Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shirley....Please Take A Bow!

Hey to the Sista's! As promised, here is the pic of "Little Bon" as Shirley Temple at the Great American Expo at her school last week! Isn't she beautiful and seriously convincing! That would be a BIG OLE...YES! I have to admit I am a little bias! Not one to brag, but dang is she cute or what! Had a great day at the beach with some Soul Sista's yesterday. Just a little quick blog because I have a commercial to write! Hugs to you all! Debi I

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who is Mr. Linky & Where Does He Live?

Hey Sista's, What a beautiful day! It was a cool breeze tonight out here in our neck of the woods! Little Bon played with friends and the Soulmate and Boo played Lacrosse out on the golf course. One good thing about living on a golf course, your back yard seems really big. Tonight is American Idol so I have to like that! I must admit I am new to blogging, but all this tagging makes me feel like I'm not doing something that I'm suppose to be doing. Just when I figure something out it's like three days old, cuz you know like I do have a job too! Still I think it's cool to do all that stuff, I am not that confident....yet. Will have to bother some sista's to figure it out. I'm still trying to figure out, Who is the heck is Mr. Linky and where does he live? Fo Real. I read blogs and they tell me to sign up for Mr. Linky and don't forget to add this to that and the other. I seriously need to talk to Shawn!I'm ashamed of myself. I do have a great day planned. Yes tomorrow is a scheduled mental health day. I will be at the beach by 10:30 a.m. and I haven't told the soulmate or the chiren, cuz if I do, they will call me from school sick....right? Yes, I am on the downlow with that! I will get some much needed sun on some very pale parts of my body. I can relax, hide under my "brella" and take it all in. I will say that I am a little homesick for my hometown, Memphis. It never fails, in the Spring and in the fall, you can count on it like clockwork, I get homesick. Something about 4 seasons that I enjoy and miss terribly. Have a great Wednesday Sista's and change a heart, change a life, be a girlfriend today! Hugs, Debi

Monday, April 27, 2009

Can You Forgive....But Not Forget?

So what do you do when one of your BFF"s gets dissed by someone? When I say dissed, I'm not talking overlooked by not being invited to something, I mean someone literally talking smack behind your back. Is that a Christ like thing to do? That would be a Heck to the No! NOW please believe me I'm not being judgmental....just a little loyal when it comes to my friends, ya'll. You hurt my SoulSista's and you hurt ME! I don't really understand mean spirited, or jealousy because... from this SiSta....I want good things to happen to all of my BFF's! I real! If I want it and can't have it....I'm happy for whoever gets it because I know my day is coming! Can I get an AMEN! Now, I'm taking a poll here...I need your help cuz my friend is hurting and I want to help her and give her some advice because she is really down in the dumps about it. She confronted the person who did this but it's really any advice. Forgiveness is what's needed, but you can forgive and NOT FORGET what was said or done to you. I would like to hear some opinions. Thank you for commenting! I want my BFF happy again! hugs to all ya'll! Debi

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can I Get A Witness Up In Here!

OK Sista's, I am watching the Dove Awards and I feel like I've been thrown back in the late 70's & early 80's! I thought some of these folks had already gone to be with Jesus! If you're watching you know what I'm talking about. WHERE ARE MY BOY BANDS AND TRAVIS COTTREL...? hALLEIGHLEYER! Sandy Patti is not hitting her notes....bless her heart. I'm still trying to find a way to have lunch with Travis and meet him and Beth at a Living Proof Conference. I will do just watch. I love my job but I am glad I have tomorrow off, most of you already know that this week we had our yearly "Spread the Word" fundraiser to help us with our promotional things for the station. We had the best volunteers to come in and help us out. Glad the weekend is here! I must tell you I need some retail therapy. Tomorrow is Fashion Friday and although I don't post any cute things I find, I am excited to see that these long dresses are in? Can I get a Witness? I mean, seriously, my white legs do not need to be seen at this point and time. Praise God for self tanner, Arbonne does make the best, although it's a little steep on the wallet. I urge you all to try it out though, it's awesome. I just wanted to tell everyone I am truly sorry for not blogging this week but if you will make you feel any better I haven't even been on FaceBook either. I was just too tired to write anything after a full day of work. I must admit, My Little Bon was Shirley Temple on Tuesday. I have to tell you that she was just adorable. I will post a pic soon. She tapped her way right into everyone's heart...I just know it. I was a proud "mama". Have a fun filled Fashion Friday and take a Sista to lunch! It'll make you feel better! Hugs to you Sista's! Debi

