Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Boom.....There It Is!!!

I was just stunned! Straight ahead are a couple a cars at the light.....and boom....there it is! I'm hit from behind again! I kid you not! This will be the third time in four months that I have been in an accident where I have been hit and it has not been my fault. Two of the accidents, I have been rear ended....and the other one...was a hit and run.

And as always...as luck would have it.. the "Soulmate" would be out of town...in my "new" home town. I called him at 8:45 a.m. which is 6:45 a.m. mountain time. I told him that I had been rear-ended and he said, "Dont' be messin with me this early"! Then....the ugly cry set in....you know....the really ugly cry....we've all had it! I said, "Do I sound like I messin with you this early?" He said..."O honey....I'm sorry...we are gonna have to get rid of that car....something's just not right!"

So...it get's better!

The lady that hit me was actually really nice, I actually felt sorry for her. I was still in shock of it all and wasn't even speaking about it...just crying. I didn't even have a real tissue. Just an old dunkin donut napkin to blow my nose on from my glove compartment as I looked for my vehicle registration. Pretty pitiful.

As the officer pulled up...he said..."which one of you ladies haven't been so nice?" And she raised her hand. He said..."Do explain?" She said..."I was pulling out of the Eye Doctor's driveway and didn't see her car". Did I hear him right....did he just say the eye dr? Can she not see...obviously not!!!The  officer glanced over at me....and I gave him my ..Sha Nay Nay grin...like really...could this get any worse! Is there a camera on me some where? Is Ashton Kutcher in the bushes? Am I getting punked?

Meanwhile...I'm glancing down at my watch...thinking that I am suppose to have my "exit interview" at work today. So I try to call the "General" at the office and finally reached him and give him the news of why I am not at work. He was so sweet and couldn't believe it either! What a week! And it's not even Wednesday!

I think ....what really got me the most....is that the lady that hit me got out and took a picture of my car. I'm thinking....WHAT? Seriously...there is no damage to her car.....my car hasn't been out of the shop from the last accident for more that 92 hours and she's going to think that I am going to possibly cause more damage to my car in some way? She is seriously off her rocker! Part of me wanted to just back up a little and nudge her just to scare her....it would serve her right....give me a stinkin break!

                                          I just have to PRAY FOR STUPID PEOPLE!!!



I say leave that car in the driveway when you leave! Enough is enough already!


Oh ... oh my goodness. I don't even know what to say. Maybe 3rd times a charm and you won't get hit anymore? Or second Shawn and just leave it in the driveway when you go!