Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Birthday Off Track! I used to celebrate my birthday all week....and clearly I would make this known to my immediate family within  the four walls of my home. However, the soul mate has been out of town for the last two days and let's just say....I am in desperate need of a Girls Night Out. (In A MAJOR WAY!) And I mean I don't need anything materialistic....just an's Mom's Birthday.....let me take the trash out for you....or clean up the table......or Mom...let's just order in tonight? Nope....hasn't happened.

How can one thing that goes wrong just set the tone for the rest of the day? I did wake up and do my Bible Study! Maybe that's it...I usually do it late at night after everyone's in bed and it's actually quiet. I chose not to do that yesterday....uhmmm....Guess I'll need to talk that one over with the man upstairs.

After the one thing that actually threw the wrench in the just got worse. Lil Bon has been out of school for the past three weeks due to her being in what they call...."All year around" school here." Oh...yeah....lots' of benefits....your children are supppose to retain more ...therefore create less work for the teachers...uhmm..Well...let me tell you about the cons.

#1. They want to stay up all night and sleep until 10 and then expect you to either to take them to breakfast and or lunch.

#2. You have to constantly remind them to read the required material that they are to continue while on break, as well as, visit sites that keep their mind sharp for upon return.

#3. They get bored at the drop of a penny. And most of their friends all have plans and are already signed up for things to do during this time. (I will know this for next time!)

#4. What do you do if you work....hire a Nanny? I am not working but I would like to because I am bored beyond belief....what then?

So...I am ready for traditional school....and she is on the track that is closest to the traditional school year calendar. So Lil Bon starts back on Oct 19th and Big Boo starts his fall  break this Friday. Praise God it's only for a week. This three week thing has driven me bonkers. We've shopped....did extra horse lessons....make pottery....went to the libraries....shopped some more....and eaten out almost everyday for lunch. (Hence the weight gain!)

So I will always remember my OFF TRACK Birthday week! Oh...and did I mention I'm homesick....for both cities....for my family in Memphis and my friends and family in prayers are needed....because....I am OFF TRACK!!



I would love to get you out of your funk by meeting at the Brunchery or Acropolis!

I'm sorry you're feeling poopy! I haven't forgotten about you or your birthday! Your present should be htere Friday!

Go stalk Tim Tebow. That will give you something to do and put a smile on your face!