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drama of the Day!

I really thought I was in trouble today with someone from my office but false alarm, I wasn't! You see I am in Sales and I have a tendency to sell people opinion included. It's the best deal cuz it's free yall! All you have to do is ask! Sometimes when I'm on my Soap don't even have to get it anyway! Well really just my girlz in the hood....Sista's ya know. You see...we have this office pool going on about American Idol (AI) and it's been going on for a couple of years. Yes we are fiercely competitive at Spirit. It's just hilarious! We make up weird names and everything...this year I forgot to do that. Anyhow....I tried to talk my coworker out of voting so drastic cuz if I don't win I want him too. To make a long story short, he didn't get to watch AI before he voted and being the sweet southern girl that I am...I felt compelled to tell him the SoulSista Truth! just so happened that he didn't change it to what I told him to and he is currently now in 1st place. You know I was "Scurred" to go in the front door. PTL he didn't listen to me. Yes I stole the word "Scurred" from Roz on the 1-800-Ask-Gary commercial. She say's, I am not a professional actor, but are you Scurred or confused?" It cracks me up everytime I see it...that and the new Burger King commercial. I guess I pay more attention to them since it's my know. I'm ashamed to say it, but tomorrow is Fashion Friday and I don't even know what I'm wearing tomorrow. What does a girl do? I do know that my baby peep, Little Bon, is estatic that she starts her horseback riding lesson tomorrow afternoon. She didn't even want to go to sleep. O by the way if anyone has any Shirley Temple Memorabilia for me to borrow for her next week...please do post for me. Little Bon is going to be Shirley Temple in the the school, Great American Expo. Drama of the Day... getting her Shirley Temple Costume made. Now let me be real clear..this all could have been avoided if someone in my family would have volunteered to make it, but Heck to the NO...that wasn't happening. I'm still a little riffed about that one. I should be use to it by now since my children never get anything made for them. Again...I will put the Shut To The Up! It really doesn't phase me anymore. I have to thank my friend Pam McCauley for giving me the name of a sweet lady from Bell Shoals Baptist Church to be so kind at the last minute to get a Sista out of a jam. Now....I must confess that the reason I am in this predicament is because two online stores have been telling me that her size would be in anyday....and just my luck....I can chance it anymore. So I am going around town looking for white and red polka dot material at every fabric shop in town. Sweetest Gesture of the from my friend Kim, the Owner of the best bead shop in town...Breezy's Beads on Oakfield in Brandon. Ms. Kim offered to make it for me on her only day off, but I just couldn't allow it. From the kindness of her heart she was going to start cutting it out in between customers during the day. Hugs to you Sista! You Rock anyway! Kumbuya Kim. That one is just for the Sista's in the "Circle" at the Bead Shop. Make your Friday...the best ever! Get your mani, pedi and have some lurnch with your Sista's! Hugs, Debi

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yes, No ....Maybe? What's wrong with me!

