Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FCAT Is On My Last N E R V E!!

I have to apologize right off the bat if you are a teacher that is reading this post. I do not hold what I am about to say against you in any way.....but this FCAT has taken over my child's life. Everything she is being
taught has been geared toward this test.....if I wouldn't know better I would think that the teacher's are getting a bonus for their classroom's performance. You have to do this....you have to score that...you need to work on this.....you need to above the line in this....this is stinkin 4th grade....not Princeton. If this is what a blue ribbon school is all about.....I am appalled.

Just once...do I wish that I would get a positive kudos from my daughter's teacher. Instead....I'm getting negative comments and pompous attitude about whatever is going on. Who mandated this FCAT and why are they pushing these kids to do in my opinion 6th grade work in the 4th grade?

What am I ready to do you might ask? Go back to my daughter's former Christian school and climb in
my box and see her be happy again. She is so stressed out with all these test and unrealistic expectations it's changing her personality.

Does anyone else feel this way or I am just overeacting?


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Birthday Party...Horse Show....and WinterJam...Now Why Am I Tired?

OK....I have so much to blog about I don't really know where to even start.....Let's see, Big Boo's 14th Birthday Party....Wow...what can I say. I told him he could invite 20-25 people, but I made the mistake of telling him only half usually shows up. So what did he do ...you might ask? He invited about 45 people and ALL of them showed up. Well...the last head count I took... it was 42! And NO my house isn't that big...thank the Lord we have a large patio and pool area....it saved me. Oh ....and there wasn't a shortage of food....because 13 & 14 year old girls....do not eat in front of boys. Or should I say at least in the beginning.

Of course right before their parents came calling to pick them up....they asked me to warm up some left over PIZZA....can you believe that? I said ....Honey...we have put it all up....have a piece of cake and some tostito's! And.....they did!

Then...at 6:30 a.m....the next morning...it was Lil Bon's Horse Show...O yes it was! And she was stylin because this one we had to wear the white blouse and riding jacket....all prim and proper like! She was so adorable. I will post a picture maybe tomorrow when I have a chance to download some off my camera!

Then might I tell you that we had Winterjam after her horse show later that afternoon. That mean's "your SoulSista" had to work. O yes I did. It was a great time seeing all the big Christian artist under one roof. But it left the Soulsista quite tired...so tired that I didn't make it to church on Sunday. SO I watch the service on podcast....isn't that just the coolest. You don't have to miss church..... if you really miss church.

Who came up with that one....it's still not the same as being in a service. I feel so much better when I go to church. There's just something about live music that brings you closer to the Lord. That's all I'm sayin!! And might I add I needed a double dose of Jesus after a crazy busy week.

Look forward to posting new pics tomorrow....cuz you know between the birthday bash and horse show ...I do have some cute ones pics to post. I did get a picture of Big Boo and his little girlfriend who could be a supermodel she is so cute. Would you like to guess if she is a Brunette or Blonde?

Chow for Now!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why Can't Everyone Just Play Nice!

Well Sista's....the cold air has locked up my hands....shame on me for not posting...but there was a "SITUATION" in the DeLoney home last week.....that well...let's just say took up quite a bit of my time in the evening after working everyday. And here's the Reader's Digest Version:

Someone stole my "Boo's" new $500 BMX Bike in our neighborhood and then lied and made up a story about someone else doing it...."Casper the Thug" I guess, but then told my son...that he "thought" he could get it back for $50. Boo freaked out (without telling his parents) and gave him his Christmas money that was sent to him by his grandparents. Long story short....I could have prosecuted these two boys but chose not to.

Why...you might say? Well......I am still asking myself that question! Why can't everyone just play nice. My flesh wanted to do a whole more...and let's be real here.....SAY A WHOLE LOT MORE! Instead....I asked the boy to tell me the truth and he swore that he didn't do it. So....I took him for his word .....even though his story fell apart more and more by the minute. I told him that if he even admitted to doing it...I would not report it, but still...he wasn't believing me when I told him that I would "forgive" him for it. His Mother knew the truth too.....she was thanking me profusely after we talked.

A mother knows when a child is not being truthful.....we all have the gift in some way or another of having that gut feeling when something is just not "quite right". You know the feeling. The unsettledness of something that was said or mentioned that just doesn't quite even add up. I would love to think that this young man learned his lesson, but I'm afraid that he actually started believing his own lies. Satan has that effect on people doesnt' he. He will tell you lies....grip you with fear....and steal your confidence in yourself and others if you choose to let him.

I had to forgive him and choose to let this go this week to give myself some peace. I can tell you this.... I did let this young man know that I know the truth .....and what goes around comes around. And the next time he steals someone else's bike....he may not be so lucky.

Has anything like this happened to you......if so...I would love for you to share your story with me. By the way...the police would not investigate it ONLY unless I agreed to prosecute. I didn't want any mother to have to hear their 15 yr old son is in jail for stealing a bike. What are your thoughts?

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday Is So Much Better Than The Monday Meltdown!

Did your kids start back to school yesterday? Well...mine did and I am here to
tell you that my Lil Bon had a "Meltdown Monday"....and that is putting it
very mildly. She has riding lessons on Monday after school and it seems to
be a pattern forming on the days her trainer picks her up from school.
Everything is wonderful until I pick her up and the back door isn't even
shut yet when the whining begins.

Did anyone else have this yesterday? Plus two hours of math
homework. Welcome back to the real world Mama! I was
so crazy I couldn't even turn my computer on!

So ...this morning I was bound and determined that our day
would have to be better. She got up crying saying it was too
cold to go to school. Imagine that.....I don't think that excuse
would fly if I called it in! Especially since this is really the first
whole week of cold weather that we've had this year and it's
January! I'm lovin this weather! I've worn boots to work
two days in a row.

So....today was really my Monday and I started to walk and run.
Yes you heard me right ....walk and run. I start out walking...
then I run a little. I began this form of exercise because I really
don't ever see anybody that's running .......with a weight
problem. Hence thereforth....running must work.
So...I am starting out by doing this only for 30 minutes
a day......and commit to doing it everyday....that way
I can make sure to at least to get that much exercise
a day. Hopefully I can work myself up to an hour by the
end of the month.

I'll keep you posted on how that's going. Hopefully it
will work and I can drop some lbs before March. I
don't have anything planned for March....but if I get
thinner....I just might!

Be Blessed!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Am I The Only Person Who Is Not Wearing Uggs?

OK....I thought that Uggs were for the teens and twenty-somethings! Apparently ...I am the only person who doesn't own a pair. After walking the mall with my BFF Tracy today.....everyone we saw walking down the mall had a pair of Uggs on! I am not kidding. In fact we ran into a couple of Tracy's friends....who were in their Early 40's.....that were sportin them quite nicely. I must say they were standing next to their teenage daughters at the same time. Now let's take a look......there are some Uggs that make your feet look like you're a COW....I don't care if your a size 6....you can look really frumpy with these kind....

Can anyone's feet look somewhat feminine in these?
But amazingly enough....I did find a pair that I really like!

These are called the Classic Tall "Swell" Uggs....

Now these are more narrow...not so clunky looking and I would
love a pair if someone want to send me a late Christmas present. Size 9 1/2
will do nicely! I really do need these for my New York trip coming up with
Lil Bon...these will definitely keep my nice and cozy. I'd prefer them in Chocolate
or Olive ....just in case the "Soulmate" is checkin in on me.

So am I the only one not sportin this thang's or what? If you have a pair I would love to know what
you think about them ....and if you like the one's I chose.....or should I just nix it altogether . Share your
thoughts with me please!

Happy New Year!