Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vertigo On A Boat...Something Just Ain't Right About This?

Hey To You Sista's!

OK....I have been a very bad "Gull" for not posting! Bad Sista! Here is the reason why. The Soulmate told me a little over a month ago that he was given a 7 day free Cruise from work......from some vendor who they've been working with. It sounds great and I know most people would be doing back flips right about now.....expecially since the big four letters.....F R E E was attached to it.

But I have to tell you I have not been on the "excited" side of this. And here is why.

#1:  You all know what I have been dealing with....severe migraines that cause me to have vertigo. It is much better now that the medication has kicked in....but I am not crazy about being on a boat with vertigo. Hello?

#2: After about 4 days anywhere...I get antsy for my own bed and pillow and just everything about being home.

#3: Trying to get a schedule made out for where and what my kids have going on while I'm just nuts. Is it really worth going anywhere with all this stress? I think not!

#4. And the big kicker..... I will not be here for Halloween for Little Bon and Big Boo.  At least Little Bon... Big Boo is 13 and all he is going to be doing is eating candy. I have never ever been away from my kids on Halloween. What were these people thinking when they booked this trip? I don't want to sound ungrateful...but I have "chiren"!

#5. I am missing our staion "Grand Opening".....and that's all I can say about that one... I won't even dare go there!!!

So there you have it! I do want to get Nicole's Horse picture on before I I will document my trip. Oh.....we are going to about 5 places in the Carribean ...don't ask me where...dont all those Island's look alike....for all I know they may be doing circles in the ocean somewhere and changing up the port entry.
I wish I could take my laptop but the Soulmate said "No".... so my blackberry will have to do.

I won't be posting until Nov I will check on you all later!!