Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday Is So Much Better Than The Monday Meltdown!

Did your kids start back to school yesterday? Well...mine did and I am here to
tell you that my Lil Bon had a "Meltdown Monday"....and that is putting it
very mildly. She has riding lessons on Monday after school and it seems to
be a pattern forming on the days her trainer picks her up from school.
Everything is wonderful until I pick her up and the back door isn't even
shut yet when the whining begins.

Did anyone else have this yesterday? Plus two hours of math
homework. Welcome back to the real world Mama! I was
so crazy I couldn't even turn my computer on!

So ...this morning I was bound and determined that our day
would have to be better. She got up crying saying it was too
cold to go to school. Imagine that.....I don't think that excuse
would fly if I called it in! Especially since this is really the first
whole week of cold weather that we've had this year and it's
January! I'm lovin this weather! I've worn boots to work
two days in a row.

So....today was really my Monday and I started to walk and run.
Yes you heard me right ....walk and run. I start out walking...
then I run a little. I began this form of exercise because I really
don't ever see anybody that's running .......with a weight
problem. Hence thereforth....running must work.
So...I am starting out by doing this only for 30 minutes
a day......and commit to doing it everyday....that way
I can make sure to at least to get that much exercise
a day. Hopefully I can work myself up to an hour by the
end of the month.

I'll keep you posted on how that's going. Hopefully it
will work and I can drop some lbs before March. I
don't have anything planned for March....but if I get
thinner....I just might!

Be Blessed!




Drop Lil Bon off at school and come here. We will do it together and it will be so much more fun!