited...I've been jumping from room to room packing anything anyone has asked me to pack. I packed the kitchen without hesitation....and without telling me to.....but I ain't one to complain. The jumping from one room to the next is obviously my A D D's self diagnosed of course. I used to think I was just a daydreamer.....but I'm convinced I truly have it.

I have to admit that I have been a little down today. All of my college friends are getting together this weekend for a HUGE REUNION in Springfield Missouri . I have to tell you that I would just give anything to go.....can somebody get "the soulmate" to give up going out of town with clients to the Bucs game in Philly.
That's not the only reason I can't go. We are moving the station all day Friday and Saturday. Also we have ..a concert Sunday night with Aaron Shust and Chris Sligh coming in. It was just a bad weekend altogether. Why couldn't it be on my birthday weekend next week?

I will totally miss hanging out with my roomate and BFF.....Jacki! She is about the craziest, most fun person to be around in the whole wide world. I wish you all could know her! She is just a HOOT!'s hot and I am ready for some leaves to be changing and some "cool air" to arrive ....up in here. But seriously...if anyone wants to show up at Spirit tomorrow or on Saturday.....this Sista could use an extra hand.

Can I get a witness? But ....I am not one to complain!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm Back.....With My Earrings On!

O How I Have Missed All Of My Sista's!

Wow...what a week! Praise God our Shareathon was a HUGE success! So many people came through for us and please know that we appreciated every penny!

Now for the Reader's Digest version of why I am BACK with my earrings On. For those of you who Know me....Know know that I'm not one to hold back too much but there was a "SITUATION" that needed much attention this morning down at the bus stop.

Now....let me set the scene.....My Big Boo...had a little confrontation last Friday in which he had to take care of some Bizness at the bus stop. And when I say Bizness....there was a kid that "spit" on my son at the bus stop!....I know.....I gasped when I heard the made me sick. Well...he defended himself and put a wee bit of a shiner on the kid. Reported the kid to the office when he got to school and did the right thing.

Yesterday....he came home and told me that ....the boys "Mama" came to the bus stop and cursed at him in front of all the other kids at the bus stop. For those of you that know me...know me...I was so mad I was shakin....this Sista was on "Wound up ...Gitty mode! I grabbed the phone book like I was going to call somebody...... and now just who would that be?

I tried the school and no one answered....called a guidance counselor who is a friend...and she told me to report it to the Sheriff's office in which I did end up doing. So hence therefore today.....I went to the bus stop against the soulmate's wishes. I was prayin that the "Mama" would show up. I had my big hoop earrings on....that I was thinkin that I was going to have to take off if she showed up again to confront my son.

Yes...the lady had the audacity to blame my son ....for her son spitting on him. Uhmmm...imagine that. I
cannot believe what all she said to my son. I told the soulmate that I would need an extra dose of Jesus today.

I also called two other boss and Shawn from see if they would come bail me out if I for some unforeseen reason endend up downtown in an orange jumpsuit.  So ...there was a no show....for Psycho Mama at the bus stop...but this Mama was there with her earrings ON. I guess the call she received from the deputy last night scared her into some righteousness.

So Sista's if you love me....pray for me...because when people mess with your aren't mode and Mama Bear comes out to protect her cubs.

Can I get an AMEN?


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Spirit FM's Shareathon! If You Love Me....Call Today!

Ok to my Sista's,

I will be not posting a whole lot this week due to Shareathon at the radio station where I work. We are totally listener supported....that means that we have to raise money to keep our station on the air. So if you have a minute to listen on line at and call in and share in supporting Christian radio!
I will be on the air from 10 until 2pm! Looking for all my friends to call in and give me a shout out!  Call 1-800-223-9286!

Give your Sista a Hand!!!!!

Love you all!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let It Go....Let It Go!

Hey to you Sista's!

Praise the's Wednesday! That means only one more day of work for the week for me! Yesterday was apparently the first day of  Fall! That just ain't even right! We don't officially have FALL here in Tampa until at least February! The humidity today is over 90%...can't we even get a little break?

I am ready to put on some sleeves and some boots and some really cool scarfs that are so popular! What I find so amusing about that is...I keep seeing people wearing them right now....and it's stinkin 90 degrees.

