Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sold A House...Bought A House....All In Two Weeks...Am I Crazy?

Yes heard me right. My house sold in three days and only one full day on virtual tour! Then I flew out to Colorado over spring break with the kids just to look around at neighborhoods and get a feel for the area and found my dream house! So we made an offer and today...we are officially under contract on our home in Colorado. And today.....I have a migraine! I'm just sayin!

And really...I can't even blame it on the house stuff! I can only blame it on a 14-yr-old who can't seem to get his class work done or home work done....for some reason or another. One could presume his social calendar and or Lacrosse has somehow suddenly interferred with his school work. I officially have a G1 phone sitting in a drawer right next to me...that I can't even get into!

Oh'll make a believer out of him. He won't get it back until he can prove he can handle school work and outside activities. To top this off ...this was a very busy week for me at work.....and I really didn't need the extra stress....not this week.

Sorry I haven't posted....I've wanted to and tried to but couldn't in my hotel last week. But couldn't find my picture thingie to put it on I will get another one so all of you Sista's can see where I am moving to! It really is breathtaking! I am surrounding by mountains....totally amazing. Hugs to you all and I will post more in the next coming days.

I am happy ...kind of sad.....all over the place.....right now...if that makes any sense. You can say ...Boo and I could cry or laugh...depending which mood you catch me in. I need a girly ....therapy day....with a friend.....someone help!

hugs to you all and please pray for me....I really need more ways than one.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Soul Sista Sells Her House!

OK....I'm just sayin....there is something totally scary about selling your house in just four days on the market. Actually.....I really thought my house was worth way more than what we put it up for but we had to be realistic and price it per square footage! So Yay! But now comes the weird appraisals...and buyers potentially nickel and dimin you to death....over little things. I know they are coming....I can just feel it! Been there....done that! So please pray for me...that I don't go Sha Nay Nay on somebody!

The soulmate and the peeps and I will be headed out to Denver next week during their Spring break to house hunt....and fit in at least one day in of skiing since it's only an hour away! So I just want to ask you all to please pray for us finding an area that we will be comfortable in! I believe in prayer and know that you Sista's will not let me down!

I love you all!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hold Up....Wait A Minute!!!

Nothing like putting your house on the market. I am official "mean mommy" who makes my kids clean their room upon leaving the house  for the slightest thing! Because if I don't....I know they will show it while it's a mess! I was told my house would be shown on Saturday at 11! At 9:15 I heard my dog barking while I was in the bathroom....and low and behold the realtor that was showing my house....only two hours early! Can't a girl....get a little notice! Thank God I was dressed and was just doing my Texas hair!!!

I don't think it has officially sunk in that I am moving. Even though the house is keeping me neroutic and the ultimate NAG! The soulmate is leaving for Denver in the morning to meet his new staff...and next week we will be all going out for spring break....possibly to find schools and the area in which we want to live. Probably not so much looking at houses....maybe a couple that are of interest. I will tell you that I do feel sorry for the Realtor who has to help me out there! Because I need some closet space and a bathroom with a fireplace in it!

There's a brokers open in my house in the say a prayer....I make it through the morning! I will have some more very important news to share just stay tuned!

Hugs to you Sista's!!