Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vertigo On A Boat...Something Just Ain't Right About This?

Hey To You Sista's!

OK....I have been a very bad "Gull" for not posting! Bad Sista! Here is the reason why. The Soulmate told me a little over a month ago that he was given a 7 day free Cruise from work......from some vendor who they've been working with. It sounds great and I know most people would be doing back flips right about now.....expecially since the big four letters.....F R E E was attached to it.

But I have to tell you I have not been on the "excited" side of this. And here is why.

#1:  You all know what I have been dealing with....severe migraines that cause me to have vertigo. It is much better now that the medication has kicked in....but I am not crazy about being on a boat with vertigo. Hello?

#2: After about 4 days anywhere...I get antsy for my own bed and pillow and just everything about being home.

#3: Trying to get a schedule made out for where and what my kids have going on while I'm just nuts. Is it really worth going anywhere with all this stress? I think not!

#4. And the big kicker..... I will not be here for Halloween for Little Bon and Big Boo.  At least Little Bon... Big Boo is 13 and all he is going to be doing is eating candy. I have never ever been away from my kids on Halloween. What were these people thinking when they booked this trip? I don't want to sound ungrateful...but I have "chiren"!

#5. I am missing our staion "Grand Opening".....and that's all I can say about that one... I won't even dare go there!!!

So there you have it! I do want to get Nicole's Horse picture on before I I will document my trip. Oh.....we are going to about 5 places in the Carribean ...don't ask me where...dont all those Island's look alike....for all I know they may be doing circles in the ocean somewhere and changing up the port entry.
I wish I could take my laptop but the Soulmate said "No".... so my blackberry will have to do.

I won't be posting until Nov I will check on you all later!!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Your Soul Sista's Birthday!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hey to you Sista's! No presents are necessary......unless it's jewelery or
stationary because I'm hopelessly addicted to both. This is my new
Media headshot for Spirit FM...taken by Brian Elledge with Divine
Light Photography......he is absolutely awesome!
It's also another friend of mine's Birthday...

Natalie Brock over at
The Brocks ROCK!
She's 29 again...and I am 39 again!

Looking forward to this weekend not because
it's my birthday, but because it's
Little Bon's First Horse Show
on Saturday!

I am sorry......but she is just so stinkin cute on
her horse....Valentine! No she's not riding a blind
horse.....she's allergic to this protects
her eyes from getting icky!

As you can see....Little Bon takes it serious!

and my Big Boo has
a Lacrosse Tournament with
the Tampa Fire this

You Sista's have a blessed weekend!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sha Nay Nay's Office Etiquette....

Hey to you Sista's,

Don't you just love it when a Doctor's office gives you a medical release form ...then ask you to sign it so they can get your medical records from another Doctor's office..... and then tell you that you are responsible to call the other Doctor's office ....the day before your appointment.

UHMMM....let me see.....why did you give me this form to sign if I was going to get it myself? Let me see.... is that because you are lazy? Or do you think they just like seeing if they can make you feel like your going senile or feel hopelessly inadequate the day before my appointment.

O YES.... the Good Doctor will hear from this Sista about it. I am not one to spare some words. Now the Doctor's office THAT I wasn't suppose to call....has filed away my reports in some warehouse that is who knows where......obviously I will not know now in time for my appointment in the morning. So hence therefore...I will have to take additional test at my expense as a result.

DO I sound a little put out.....there should be a law against this somewhere. I think it would be the law of proper office etiquette. Is there such a thang? Uhmmm. Maybe I need to write one.  So let's see....where would I began?

Sha Nay Nay's Office Etiquette
Rules To Live By

1.  If your office manager feels the need to post a sign saying....."If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment you will need to reschedule your office visit. Then your office manager better count on doing the same for me if I have to wait longer than 15 minutes to see the Doctor....can we say....RUDE!

2. If you feel the need for me to fill out more than eight pages of medical history...then you should have a proper website where I can download the information prior to the visit.......instead of springing this on me like a jack rabbit. If I wasn't stressed I wouldn't be sitting at the Dr's office.......HELLO? Somebody get my medication!

3. If  you feel the need to ask me to make a copy of my driver's license for the seventeen umteeth time....please have the decency to give it if I get pulled over the "Po Po" won't cart me off to jail. Although I must admit....I do wear orange quite well with my olive skin tone.

4. Must I remind you that I don't weigh in well late in the if my appointment is scheduled at that time of day.....please know that I will complain and tell you that the weight I've gained is because I am bloated because I'm about to start my "Cycles". Can I get an amen?

5. If you are the attending nurse to escort me to my second waiting room....please understand that I make it a point to hide my undercloths even if you are my female Doctor....I'm southern.....and that's just what we do. We hide our panties and bra's.