Can't a Sista get a fan? Seriously, I am hot just thinking about it around my neck. I have to let that go!

Speaking of letting go......Do you have trouble letting things go? For some reason......I do struggle with this from time to time.  The soul mate will confirm this to be true. I try not to hold on to things and ask God for his grace and mercy in this area.....but let's keep it real.....we all have days when we know Satan is sitting on our shoulder sayin...."Ok....Now you know you are not gonna let them say that to you....I know!" Don't make this white girl take off her earrings! O Yes I will!

Seriously...I try to ignore that kind of temptation....but sometimes things people do or say can really get to me.

As usual a circumstance arose where I was trying to help someone secure something for a mission trip.....and Satan didn't want this to go through.....that's the only thing I can say about it! But God got the glory anyhow....because I prayed it through and low and behold it all worked out.....but it wasn't because he didn't stop at all cost. He likes to plant doubt and more doubt!

Have you ever noticed that Satan seems to attack you more......when things are busy and you've got places to go and people to see.   I know that you have experienced something like this I would like to hear from you about that and what you do when it hits you hard!

So Sista's please do share....


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Going WAY Beyond For Ms. Mabel!

Hey to you Sista's!

Here it is almost Wednesday, and everyone I know who went to the "Deeper Still" event in Orlando still talking about it...and I will say that is a good "thang"! I keep looking back at my notes to see if there is anything I missed..FO REAL!

I have a confession to make. I accidentally picked up Ms. Mabel's booklet that we wrote down our notes in. And you ask me how I know the front of the book there is a place for people to put there name and address down for some type of survey....and yes...Ms. Mabel filled her's out... quite properly I might add.

It's all coming back to me now......I just had met with Travis, the one and only, and I came back to my seat and was trying to gather myself altogether...when Ms. Mabel politely asked me...."Hun...have you seen my book....I laid it right here on my seat before I went to the ladies room?"

I replied, "No Ma'am...I'm sorry ...this one is mine and it's been sitting on my couldn't have gone far...."Are you sure you didn't accidentally take it with you and lay it down somewhere. Ms. Mabel said, "No..I left it right here". 

And then she turned around and mumbled something.....I felt really bad for her! As I am reviewing my notes from the event last night..."I used the 3rd session of her write notes down when Beth was speaking about discernment. I couldn't believe my discovery.... I feel really bad.

Thank Goodness Ms. Mabel put her address and phone number down in there or it wouldn't be going back to her. Yes...I am mailing her back to her.....because, I also found two other empty ones that I had picked up for my friend...and then I found the one I originally started in when Kay begin to speak.

You know what I'm thinkin.....Ms. Mabel  is a "rule follower"! She filled out the front...every single line....O yes she did!.And quite impressive handwriting I might add. I felt just awful about it today. I was so busy I didn't have time to call her and tell her that it is being mailed to her...but I will for sure tomorrow. Sadly made me think of my sweet Mamaw that past away last Thanksgiving. I tell you.....the handwriting is identical.

How do I know that? I was recently cleaning out an old box and I stumbled across one of my Mamaw's old letters she wrote to me while I was away at college. It made me cry.

Her letter was written probably about five years after my grandfather had already passed and you could tell that she was just really lonely. She called me Deber....for some reason...that's always how it came out. The letter also spoke about all of her friends that had passed and that she couldn't wait to go home to the Lord and be with Paw Paw! She would run out of lines and start writing around the sides of the paper....somewhat like a cracked me up....she was always saving something so she could use it later. Therefore....she would never consider just adding another page.  It made me miss her terribly.

So I will do what a good southern girl was raised to do........send Ms. Mabel her know it's still buggin the stew out of her. I can just see Ms. Mabel heading out to the mailbox in the next few days to come...looking for this book.....wearing her beautiful white "easy spirit" shoes and her sweet little turquoise Beall's outfit with the top that has the fitted waistband. Her hair perfectly in place because you just know she has it set every Wednesday morning about the same time everyweek.

I know Ms. Mabel will also find my notes the 3rd session.....and that will also probably trouble her just a bit. I'm truly sorry Ms. Mabel......I'm going beyond, Way Beyond, and make sure that you have your book back......Ms. Priscilla would be proud.

Peace Out Sista's!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Can I Get A Witness.....Up In Here?

