Monday, November 30, 2009

The Rockin Rockettes from Memphis and Tampa!

Hey Sista's,

If you are able to get a ticket to the Radio City Christmas Show with the New York City Rockettes.....GO Sista's GO! We were blessed to get tickets from my niece Erika's friend, Will.....for the amazing Christmas Show while we visiting Memphis. Thank you very much Will, but I doubt you have time to check us out on the blogging world. I will however tell you that my niece Erika could be a Rockette if she so desired and here's why!

Just look at these Girls...they are kickin it
just outside the Fed Ex Forum.
Somebody get Casting on the phone!

As the Gators saw Tim Tebow play his last game on Florida Field...we were winding up to go to our show downtown Memphis.....on "Billy Street" as Lil Bon called it. Of course...we laughed at that one...because everyone know that it's really Beale Street ....right!

I must admit that I did provide a little bit of entertainment on the way out of the show. There's just something
about wearing boots and seeing a long stretch of glassy floors when leaving the Rockette's show.....that well.....frankly just makes a girl ....shall I say "tap dance"! As I caught the eye of a "Sista...Security Guard" she saw how much fun I was having and joined me in a "High Kick Line" real! That's was not caught on camera but here is another cute picture of Lil Bon...holding her "Rockette Barbie" that Aunt Lisa bought her.

It was out of the box before we made it to the car...
definitely ....not one that is to save or keep for
years to come. No way.

Aunt Lisa better get to sewing the outfit
on the Rockette Barbie for Christmas
because that is what she is asking for.
Thank you Aunt Lisa!

It wouldn't be proper not to show Aunt Lisa who
will be making this all possible!

and our baby girls together
eating crab legs!

Yes ...this is our future Rockettes.....aren't they PURDY!

I am just a little teeny weenie bit biased.
Thanks again Will!

hugs to you Sista's!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in Memphis!

Hey to all you Sista's....yes ...I have been very very bad. I have not blogged and I have been hearing alot of smack about that. Well...everyone know's one needs you until you get ready to go out of town. I had a ton of stuff to do at the station before I left.

Thanksgiving was a much needed break....I can tell you that! It was great to go home and see all of my family and a couple of my friends over the holidays. I stayed with my sister, Lisa, because she as the most room and it's in a central location that will allow both parents to pop in. Thanksgiving Day was really great! I have to say that I did not over eat....even with all the much that it was really so overwhelming that I couldn't make a decision.

My sister Lisa, is the CAKE MISS....and I have to apologize to her because I was makin "Sista jabs" about the color of cake she made. I wanted it to be white inside and she made it really looked alot better than it sounded. I do have a picture somewhere. But our table for thanksgiving was the fun part...we always have fun being decorating "diva's". Yes ....IT WAS A MARTA TABLE! And I helped!

Sista's this picture doesn't do it justice
and when you cut this looked
like this.....

Sorry for the was tasty too!

I haven't ever attempted something this elaborate so....I shouldnt' even be talking about it
for real!!

But this best part of Thanksgiving was seeing all my cute and older but crazier nephews and my one
beautiful breathtaking niece. Visiting with my Mom &Da d...and Sista's and brotha-in-laws! It went
by really fast!

I have lots to I will commit to posting every night because I have TOO many things to do it just this one post!

Hugs & Blessings!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Homework...I Am Officially Not Smarter Than a 4th Grader!

Ok Sista's... I officially need some help. I feel like I've gone back to school and the sad thing...these are things I probably learned in High School and not in the 4th grade. Lil Bon...had so much homework that I can't even start going to choir practice at church. I wanted to go really bad tonight but she has two test tomorrow of them Huge and she needs to pass it....with an A or a B!

I guess I'm stuck on stupid but apparently before tonights assignment or should I say ....studying...I could not tell you how the "eye" works. After going through the process of studying it.... but not really getting it....Lil Bon and I had to get creative because we were both might say....a little "giddy"!

Yes...I had to make a game out of it to even understand it myself. Here's how the "eye" works as it applies to...well....what we love best....SHOPPING! Thank you Jesus for not calling me to the school system to TEACH.  I would be in more trouble. Here's how it goes:

TOCPLRONB.....keep in mind this is how the eye works.....
TOC means "Toes Are Cute"...which really means Transparent Outer Covering.
P means Purses...which really means Pupil
L means Like.......which really means Lense
R means Red........which really means Retina
ON      ................which really means Optic nerve
B means Blue.......which really means Brain....which Translates to "Toes are cute purses like red on blue!

This is the flow chart that makes your "eyes" work....this actually made Lil Bon remember the whole thing.
This actually made ME learn the whole thing....Praise God. I can't tell you how tired I am after 3 pages of math. Studying for a Science Test that will be on Heat and Light! OK ....this is just boring stuff. Tonight would be the night Boo has LaCrosse and the Soulmate drove him to a practice that''s an hour away.

Lil Bon and I were laughing so hard from our "Eye" test that we had to call him and tell him so he could know the JOY of it all. I'm so tired ....I'm telling you....these people want this kids in High School in Elementary School ....and in Middle School that want them in High School and in High School they want them in College therefore they give classes which give them College Credit. This is absolutely crazy.

What ever happened to fun school days.....filled with laughter and Music and Art contest and Poetry contest. That's what I remember? What do you remember....somebody tell me I am not going crazy?

I gotta go.....Calgon's gotta take me away!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary Soulmate!

