Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Homecoming....A Whole New BallGame!

Way back in the day....your Homecoming dance generally speaking .....mean't that you had a date. I thought it would pretty much be the same when Boo started High School this year. It all started out the way actually! He told me that he was taking a girl (who shall remain nameless) to the dance. Oh....let's say about five days into saying that....IT ALL a twinkling of an eye. POOF.....(this is where the smoke rises...) GONE! FINITO! When I asked what happened....."Don't worry about it Mom!" This was not what I was use to hearing! Usually he spills it.......pretty quickly...mainly because he has a WHOLE LOT OF his Mama in him!

                                                          No Not This Time!!

So Now everything is this group deal....which in all really the smart way to go in my opinion!
At first...I was a little disappointed. I thought to myself....I get to take pictures of Boo and his date before they leave.....yada yada yada....and it's his first exciting.....but then I started thinking about the pro's and con's and the pro's came WAY OUT on top ....and here's why!

  • There are no expectations! You don't know what your missing if you've never experienced it!
  • Drama.....there is sure to be A WHOLE LOT of it ...if your date shows up with the same dress as one of her peers! (Let just be real...that is the epitomy of embarrassment for a woman!)
  • You don't just have to dance with your can ask anyone of the girls in your group!( this is where the old rap song comes back into play....remember....."Hotel...Motel....Holiday Inn....If your girl starts acting up....then you take her friend"! He can have a good time and move on....if the drama starts up!
  • He doesn't have to buy a corsage or pay for dinner!
  • He can torment his friends who brought a date....but are totally bored with the girl they asked!
These are just five small reasons why going in a group would be a great way to go to the dance! I am sure there are many more.....I will say that we had a great day shopping at BUCKLE for his outfit. He will definitely be the best dressed one there.....and YES...I will have a picture up as soon as possible.
He informed me that he has invited everyone over here to take in ....OH  BY THE WAY...I almost forgot to tell ya! Thanks Boo....glad to hear that two days prior! It's not like we are about to have a basement renovation going on! 

Well....I am sure there will be Boy Drama....when he gets home. So I will keep you all posted!

Peace Out.....Soul Sista's!!





Honey does the group thing too. Last year we had almost 30 kids here for pictures before dinner. This year she's going with just girls, different my Homecoming but honestly a lot more fun!