Hey to you Sista's!

Well.....can we just rewind it and make it Friday again?......Cuz I want to go back to the "Deeper Still"event in Orlando. Just looking through the pictures this morning made me want to go back. What it really makes me want to do is find Priscilla's Bible Study...."Discerning His Voice", and sign up. Here lies the problem....most Bible studies are on Tuesday morning or either a Wednesday night and those are not good for me. I need one on a Thursday if anyone finds one ....please let me know!

I wanted to let you know a little more about what Beth spoke on in the last session. And was a BIG one! One that I have to tell you that I need to know more about because there are times when....that little voice isn't so little. It's more like....HEY.....DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID? Beth called it ...Divine Revelations in Human Encounters.....and that we ALL need a sense of discernment. That small voice is the Holy Spirit resonating with us....but if we are not in our scripture and reading HIS word....we shouldn't even discuss it.

Beth said there are Four Questions we need to ask ourselves...if we find ourself in this situation:

1. Can I trust what I'm sensing? Am I a critical or suspicious person by nature?

2.  Am I jealous or do I feel threatened by this person?

3. Do I have anything selfish to gain for this outcome?

4.  Are my emotions clouding my discernment?

If you answered ALL four questions with a "No".....then you go with your gut feeling! But if you answered a "Yes" .to any of them...then you need to re-examine it.  She refers to II Timothy 3 vs. 5.  There are people that you need to stay away from. God has not called you to listen to anyone who lies. Go with your spiritual gut feeling! When you walk in the spirit of won't be wrong.

I have to tell you that before she spoke that night....she prefaced it by saying..."The Lord has laid something special on my heart for you tonight...I'm going to be speaking on discernment".  I am not kidding.. I wanted to stand up and lift both of my hands in the air because that was total confirmation of what I had told someone just the night before. You have to know the night after Kay spoke about "Resting in His Faith"....we got back to the room and I just started chatting with one of the girls in my room ...when this VERY SUBJECT came up and I preceeded to share a couple of incidents that had happened to me lately. It's something that I have NEVER shared with anyone else. So when Beth said she was going to speak on discernment I seriously about fell out of my chair. I know three rows of people heard me shout......Haleighlleeeurer! I am NOT kidding.

I almost died! I needed to hear everything she said about it because..... I JUST DID! After the event....I called the person I spoke with and I asked her....Could you believe what Beth spoke about tonight? She said she kept thinking about me the whole time. Talking about divine appointments......I had one last Saturday in Orlando with Beth Moore!

Can I get a witness.......up in here?


Sunday, September 20, 2009

There Ain't No Pie....Like The Most High! words by Beth Moore.

Hey to you Sista's!

I have to tell you that if you haven't ever been to an Lifeway Women's event called "Deeper Still"....find the nearest city that it's coming to and GO! It can change your life!! I haven't been able to go on a womens retreat in a couple of this was a much needed weekend for me....especially considering the last few weeks I've had.

Better Yet.....Travis Cottrell, yes.. my Favorite Worship Leader in the whole wide world led us in come incredible praise and worship sessions all weekend. Prior to going I had arranged to meet with him through order to get some things signed for the station I work at for some Christmas giveaways. He also blessed us with some goodies as well! What I love about Travis...He has such an incredible heart and love for Jesus...that is so genuine and real to his very core!

But another highlight was meeting this crazy lady.....Melanie...a.k.a. Big favorie blogging buddy!

 She is just as sweet as ever! It
took me playing detective to
track her down....
thank you Betsy Langmade!

I had an amazing time with a lot of friends from church! But what I thought was totally amazing is that I didn't know each day who I would sit with because their were so many of us going in at the same time. As a result of this I met a lot of wonderful people that God wanted me to meet .....because as we shared a little of ourselves with each was quite evident that there was a divine appointment with all the new women that I met. Things that we shared together was next to unbelievable!

Here are my two new friends from Gainesville...
Brenda and Patty!

This was Beth and Priscilla and Travis
rockin it out!!

So you can was amazing and I am so blessed to have been able to go! I will share some more of the conference with you this hold on ...there's more a comin!!!! Have a blessed day in the Lord and as Beth so eloquently put it...."There Aint No Pie....Like The Most High!

Be Blessed!