Sunday, May 16, 2010

Soul Sista Sunday!

Sometimes it takes a good ole fashioned church service to get you out of your "poor pitiful me" way of thinking! Doesn't it? I'm not kidding! With so much going on in my's been hard for me to focus on anything not pertaining to the move in the next couple of weeks. This is what's consumed my mind...keeping me being the person who God has called me to be....

  • home repairs fixed for new home buyers (have you ever tried to find a good roofer?)
  • playing phone tag with moving coordinator's ( I have three)
  • Speaking with Vehicle Transporter's
  • Dealing with Insurance Companies....I've been rear-ended 3x in 3 month!
  • Making sure kids schools in Colorado have all required paperwork submitted
  • just wrapped up my last work this past Friday...letting go was VERY hard!
  • keeping my children on task for the last few weeks of school....this continues to be a struggle
  • coordinating my dog, Kelsey...on the plane with us...will be a total act of God! You wouldn't believe what all that's involved in getting a dog to travel on a plane. The temperature has to be be perfect.
  • Getting Austin in to see his Dr. for Asthma check before we head out to Colorado!
  • Getting both kids teeth cleaned before we go so I dont' have to worry about that when we get there!
And I wonder why I haven't had any time to see any of my friends for breakfast or lunch. Please know that I love you all anyway and if I don't get to see you before I's not because I don't love you! I will be sending out my new cards with information once I get to Colorado! I more thank likely won't even be posting the month of June....but I will post as much as I can until then!

I do know that today after church that I felt that I should not moan or ever complain about my day again after hearing about what all Kelly Green encounters every time he goes out of the country! Lord do forgive me.

Love you all my Soul Sista's!