Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just Six More Day's!

Only six days left here in Brandon Florida before I take off for the wild wild west in Colorado. Tomorrow is the kids last day of they are excited about that, but I think the reality is starting to set in. In fact...I know the reality has officially set in because I have been the chauffeur to anything and everything the past few

I don't think it has officially hit me yet because I am still trying to tie up loose ends with just the little things. I am chopping away at the list a little each more everyday. I just don't want to forget anything before I take off.

I am not so sure I will be able to see all the people I want to see before I go, so I don't quite know what to do about that, but I guess the Lord will have to work that one out for me as well. I will say this...there is a time and season for everything and I have to make myself understand that. I know my true friends will always remain with me whether I'm in Colorado or in Timbuktu.. it won't matter. They will always be there for me.

I know that the Lord has orchestrated this entire move from the very beginning so...there has to be an amazing reason why he is taking our family all the way to Colorado! I am excited about that journey, but I know I will be leaving behind many dear, sweet, and some real sassy friends! I will be updating my blog real soon with some neat things... but I may not be able to post for a week or so. I take possession of my new home on June 2nd late in the evening. So I will definitely keep you all posted!

I love you all!
Peace out Soul Sista's!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Soul Sista Sunday!

Sometimes it takes a good ole fashioned church service to get you out of your "poor pitiful me" way of thinking! Doesn't it? I'm not kidding! With so much going on in my's been hard for me to focus on anything not pertaining to the move in the next couple of weeks. This is what's consumed my mind...keeping me being the person who God has called me to be....

  • home repairs fixed for new home buyers (have you ever tried to find a good roofer?)
  • playing phone tag with moving coordinator's ( I have three)
  • Speaking with Vehicle Transporter's
  • Dealing with Insurance Companies....I've been rear-ended 3x in 3 month!
  • Making sure kids schools in Colorado have all required paperwork submitted
  • just wrapped up my last work this past Friday...letting go was VERY hard!
  • keeping my children on task for the last few weeks of school....this continues to be a struggle
  • coordinating my dog, Kelsey...on the plane with us...will be a total act of God! You wouldn't believe what all that's involved in getting a dog to travel on a plane. The temperature has to be be perfect.
  • Getting Austin in to see his Dr. for Asthma check before we head out to Colorado!
  • Getting both kids teeth cleaned before we go so I dont' have to worry about that when we get there!
And I wonder why I haven't had any time to see any of my friends for breakfast or lunch. Please know that I love you all anyway and if I don't get to see you before I's not because I don't love you! I will be sending out my new cards with information once I get to Colorado! I more thank likely won't even be posting the month of June....but I will post as much as I can until then!

I do know that today after church that I felt that I should not moan or ever complain about my day again after hearing about what all Kelly Green encounters every time he goes out of the country! Lord do forgive me.

Love you all my Soul Sista's!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

17 Days Left....But Whose Counting?

Well...I haven't been really counting down the days until things started just going downhill. You always hear people talk about things like this, but never thinks it's going to happen to you. Generally speaking, I tend to seem to see the glass half full....but this's just been down-right half empty.

Seventeen days from today and I will be boarding a plane for Denver Colorado. It snowed there yesterday. The "Soulmate" went by our house and snapped this picture!

Can you believe it? You would have at least thought he
could have taken a picture of the whole house....there is a
whole other side of the house. I do love my cute Christmas
tree in the front!

So yes...I am counting the days considering the week I have had...I'm just sayin! In fact, my kids are actually counting the days too! Too many last minute things to worry about. I actually found out that in order for my dog to fly with us on the plane, the temperature outside cannot be more than 85 degrees outside. let me see....June 2nd....Tampa, Florida....4:45 p.m. what are the chances of it being that or cooler? I would say second to none!

I am praying that my friend,Olivia, will have her baby before I leave on May I will be here when the baby is born! That is what is currently that is weighing very heavily on my mind. It's not due until the middle of June but I had a dream!

Tomorrow is my last day to work at Spirit FM and I am very sad about that! So....please say a little prayer for me!

Hugs to my Soul Sista's!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Boom.....There It Is!!!

I was just stunned! Straight ahead are a couple a cars at the light.....and boom....there it is! I'm hit from behind again! I kid you not! This will be the third time in four months that I have been in an accident where I have been hit and it has not been my fault. Two of the accidents, I have been rear ended....and the other one...was a hit and run.

