Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spoof On National Anthem....Ya'll Know I Don't Mean No Disrespect!!!

Please know that I don't mean no disrespect....because the National Anthem is a beautiful thang! But I have to tell you it seems like lately that everybody tries to put their on "stamp" on it...to make it "their own".
Attention Singers....there is only one Whitney Houston...and one Jennifer Hudson...so Ya'll give it up. Oh...and as far as it goes for Christina forgetting the words.....You try singing in front of millions and don't see if you mess up something! So...Christina wherever you are....don't listen to all the negative...this SoulSista has yo back!

But I don't care what anyone says.....dis if funny right heerrrrrreee!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pizza Hut Delivery...Not A Good Idea!

Please know that I am not complaining...I am loving where I live
but today was I say I just had to laugh or I would've cried!
I took Lil Bon to the bus stop....and this is what I saw.
I'm sorry but this was just funny to me. Here I am at the bus stop with
8 freezing kids in my car waiting at the bus stop....because the bus was
taking so long...I felt sorry for the kids...so I said..."Come on in ...forget
everything your parents have told you...I am not a stranger and GET IN"!

All but one... little precious angel listened. "I said Honey
if you don't want to freeze you may wanna go back home or get in". She
got in very reluctantly. ( Yes her Mama did train her right!)

Back to my picture story! The man is actually a man I know...so I
rolled down the window and said...."Ken what on earth do you think you
are doing"! And what on earth are you wearing?" He said..."Just gettin
a little exercise!" I'm thinkin to myself.....
 I would rather run up and down in the stairs in my house
than to get out in this mess and exercise.

Forty-five minutes at the bus stop with 8 kids and I'm done. Finito..I'm over it!
So I delivered all the children in my car safely to their homes. My precious neighbor twins...
aka...the Bieber twins came on home with me. Lil Bon was in heaven all day....because they
stayed with me until their parents got home this afternoon.

Meanwhile...I order Pizza Hut...as requested by the kids. The lady said one hour and 30 minute
wait. I said OK...it's a little after 11:00 a.m. they'll be good. Pizza doesn't arrive until 2:15 p.m.
Everytime I called.....they left 20 minutes ago. He finally arrives and then when he goes
to leave...he gets stuck in my drive way. So the guy was just the nicest so I said I will go
and get my shovel and help you out.

This is where it get's real stupid.

We dig and shovel....dig and shovel..... and I think we've done enough and he gets back in the car
and just picture me in the front of this car. I said..."Hold ON Cowboy...just
make sure this think is in reverse....or Mama's gonna need a "Colorado plot".

He said, "dont worry"...I don't want anyone to get hurt. So his wheels just
spun a layer of ice on my head. I swear...at this point...I'm convinced I'm
getting punked...and Ashton Kutcher is in the bushes.

I go back to get a metal shovel and we start shoveling again....I can't feel
my fingers at this point. But I keep at it...and finally I got on the back of his
car and said..."let's try it again"...so he get's in and we finally get it out.
Pizza Hut Man...James....gets out of his car and gives me a big ole hug
and said...."you just saved me from calling Triple A so I am going to
give you a free pizza under your address for the next time you call".

At this point....I'm exhausted. This shoveling snow is NOT up my alley!
The soulmate has made me swear to him I would not attempt it again.
There is something though about seeing other women shovel snow....and
him telling me that I don't need to do that. I guess I feel a little guilty.

Can we say SnowBlower? Soulmate says we don't need one.
We have a 15-yr-old Son that's gonna want a car this summer...
so we don't need to worry about it. He Will Shovel Snow.

So here I am .....flying by the seat of my pants as usual!