As I woke to weird noises at a really early hour this morning....I nudged him in the back. No.. he wasn't snoring, he was making some weird noise that sounded like a whistle or harmonica or something. After I realized that I wasn't dreaming , due to my sister, Princess Lisa, scarring me forever from playing chicken with a train when I was four years old....I had to actually wake up and look around. It really was him! So I rolled over and went back to sleep...the next thing I know it's 5:30 and he grabs my foot as he passes by getting ready to go to work and says....."Happy Anniversary"'s almost time to get up.

I am not a morning person......I repeat...not a morning person. I really don't think I said anything back to him!Seriously!

At around 10 at work this morning...I received two dozen beautifully arranged long stem red roses. Yes I could have had another COACH purse with what he spent on this thang....I'm sure! But he said it was one for every year and 1 extra for the upcoming year. SO SWEET! At that time I decided it would really be nice of me to tell him Happy Anniversary back, since it was at least 10 a.m and I have had my coffee with pumpkin spicey stuff.

Twenty one years ago was sprinkling outside of Memphis Tennessee when I truly married my soulmate. They say it's good luck to get married on a rainy day....and so far....they're right! He truly is a wonderful wonderful husband and Father...and is very devoted and loyal to family and friends. He has a true and genuine heart for the Lord. Every morning he has his devotions ....and sometimes he even leaves it open on a page in which I apparently need to read....yes ...that's happened more than just a few times in which I might add...I needed desperately!

Frankly...I don't deserve his goodness but God did bless me tremendously when he created him just for me!
The soulmate is just a very sweet....loving man with quiet strength. I know that the name of Tony Dungy's last book....but it really does describe my husband.

What is sad is that he has a outspoken, opinionated wife...who seems to be a little like Lucy in finding trouble...or should I say  trouble finds me. Also, with two children who have characteristic's from both of us....but all the loud and crazy things are from me.....and the good and nice things are truly from him.. what can I say....

A winning combination!

I Love You SoulMate!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Nephews Say It Best!!!

I'm sorry but I have to brag! These adorable boys are my nephews!
O Yes They Are!
And this picture needs to be on the front page of PARADE this Sunday!

So I could never post anything to top this so
way to go boys!!
Noah....Drew...Graham and Jonah!
It doesn't get any cuter than this!
You made your Auntie proud!!

God Bless Our Veterans!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Playing Catch Up!

It really has been a blur since I have been back from going out of town. I've been so busy working that I have not even been in my right mind to post! busy that it hasn't even came across my mind. When I get totally focused on something it's hard to get me to switch gears and I have been swamped at the station since I was gone for a week.

I will say that the peeps have had a lot of homework and things that I've had to pay alot of attention to as well. And might I just add that "Lil Bon" is in her first fashion show this Saturday! I will be posting pictures of her in the cute little outfit she will be modeling.

So be on the lookout Sista's for some hot new fall fashion to be coming down the line...yes right here on GirlZASoulSista!

Peace Out!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back to Reality!

If I ever thought I was trying to play catch up.....this would be the week! I think my body is still on Island Time "Mon". Praise God I'm not on the cruise this week. There is a big storm in the Carribean. Thank you Jesus it wasn't this week as much as I complained about being gone on Halloween...I could not have taken the " Perfect Storm".

The Soulmate tried to get me on some "Zipline". I THINK NOT! I want my feet on solid ground as much as possible. He took a picture of himself since I wasn't around to do it. And this is what he came up with!

It makes me dizzy to even look at this!

I have to tell you that the Island was very beautiful and the water was so blue!

But my favorite place was this.....our excursion on Sandals Resort in Ocho
I could seriously just go back there and stay for a week with no problem and this is why!

This was just awesome....and so was this!

I think this where some couples get married!
And if you wanna play a game of chess or feel like your in
Alice in's this!

It was a great time but I missed my peeps too too much!
Sooooo Back to Life.....Back to Reality!

Hugs to you Sista's!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm Baacccckkk.....I forgot How To Cook!

Hey to my sista's!

One thing great about being on a don't have to cook for at least seven days! The thought of cooking up dinner tonight has got me totally frazzled. Uh....let's see.....some ground beef....uhm.....taco's....yes...some taco's sound nice.


Now...since most of you know by now I was gone over first Halloween ever away from my peeps....but they were in good hands because my sister (the wannabeprincess) A.K.A. Big Mama Irene, was here to take my place. If any of you think I AM haven't met my sista....Lisa! She is crazy funny and has three grown children she know's ALL the tricks little ones use on their "Aunties" while their "Mama" is away.

Big Boo didn't want to go on a field trip last Friday and told his Auntie that he told me about it and I cleared him not going.....Do I remember this?  I think NOT! But agreed reluctantly rather than start a feud while I'm gone.

Little Bon....was just full of delight with things that I apparently let her do all the time.....hence therefore makes me "Mean Mama" when I'm at home, but when gone.....I'm apparently the "Best Mom Ever". You
see Big Mama makes great cakes....and Little Bon wanted some serious homemade goodies. We bought cake mixes and icing and cut cupcake holders prior to Big Mama's arrival.

Everyone survived the "soulmate" and I being gone. The only beef I have is with T-Mobile. We purchased an international email package since we were out of the country.....only to not have service in any of the places we went to..including the ship. So....I called home twice from the ship....using the Ship to Shore little button on our room phone. Only to find out the night before we left that one call for eleven minutes and another call for seven minutes equals out to be $216.00 !!!!!! Apparently it's just 7.95 per minute per call.

You know they heard from me bright and early...O YES THEY DID!

More highlights to come....gotta do some to you all!