Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sha Nay Nay's Office Etiquette....

Hey to you Sista's,

Don't you just love it when a Doctor's office gives you a medical release form ...then ask you to sign it so they can get your medical records from another Doctor's office..... and then tell you that you are responsible to call the other Doctor's office ....the day before your appointment.

UHMMM....let me see.....why did you give me this form to sign if I was going to get it myself? Let me see.... is that because you are lazy? Or do you think they just like seeing if they can make you feel like your going senile or feel hopelessly inadequate the day before my appointment.

O YES.... the Good Doctor will hear from this Sista about it. I am not one to spare some words. Now the Doctor's office THAT I wasn't suppose to call....has filed away my reports in some warehouse that is who knows where......obviously I will not know now in time for my appointment in the morning. So hence therefore...I will have to take additional test at my expense as a result.

DO I sound a little put out.....there should be a law against this somewhere. I think it would be the law of proper office etiquette. Is there such a thang? Uhmmm. Maybe I need to write one.  So let's see....where would I began?

Sha Nay Nay's Office Etiquette
Rules To Live By

1.  If your office manager feels the need to post a sign saying....."If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment you will need to reschedule your office visit. Then your office manager better count on doing the same for me if I have to wait longer than 15 minutes to see the Doctor....can we say....RUDE!

2. If you feel the need for me to fill out more than eight pages of medical history...then you should have a proper website where I can download the information prior to the visit.......instead of springing this on me like a jack rabbit. If I wasn't stressed I wouldn't be sitting at the Dr's office.......HELLO? Somebody get my medication!

3. If  you feel the need to ask me to make a copy of my driver's license for the seventeen umteeth time....please have the decency to give it back...so if I get pulled over the "Po Po" won't cart me off to jail. Although I must admit....I do wear orange quite well with my olive skin tone.

4. Must I remind you that I don't weigh in well late in the afternoon.....so if my appointment is scheduled at that time of day.....please know that I will complain and tell you that the weight I've gained is because I am bloated because I'm about to start my "Cycles". Can I get an amen?

5. If you are the attending nurse to escort me to my second waiting room....please understand that I make it a point to hide my undercloths even if you are my female Doctor....I'm southern.....and that's just what we do. We hide our panties and bra's.

6. If I tell you that I am allergic to a medication.....that includes the synthetic forms of that medication as well. Didn't they teach you that in Medical School?

7. If you ask me about my diet and eating habits....just know "Hands Down" I will yell out a "Salad" everytime. ( With a 4 oz Grilled piece on the side..of course.)

8. If I tell you that I have to be in car line by 2:30......making me wait to see the Doctor until 2:20 is really pushing it. They charge me when I'm late picking up my children. Doe's a Sista really need to wait 45 minutes in the second waiting room?

9. If I want to schedule my next appointment before I leave.....please don't tell me that your system is down and you will call me back tomorrow. Sweetie....who are you kidding here. The only call I'm getting from you is the one to tell me I missed my appointment and will be charged a fee of $25 at my next visit.

And Last But Not Least.....

10. If I tell you that I'm not coming back while I'm rolling my neck.....Shay Nay Nay means it!

Ya'll Have a great Wednesday!



Those are hysterical! I am printing them and taking them with me to each and every one of my doctors appointments from now on!

Preach it Sistah!


That's wonderful DEBI! SO TRUE, SO TRUE!!

Can't wait to see you in just a couple days! :)


You need your own show. You are officially the new white Madea. My friend at church lurves you and your crazy blog! I love you!


I think you go to the same doctor I do! I love your blog girlfriend!

Keep them coming!