6. If I tell you that I am allergic to a medication.....that includes the synthetic forms of that medication as well. Didn't they teach you that in Medical School?

7. If you ask me about my diet and eating habits....just know "Hands Down" I will yell out a "Salad" everytime. ( With a 4 oz Grilled piece on the side..of course.)

8. If I tell you that I have to be in car line by 2:30......making me wait to see the Doctor until 2:20 is really pushing it. They charge me when I'm late picking up my children. Doe's a Sista really need to wait 45 minutes in the second waiting room?

9. If I want to schedule my next appointment before I leave.....please don't tell me that your system is down and you will call me back tomorrow. Sweetie....who are you kidding here. The only call I'm getting from you is the one to tell me I missed my appointment and will be charged a fee of $25 at my next visit.

And Last But Not Least.....

10. If I tell you that I'm not coming back while I'm rolling my neck.....Shay Nay Nay means it!

Ya'll Have a great Wednesday!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Spirit FM Is Moving....Can A Sista Get A Hand..Up In Here!

ey to you Sista's,

Now.... I am not one to complain....but I have been packin up our station for the past three days. I will joyfully pack...cuz our old 1950ish building that I've worked in for going on five years....I'm convinced is full of mold and mildew. If the truth be is the reason I have headaches. But like I said....I ain't one to complain.

We have a big bright awesome new building...with everything new! We are seriously so happy...that nobody cares that we have to pack up everything ourselves. I've been so excited...I've been jumping from room to room packing anything anyone has asked me to pack. I packed the kitchen without hesitation....and without telling me to.....but I ain't one to complain. The jumping from one room to the next is obviously my A D D's self diagnosed of course. I used to think I was just a daydreamer.....but I'm convinced I truly have it.

I have to admit that I have been a little down today. All of my college friends are getting together this weekend for a HUGE REUNION in Springfield Missouri . I have to tell you that I would just give anything to go.....can somebody get "the soulmate" to give up going out of town with clients to the Bucs game in Philly.
That's not the only reason I can't go. We are moving the station all day Friday and Saturday. Also we have ..a concert Sunday night with Aaron Shust and Chris Sligh coming in. It was just a bad weekend altogether. Why couldn't it be on my birthday weekend next week?

I will totally miss hanging out with my roomate and BFF.....Jacki! She is about the craziest, most fun person to be around in the whole wide world. I wish you all could know her! She is just a HOOT!'s hot and I am ready for some leaves to be changing and some "cool air" to arrive ....up in here. But seriously...if anyone wants to show up at Spirit tomorrow or on Saturday.....this Sista could use an extra hand.

Can I get a witness? But ....I am not one to complain!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm Back.....With My Earrings On!

O How I Have Missed All Of My Sista's!

Wow...what a week! Praise God our Shareathon was a HUGE success! So many people came through for us and please know that we appreciated every penny!

Now for the Reader's Digest version of why I am BACK with my earrings On. For those of you who Know me....Know know that I'm not one to hold back too much but there was a "SITUATION" that needed much attention this morning down at the bus stop.

Now....let me set the scene.....My Big Boo...had a little confrontation last Friday in which he had to take care of some Bizness at the bus stop. And when I say Bizness....there was a kid that "spit" on my son at the bus stop!....I know.....I gasped when I heard the made me sick. Well...he defended himself and put a wee bit of a shiner on the kid. Reported the kid to the office when he got to school and did the right thing.

Yesterday....he came home and told me that ....the boys "Mama" came to the bus stop and cursed at him in front of all the other kids at the bus stop. For those of you that know me...know me...I was so mad I was shakin....this Sista was on "Wound up ...Gitty mode! I grabbed the phone book like I was going to call somebody...... and now just who would that be?

I tried the school and no one answered....called a guidance counselor who is a friend...and she told me to report it to the Sheriff's office in which I did end up doing. So hence therefore today.....I went to the bus stop against the soulmate's wishes. I was prayin that the "Mama" would show up. I had my big hoop earrings on....that I was thinkin that I was going to have to take off if she showed up again to confront my son.

Yes...the lady had the audacity to blame my son ....for her son spitting on him. Uhmmm...imagine that. I
cannot believe what all she said to my son. I told the soulmate that I would need an extra dose of Jesus today.

I also called two other boss and Shawn from see if they would come bail me out if I for some unforeseen reason endend up downtown in an orange jumpsuit.  So ...there was a no show....for Psycho Mama at the bus stop...but this Mama was there with her earrings ON. I guess the call she received from the deputy last night scared her into some righteousness.

So Sista's if you love me....pray for me...because when people mess with your aren't mode and Mama Bear comes out to protect her cubs.

Can I get an AMEN?