Hey to the Sista's, I want to apologize right now if this hurts anyone feelings. I'm sorry but My Guy on Idol, Adam....will be winnning the whole thing. Brother has got the "chops". For those of you who might live on another planet and don't listen to AI, I am sorry you missed it. Even if does have the tendency to "Over Do" his endings, he is truly in a league of his own when it comes to this. So ....It's neck to neck in our office idol pool, but I am the only one who has picked Adam to win the whole stinkin thing, O YES I DID! Is anyone ever on the fence about things, or is it just me! Usually it's white or black for me and definitely no maybe's, but in the last week I have had so many instances where I am just saying to myself.....Well maybe! Is my brain a wet noodle or and I am just copin out on makin a decision. That is SO NOT LIKE ME! I usually have alot to say and then some. What does drive me insane is when you ask someone something and they tell me they are going to pray about it. (It's mainly Baptist women who do this by the way!) no other religion dares to take this as their "Way Out" of doing something. I am sorry if I've asked anyone lately something and they have told me this. I usually hear it in regards to my job and not anything else, because I usually don't ask anyone for everything because I would apt to be more on the "doing side". It's hard not to say what I really want to say when you hear that back from someone. This is usually my typical response back: "Well that's Ok...I understand...but there still needs to be a plan for me if Jesus tells you I will move on....! I know this is probably RUDE....but you have to understand so many women say this if they don't want to do anything. So I guess I would be over that right about now. NEXT! OK...I am in FULL mode of trying to find SUMMER CAMPS for my "Little Bon" because she has to be stimulated 24/7 so I will be making a post of camps in the next couple of days that are interesting and probably filling up fast. Or if anyone knows of a cool camp for a 9-yr-old please do email me or comment me today. I would like to tell you all that the radio station I work at is having a Mother's Day promotion that has a wonderful package someone could win. If you ladies would like to nominate your mother just go to and send in a letter about your Mother! It will be awesome I can tell you that. I have figured out who My Secret Sister is at church! Who knew. Hugs to you Sista's! Debi

Monday, April 13, 2009

Traditional is Not a Word that would really describe me!

Hey to the Sista's! Yes the weekend came and went. Of course I had every intention of blogging every night but wait.....I was in full blown Spring Break and Easter Mode. We will just leave that all alone. The Easter Bunny hopped right on over with goodies for my peeps. I can honestly say the only thing I stole was the Peanut Butter Egg cuz it's my favorite. It was not on my weight loss program....ssshhhhh. Hips don't lie girlz. OK...I am probably going to offend somebody somewhere, but isn't blogging suppose to be our relief of sorts so...we just say what's on our mind. So here goes my take on my church service. The Choir totally rocked and it made me miss singing....totally. Loved it, Loved it. The message was ok but someone gave a testimony about their marriage right in the middle of the service and it just kind of didn't fit in my opinion. I needed to hear about the stone rolling away and Jesus UP AND GONE and Mary and Mary going to the empty Tomb. Was that too much for me to want? Apparently so, because that never happened. I must admit I was a little taken back. Now.... for most of you Sista's that know me you would think that I'm a little more hip than that...but I have to tell you that I do have somewhat a traditional side apparently when it comes to church! I need a few of the old hymns mixed with the new stuff too, just to get me all warm and fuzzed up. I don't think I'm being overly critical just a little homesick for something personal. I ran this all by my friend and she couldn't stop laughing because she knows that I usually am not one to let something as personal as this out. Well, I just felt the need to share. Maybe it's just me going through something personal, ya think? Praise God Jesus Lives yesterday, today and forever! I am happy to tell you that I did not make my traditional ham this year but a prime rib for Easter and it wasn't half bad. I was just in the mood to try something totally new and thanks to Raul at Albertson's and Brenda from the Bead shop that's what I decided to do. Me and my friend Debbie both made the same thing because that's just what we do after to much conversation and beadmaking. I did have the prettiest jewelry on in the whole wide world. Thank you Jerry from the bead shop. SHe made me the prettiest bracelet. I will post it tomorrow for all you jewelry freaks like me. Girlz it was smokin! Hope you all have a blessed week in Jesus! Love to the Sista's! Debi

Monday, April 6, 2009

Steele Magnolia Sunday!

