Monday, November 30, 2009

The Rockin Rockettes from Memphis and Tampa!

Hey Sista's,

If you are able to get a ticket to the Radio City Christmas Show with the New York City Rockettes.....GO Sista's GO! We were blessed to get tickets from my niece Erika's friend, Will.....for the amazing Christmas Show while we visiting Memphis. Thank you very much Will, but I doubt you have time to check us out on the blogging world. I will however tell you that my niece Erika could be a Rockette if she so desired and here's why!

Just look at these Girls...they are kickin it
just outside the Fed Ex Forum.
Somebody get Casting on the phone!

As the Gators saw Tim Tebow play his last game on Florida Field...we were winding up to go to our show downtown Memphis.....on "Billy Street" as Lil Bon called it. Of course...we laughed at that one...because everyone know that it's really Beale Street ....right!

I must admit that I did provide a little bit of entertainment on the way out of the show. There's just something
about wearing boots and seeing a long stretch of glassy floors when leaving the Rockette's show.....that well.....frankly just makes a girl ....shall I say "tap dance"! As I caught the eye of a "Sista...Security Guard" she saw how much fun I was having and joined me in a "High Kick Line" real! That's was not caught on camera but here is another cute picture of Lil Bon...holding her "Rockette Barbie" that Aunt Lisa bought her.

It was out of the box before we made it to the car...
definitely ....not one that is to save or keep for
years to come. No way.

Aunt Lisa better get to sewing the outfit
on the Rockette Barbie for Christmas
because that is what she is asking for.
Thank you Aunt Lisa!

It wouldn't be proper not to show Aunt Lisa who
will be making this all possible!

and our baby girls together
eating crab legs!

Yes ...this is our future Rockettes.....aren't they PURDY!

I am just a little teeny weenie bit biased.
Thanks again Will!

hugs to you Sista's!




You are too funny! Get that bad picture of me and my double chin off this dang thang!


That's the one you liked goofball!



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