Saturday, January 2, 2010

Am I The Only Person Who Is Not Wearing Uggs?

OK....I thought that Uggs were for the teens and twenty-somethings! Apparently ...I am the only person who doesn't own a pair. After walking the mall with my BFF Tracy today.....everyone we saw walking down the mall had a pair of Uggs on! I am not kidding. In fact we ran into a couple of Tracy's friends....who were in their Early 40's.....that were sportin them quite nicely. I must say they were standing next to their teenage daughters at the same time. Now let's take a look......there are some Uggs that make your feet look like you're a COW....I don't care if your a size can look really frumpy with these kind....

Can anyone's feet look somewhat feminine in these?
But amazingly enough....I did find a pair that I really like!

These are called the Classic Tall "Swell" Uggs....

Now these are more narrow...not so clunky looking and I would
love a pair if someone want to send me a late Christmas present. Size 9 1/2
will do nicely! I really do need these for my New York trip coming up with
Lil Bon...these will definitely keep my nice and cozy. I'd prefer them in Chocolate
or Olive ....just in case the "Soulmate" is checkin in on me.

So am I the only one not sportin this thang's or what? If you have a pair I would love to know what
you think about them ....and if you like the one's I chose.....or should I just nix it altogether . Share your
thoughts with me please!

Happy New Year!






OH NO! The Asian porn has found you!

I love them and I hate them. Does that make nay sense?


Just what does this mean for me. Are you messing with me. I started laughing when I saw it...Here I am thinking that someone is responding to my blog from another country. Can you translate please?


Mrs.Debi go to google translate.. thats how i do my spanish essays ! And I now have UGGS :)

~Honey( shawns daughter )