Hey Sista's! I had a Steele Magnolia Day this past Sunday! My friend and co-worker Olivia,from Spirit FM is getting married on May 30th and her shower was yesterday in Brooksville. Have you all been to Brooksville? It's in the middle of beautiful nowhere about one hour and twenty minutes from Tampa near Ocala. I stepped right into the movie upon entering Olivia's Aunt Larie's house. A beautiful 100 year old but renovated house with wood columns and a porch that stretched out clear across the whole front of house. The front door was wooden with a beautiful stained glass with roses on it. Absolutely adorable. Aunt Larie and Trish met me at the door and of course we went straight to the kitchen as any well trained southern woman would do. The kitchen was white with lots of beautful china and Flo Blue Pottery everywhere. Aunt Trish has been the local Florist for the past 30 years and Aunt Larie owns the local town diner that has homemade everything totally to die for and yes I can confirm this.These ladies were the most gracious and sweet people that I've met in an extremely long time. Then there was Aunt Jenny that made a 5 layered chocolate chip cookie for a trial run for the groom, Eric. We did save him one piece for approval. All that was missing from Steele Magnolia was the Parlor scene, you know the part where Dolly and Sally Field has Julia Roberts in there telling her what she needs to do with her hair. Truly...that's all that was missing. Olivia had other relatives there too that were hilarious. They were all laughing about all the shopping they did on their way down to Olivia's shower and here was the big question I asked them. Do you hide your bags when you get home? Do you take them in or leave them in the trunk for a few days until the coast is clear? There was total silence after I asked that....and then hysterical laughter after the truth had finally set in. You know kinda like when you go to the Gyno and you hide your panties...We fold them up and tuck them in our jeans our Gyno has never seen a pair on underwear. This was a hot topic on my last GNO with everyone. In fact I know one of my Sista's blogged about it, yes and she gave me credit for that! I laughed this morning because Olivia registered at a store but I noticed as she was opening up her gifts that I wasn't recognizing anything from her list. Apparently people get you what they want not what you need. I guess they think "you get what you get and you don't pitch a fit", I was perplexed by this one. Why wouldn't you want to get the happy couple something they want off of their list? I'm still bothered by this and it wasn't even my shower. UHMMM. I'll be nice and put the Shut to the Up. I almost forgot to mention that Aunt Larie collects alot of vintage dishes and other collectibles and one that I TOTALLY fell in love with was something called blue opal oppulent glass, it is French and totally gorgeous. Everyone needs a day like my Steele Magnolia Sunday. I actually could use a whole week of that. Hugs to the Sista's! Debi

Thursday, April 2, 2009

O What a Night!

Good MornTing Sista's Praise God it's almost Friday! What a great night with Christian Artist, Matt Brouwer! He was incredible and for those of you in the Tampa Bay Area he will be performing a free concert tonight, Thursday, April 2nd at Smiley's Coffee House at Indian Rocks Baptist Church!If can make it.....GO! He is awesome! I have to go sell some RADIO so sorry for the short post! Have a great day in the Lord! If you all can go buy MANDISA, the CD is totally worth it. It's really awesome. Hugs to the Sista's, Debi

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Girlz Are Going Down Fast!

Hey to the Sista's, Girly Girlz.....did you all check out Idol last night? Amazingly....the boys are doing pretty well, but the girls are going down fast. In fact, I believe Megan will be going home after tonight. She's a really cute girl, it's too bad. But the news of the night was Scott's gotta new "Do". Someone feathered the boys hair....I kid you not. It did look better but they could have gone much shorter. I cannot tell you what is up with that! My Idol pick winner, Adam...brought down the house last night. Can I get an AMEN? Sista's it was just awesome. The Lord delivered him vocals "FO REAL"! On another happy note... we have a great Christian Artist by the name of Matt Brouwer coming in from Texas tonight for a private concert for our station and listeners who won tickets! That should be fun! Have a blessed day in the Lord! Hugs to my Sista's! Debi