Tuesday, May 26, 2009

IKEA...a little like Disney!

Hey to you Sista's, I have to tell you that some medical issues have had the best of me....sorry for not blogging in the last week. In fact the last time I blogged was the night of Idol finale. Whoa....guess I was wrong, Adam didn't win and I fell off of the bed but I am so happy for Chris!They are both winners in the long run. Ok ....I have truly seen it all. I've never been into a IKEA until Memorial Day and can we just say that I was not prepared for what I walked into. Great concept but for those of you that may have A D D moments such as myself, I almost hyperventilated. I was so overwhelmed I couldn't even think. If I had to describe it I guess I would say that it's a REALLY REALLY BIG decorating store, a little on the "WallyWorld" side but a little like "DisneyWorld" with the lines and people stepping on your feet. I think it's geared for newly married or very young families who have to buy alot of furniture. They do have alot of great things for everyone, don't get me wrong, but it's for people who don't have a knack for putting things together in my opinion. There are things that I want for organization purposes with my bead room but it was so crazy overwhelming that I had a serious headache when I walked out. It's something for everyone to experience...I will say that. I think you need to not go with your child and just walk through one whole time with your hubby or significant other, and then go back later and purchase alone. I'm really good at that! The big news of the week though is that "Little Bon" is getting braces on Thursday. So please pray for her and me that we will survive the May 29th! She is already asking me way to many questions that I refuse to answer... in fear of not making it to the Dr's office. I'm very happy that school is about to be out but kind of stressed trying to make sure my kids are not going to be bored while I'm at work during the summer. I know I totally need a makeover on my site...so any suggestions can be helpful. Hugs to the Sista's. Debi

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Idol Finale....yay!!

Ok Sista's! Tonight is the night we have all been waiting for.....the season Finale of Idol! I can't wait to hear their song choices. I hope they got to choose their own songs. Looking foward to see who is performing. The word is that Carrie Underwood and Britney are both singing tonight. Not together of course, but both are suppose to perform. The truth be said....I love both Adam and Chris, they both deserve to be there. I think Adam has totally mad vocals, but I like Chris because he is so real and vulnerable with his songs. Either way we win because they are both great and they both will have major record deals anyway. I hope all of the AI Cast comes back to sing tonight! The only person I will say that gets totally on my last nerve is......Tatiana....you remember the girl that laughs hysterically and complained alot. She also would beg the judges unmercifully to put her through whenever she had the chance. I hope you all enjoy tonights show and have some fun chatting with your BFF's! Enjoy! Debi

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hey to you Sista's! All 8 of you! Is is just me of shouldn't things be winding down in the last couple of weeks of school? I don't think I've ever been busier! It's like wait....is school getting out soon and shouldn't the kids just be chillin. Not! Finals are coming up for Boo and this week is Teacher's Appreciation Week at Little Bon's school. I will have to admit her school has tamed things down a bit for that. That was always my favorite week and now everybody's complained that it's gotten way out of hand...and boom we're not supposed to spoil the teachers. BOO HOO! It's always one or two mom's that complain because they have three plus children in the academy and they don't wan't to send in more than $2 for each kid. Well this is what I have to say about that.......if you are that cheap...take your kids out of private school and put them in public and PUT THE SHUT TO THE UP. Now everybody has to follow all these rules and not send stuff in. Well...Needless to say that doesn't set well with me so on Friday.....Little Bon's teachers are getting spoiled. O Yes they are! Whew....I feel much better now! I think that ALL Teachers are under paid for what they do. I seriously don't know how they manage their time all day. I would get so sidetracked. I would need totally for Jesus to take the wheel....more than once. I worked the lunch room one time and I never went back. But I do love this week and I feel all the teachers deserve to have a great week! Idol totally rocked tonight and let's just say....my guy Adam will be in the FINALS I'm sure.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hello Sista's! Happy Mother's Day to You! I hope you all get to spend the day however with whoever you want....hopefully with your sweet babies! I am really really homesick and would love to be in Memphis with all my sisters and Mom today! I really could go for some of my Mama's Ham and dumplings...without a doubt! My sweet Soulmate took us all out to dinner at BoneFish tonight...for a little Bang Bang shrimp. I love that stuff...I just wished it loved me back. The kids were on there best behavior and they were dressed up so cute. My sweet soulmate told the kids they were going to play a game, of course this brings excitement to their eyes immediately. Soulmate said, " We are going around the table and tell Mama what you like about her!" Little Bon blurted out immediately, "Mama can sing so pretty!" I said, "Thank you baby!" Then it came time for my teenage son, Boo, he was totally dumbfounded actually. It was hysterical but a little embarassing...(he never gets embarassed!) He came back with something so fast....it was even funnier! He said, "There are so many things....I don't know where to start!" Quick recovery...but sincere! He's so stinkin cute! He then preceded to say...."Mom will do anything for anybody at anytime, she never stops! She does everything for us....and she's always thinking of others. This brought crocodile tears to my eyes! I will never forget the sweet words from my babies tonight and my soulmate for coming up with the idea....really scored some bonus points! I am truly blessed! I just want to tell all my friends that you all mean the world to me and I thank God everyday for family and friends! Have a blessed day with your family!Happy Mother's Day!!! Hugs to the Sista's!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

My bloggy REAL Live Sister, Jenny, tagged me in this game, so I thought I'd participate! Here's what ya do! 1. Mention the person that tagged you. 2. Complete the lists of 8's. 3. Tag 8 other bloggers. 4. Tell them that they have been tagged. 8 Things I Look Forward To 1. Seeing my family in Memphis soon....I'm very homesick! 2. For the kids to be out of school! Only for about the first month! lol 3. Seeing my nephew graduate in June! 4. Going to work everyday....because I love my job! 5. Going to Marco Island with the Soulmate and kids...we all love it! 6. Hanging out with my Sista's in the hood.....when all possible for a GNO! 7. Going to Horseriding lessons with "Little Bon" every week! 8. Going on a good ole fashion shopping spree when I drop some lbs! 8 Things I Did Yesterday 1. Went to church! 2. Went for a picnic to meet Boo's new Lacrosse Coach and new teammates on Tampa Fire. 3. Washed clothes. 4. Anxiously awaited Little Bon coming home from a weekend with a friend! 5. Started reading a new book called "The Shack"....yes I'm a little behind. 6. Talked to my BFF on the phone! 7. Washed more clothes..... 8. Little Bon came home and we were both so tired we went to bed at 8:00 p.m. 8 Things I Wish I Could Do 1. Play the guitar really realy good. 2. Travel to Italy again...this time with all my sisters. 3. Sing with Travis Cottrell and his Praise band. 4. Work with Tyler Perry in one of his Madea movies, the crazy white girl next door. 5. Invent something silly that would make millions so I could pay off all of my families mortgages! 6. See some very old friends from college. 7. Take off to New York with some friends and shop and catch some plays. 8. Be more technically gifted! 8 Shows I Watch 1. Ok....there is not 8 of them but I will try... American Idol! 2. Oprah ( sorry naysayers) 3. NEWS...preferrably NBC and or MSNBC. 4. Nancy Grace 5. Lie to Me....this show is soooo interesting! 6. Saving Grace 8 Bloggers That I Tagged None because everybody I know has done this one ...I think. If not.... 1. Shawn from Seriously 2. Natalie from Brock Rock 3. Andrea from My CHiauaua Bites..I know I spelled that wrong!