Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drama of the Day!

I really thought I was in trouble today with someone from my office but false alarm, I wasn't! You see I am in Sales and I have a tendency to sell people opinion included. It's the best deal cuz it's free yall! All you have to do is ask! Sometimes when I'm on my Soap don't even have to get it anyway! Well really just my girlz in the hood....Sista's ya know. You see...we have this office pool going on about American Idol (AI) and it's been going on for a couple of years. Yes we are fiercely competitive at Spirit. It's just hilarious! We make up weird names and everything...this year I forgot to do that. Anyhow....I tried to talk my coworker out of voting so drastic cuz if I don't win I want him too. To make a long story short, he didn't get to watch AI before he voted and being the sweet southern girl that I am...I felt compelled to tell him the SoulSista Truth! just so happened that he didn't change it to what I told him to and he is currently now in 1st place. You know I was "Scurred" to go in the front door. PTL he didn't listen to me. Yes I stole the word "Scurred" from Roz on the 1-800-Ask-Gary commercial. She say's, I am not a professional actor, but are you Scurred or confused?" It cracks me up everytime I see it...that and the new Burger King commercial. I guess I pay more attention to them since it's my know. I'm ashamed to say it, but tomorrow is Fashion Friday and I don't even know what I'm wearing tomorrow. What does a girl do? I do know that my baby peep, Little Bon, is estatic that she starts her horseback riding lesson tomorrow afternoon. She didn't even want to go to sleep. O by the way if anyone has any Shirley Temple Memorabilia for me to borrow for her next week...please do post for me. Little Bon is going to be Shirley Temple in the the school, Great American Expo. Drama of the Day... getting her Shirley Temple Costume made. Now let me be real clear..this all could have been avoided if someone in my family would have volunteered to make it, but Heck to the NO...that wasn't happening. I'm still a little riffed about that one. I should be use to it by now since my children never get anything made for them. Again...I will put the Shut To The Up! It really doesn't phase me anymore. I have to thank my friend Pam McCauley for giving me the name of a sweet lady from Bell Shoals Baptist Church to be so kind at the last minute to get a Sista out of a jam. Now....I must confess that the reason I am in this predicament is because two online stores have been telling me that her size would be in anyday....and just my luck....I can chance it anymore. So I am going around town looking for white and red polka dot material at every fabric shop in town. Sweetest Gesture of the from my friend Kim, the Owner of the best bead shop in town...Breezy's Beads on Oakfield in Brandon. Ms. Kim offered to make it for me on her only day off, but I just couldn't allow it. From the kindness of her heart she was going to start cutting it out in between customers during the day. Hugs to you Sista! You Rock anyway! Kumbuya Kim. That one is just for the Sista's in the "Circle" at the Bead Shop. Make your Friday...the best ever! Get your mani, pedi and have some lurnch with your Sista's! Hugs, Debi



You're too much!

Again I say lets do "lurnch"


sorry i am just making it around to your blog! i wanted to say thanks for your kind words on the post about my uncle.

did you get my email, btw?