Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Homecoming....A Whole New BallGame!

Way back in the day....your Homecoming dance generally speaking .....mean't that you had a date. I thought it would pretty much be the same when Boo started High School this year. It all started out the way actually! He told me that he was taking a girl (who shall remain nameless) to the dance. Oh....let's say about five days into saying that....IT ALL a twinkling of an eye. POOF.....(this is where the smoke rises...) GONE! FINITO! When I asked what happened....."Don't worry about it Mom!" This was not what I was use to hearing! Usually he spills it.......pretty quickly...mainly because he has a WHOLE LOT OF his Mama in him!

                                                          No Not This Time!!

So Now everything is this group deal....which in all really the smart way to go in my opinion!
At first...I was a little disappointed. I thought to myself....I get to take pictures of Boo and his date before they leave.....yada yada yada....and it's his first exciting.....but then I started thinking about the pro's and con's and the pro's came WAY OUT on top ....and here's why!

  • There are no expectations! You don't know what your missing if you've never experienced it!
  • Drama.....there is sure to be A WHOLE LOT of it ...if your date shows up with the same dress as one of her peers! (Let just be real...that is the epitomy of embarrassment for a woman!)
  • You don't just have to dance with your can ask anyone of the girls in your group!( this is where the old rap song comes back into play....remember....."Hotel...Motel....Holiday Inn....If your girl starts acting up....then you take her friend"! He can have a good time and move on....if the drama starts up!
  • He doesn't have to buy a corsage or pay for dinner!
  • He can torment his friends who brought a date....but are totally bored with the girl they asked!
These are just five small reasons why going in a group would be a great way to go to the dance! I am sure there are many more.....I will say that we had a great day shopping at BUCKLE for his outfit. He will definitely be the best dressed one there.....and YES...I will have a picture up as soon as possible.
He informed me that he has invited everyone over here to take in ....OH  BY THE WAY...I almost forgot to tell ya! Thanks Boo....glad to hear that two days prior! It's not like we are about to have a basement renovation going on! 

Well....I am sure there will be Boy Drama....when he gets home. So I will keep you all posted!

Peace Out.....Soul Sista's!!



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well.....He Thought It Was A Good Idea!

He's 14 years old....what does he know! much more than his parents. We  knew Lacrosse was his passion...and IS his passion, but upon moving here....everyone kept saying...Lacrosse really doesn't start full swing until February. So he played relentlessly all summer and went up to the High School to participate in Strength and Conditioning to keep in shape. As luck would have it, the Coach for S & C is the Freshman Football Coach. As soon as he met Austin...he saw his size and asked him did he play football.

"No Sir.....I am a Lacrosse player" as he shook the Coaches hand." in Denver....Lacrosse players play Football......and Football Players play Lacrosse"....the Coach said. "Uh....Ok. ( I mean really what was he supposed to say after a comment like that!) So....the Coach would begin his courtship in talking Big Boo into football...much to his dismay.

So what am I doing right now you might ask. Uhmmmm.....lets see....I am SO KNEE DEEP in Football have no idea. There are over 50 players and 10 coaches just for the Freshman Football Team. And yes....same ole same ole....the 20/80 rule....20 percent of the parents do 80 percent of the work. We do have an amazing team Mom....who is basically the assistant to the coach...I tell you I don't know how she does it and she works full time! But I am trying to help her with anything I can. Oh..did I mention that I am feeding the 50 players and 10 coaches on Thursday night. Yes.....It is being catered but the "Soulmate" and I decided not to beg other people to step up and give...(I don't have time for excuses!) So the only thing I have asked for is someone to bring yeast rolls, dessert and Sweet tea from Chick-Fil-A! Bada Bing....Done!!! I am having Pot Roast and Mashed Potatoes made from the Marie Calendars Restaurant here in Denver made for the team!

So back to Boo! I cannot say exactly what I would normally say....for fear of retribution of some sorts...but lets just say...Big definitely a Lacrosse player....Note to self: When your son tells you what he is.....just listen to him. Let him decide what he wants to do.....without encouraging them to out of their comfort zone......just listen! And yes...I am talking to myself. We thought it would be a great idea for him to stay in shape while waiting to play High School Lacrosse in February....but there are fall Lacrosse Leagues he could participate in and will be when Football is over in October. Also...a great way to meet more friends and build a comradery with some other players. least the social aspect of it is working out.

And yes....let me be clear about one thing. The Social Calendar is up in and running in the DeLoney home. Big Boo has something going on just about every other night! I will posting more pics soon!Ok....he is towering over me....I thought he would be this big when he was a Junior not a Freshman.

Hugs to all my Soul Sista's!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Hottie Trotti Hookup!

I thought I was on a roll....actually very proud of myself for sticking to an exercise program! In fact...I was getting to know the nice elderly gentlemen (Dave) at the check in counter at the Rec Center pretty good. Well...that is until I had my wreck two weeks ago yesterday! I mean seriously...I am very thankful God is apparently finished with me yet. He must know so much more.....

There was over 25 grand in damage to my it was totalled last Thursday. So bada bing....had to go car shopping. As many of you know....Car shopping is not my thang. I mean really...whatever gets me from point A to point B and I'm good. At least that's what I used to think in my BL days. If you dont' know what that's a term I coined myself. It means Before Lexus. Yes that's right! Cars really have never ever mattered to me, but once you drive a's hard to drive anything else. I guess now I am a Lexus Snot....thanks to Chris of my friends...hottie she would say! Ya see...Chris made it real simple...ya tell him what your looking for and he just calls you when he finds going back and forth and's just what it is. I must admit..I kinda like not spending all day hanging out at a dealership....playing the cat and mouse game with the salespeople.
(Who by the way.....always think they can fool me!)

Yes... I live in Denver now...not in Tampa....far away from the Hottie Trotti...who always made my life a little more simple for me when it came to my car. And yes...I called on him for advice .....and he politely reminded me that it didn't matter what I got..because someone would end up hitting me again in a few months....since this is the 4th time since February! Yeah....and I wasn't laughing at that one...bad karma...I told him that he was not to speak those words out loud. But he does have a point.

So....I headed ovah to the Denver Lexus Dealership and told them what was going down....and they ended up helping me out and getting it all done. This time....Hottie Trotti wasn't there to tell me to take his car and go to the International Mall and he would call me when the car was ready. I had to sit there and wait for more than three hours to get it all DONE DID! I politely told my sales person that my guy back and Tampa didn't make me wait like this at all.....I had to rub it in a little....but they do have a great massage chair at this dealership! But the whole process made me miss my Hottie Trotti who always had my back. I miss you CT! Shawn can give him a big huggie and relay this message to him!

Ya'll have a great weekend Sista's!