And as luck would have it.. the "Soulmate" would be out of my "new" home town. I called him at 8:45 a.m. which is 6:45 a.m. mountain time. I told him that I had been rear-ended and he said, "Dont' be messin with me this early"! Then....the ugly cry set know....the really ugly cry....we've all had it! I said, "Do I sound like I messin with you this early?" He said..."O honey....I'm sorry...we are gonna have to get rid of that car....something's just not right!" get's better!

The lady that hit me was actually really nice, I actually felt sorry for her. I was still in shock of it all and wasn't even speaking about it...just crying. I didn't even have a real tissue. Just an old dunkin donut napkin to blow my nose on from my glove compartment as I looked for my vehicle registration. Pretty pitiful.

As the officer pulled up...he said..."which one of you ladies haven't been so nice?" And she raised her hand. He said..."Do explain?" She said..."I was pulling out of the Eye Doctor's driveway and didn't see her car". Did I hear him right....did he just say the eye dr? Can she not see...obviously not!!!The  officer glanced over at me....and I gave him my ..Sha Nay Nay really...could this get any worse! Is there a camera on me some where? Is Ashton Kutcher in the bushes? Am I getting punked?

Meanwhile...I'm glancing down at my watch...thinking that I am suppose to have my "exit interview" at work today. So I try to call the "General" at the office and finally reached him and give him the news of why I am not at work. He was so sweet and couldn't believe it either! What a week! And it's not even Wednesday!

I think ....what really got me the that the lady that hit me got out and took a picture of my car. I'm thinking....WHAT? Seriously...there is no damage to her car hasn't been out of the shop from the last accident for more that 92 hours and she's going to think that I am going to possibly cause more damage to my car in some way? She is seriously off her rocker! Part of me wanted to just back up a little and nudge her just to scare would serve her right....give me a stinkin break!

                                          I just have to PRAY FOR STUPID PEOPLE!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Things That Are Going To Be Hard To Say Goodbye To !

Getting ready to say goodbyes have been weighing very heavy on my heart. How does one say goodbye to great friends and "BFF's" that have been there for you in the good times and in the bad....some for many years and some for only a few. I have been very emotional....all over the place. Some one could say ..."Boo" and I could cry!

Of course it doesn't help that my children have had their own struggles as well with school work and other kids at school saying stuff...doing stuff...just being..ridiculous. Where are these parents at? That's all I'm asking?

There is a song that was written by a former contestant from American Idol, Chris Sligh called, "Here Comes Goodbye" that is sung by Country music artists, Rascall Flatts...that I love.. but it's about a girl about to break up with her boyfriend it's not exactly what I'm talking about but I love it. So I need to find an appropriate song for my friends before I take off.

Things That Are Going To Be Hard For Me To Say Goodbye To:

1. Friends...I won't name you....because I would hate to forget someone and make you mad at me before I leave. (I've already made some of you mad....and I don't even know why.) It's not like I've thrown a party...and left anyone off a list!

2. Church...I will miss my Bell Shoals Baptist Church Family and my former Sista Church ....FishHawk Fellowship Church. All my peeps in the FFC choir and at Bell Shoal Baptist Academy.

3. My Work...My Spirit FM 90.5 Family. I've been working there for about five years now and I will miss them all.(well maybe not one person).. as well as, my Business Underwriters, who I have had the priviledge to serve and get to know for quite some time now. They are ALL truly so incredibly awesome!!

4.  My In-Laws...They are the sweetest! Even though they live an hour and a half away and we don't see them as much as we use to now that the kids are getting older and their schedules are more hectic....we know they are just a phone call away if there was an extreme emergency.

5: Gator Season Tickets..I can't personally say this one...but I will say this on behalf of the Soulmate since he had to give them up and he has had them since he graduated since 1986. So he's not been really happy about that one.

And the rest are little things like our Cleaners. I have had the same Cleaners since 1990 in Tampa. It's called Al Capotes. They bill us montly and they have been our cleaners forever. We know the owners personally and it's just little things like that. Little family owned business that we patron that mean alot to me. I'm sure I will have more to add to this list before the end of the week...but for now...please pray for me. Satan has been on the attack since early last Tuesday....and he hasn't quite let up yet. 

I  need your prayers!