Monday, April 6, 2009

Steele Magnolia Sunday!

Hey Sista's! I had a Steele Magnolia Day this past Sunday! My friend and co-worker Olivia,from Spirit FM is getting married on May 30th and her shower was yesterday in Brooksville. Have you all been to Brooksville? It's in the middle of beautiful nowhere about one hour and twenty minutes from Tampa near Ocala. I stepped right into the movie upon entering Olivia's Aunt Larie's house. A beautiful 100 year old but renovated house with wood columns and a porch that stretched out clear across the whole front of house. The front door was wooden with a beautiful stained glass with roses on it. Absolutely adorable. Aunt Larie and Trish met me at the door and of course we went straight to the kitchen as any well trained southern woman would do. The kitchen was white with lots of beautful china and Flo Blue Pottery everywhere. Aunt Trish has been the local Florist for the past 30 years and Aunt Larie owns the local town diner that has homemade everything totally to die for and yes I can confirm this.These ladies were the most gracious and sweet people that I've met in an extremely long time. Then there was Aunt Jenny that made a 5 layered chocolate chip cookie for a trial run for the groom, Eric. We did save him one piece for approval. All that was missing from Steele Magnolia was the Parlor scene, you know the part where Dolly and Sally Field has Julia Roberts in there telling her what she needs to do with her hair. Truly...that's all that was missing. Olivia had other relatives there too that were hilarious. They were all laughing about all the shopping they did on their way down to Olivia's shower and here was the big question I asked them. Do you hide your bags when you get home? Do you take them in or leave them in the trunk for a few days until the coast is clear? There was total silence after I asked that....and then hysterical laughter after the truth had finally set in. You know kinda like when you go to the Gyno and you hide your panties...We fold them up and tuck them in our jeans our Gyno has never seen a pair on underwear. This was a hot topic on my last GNO with everyone. In fact I know one of my Sista's blogged about it, yes and she gave me credit for that! I laughed this morning because Olivia registered at a store but I noticed as she was opening up her gifts that I wasn't recognizing anything from her list. Apparently people get you what they want not what you need. I guess they think "you get what you get and you don't pitch a fit", I was perplexed by this one. Why wouldn't you want to get the happy couple something they want off of their list? I'm still bothered by this and it wasn't even my shower. UHMMM. I'll be nice and put the Shut to the Up. I almost forgot to mention that Aunt Larie collects alot of vintage dishes and other collectibles and one that I TOTALLY fell in love with was something called blue opal oppulent glass, it is French and totally gorgeous. Everyone needs a day like my Steele Magnolia Sunday. I actually could use a whole week of that. Hugs to the Sista's! Debi



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Olivia soon to be Hoegstrom

Ok, If anyone is interested in going to Aunt Larie's cafe, it's at
And while you are there you can visit Aunt Trisha's Flowershop. They are in the same building!
Here is my wedding website as well!
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