Saturday, May 8, 2010

Things That Are Going To Be Hard To Say Goodbye To !

Getting ready to say goodbyes have been weighing very heavy on my heart. How does one say goodbye to great friends and "BFF's" that have been there for you in the good times and in the bad....some for many years and some for only a few. I have been very emotional....all over the place. Some one could say ..."Boo" and I could cry!

Of course it doesn't help that my children have had their own struggles as well with school work and other kids at school saying stuff...doing stuff...just being..ridiculous. Where are these parents at? That's all I'm asking?

There is a song that was written by a former contestant from American Idol, Chris Sligh called, "Here Comes Goodbye" that is sung by Country music artists, Rascall Flatts...that I love.. but it's about a girl about to break up with her boyfriend it's not exactly what I'm talking about but I love it. So I need to find an appropriate song for my friends before I take off.

Things That Are Going To Be Hard For Me To Say Goodbye To:

1. Friends...I won't name you....because I would hate to forget someone and make you mad at me before I leave. (I've already made some of you mad....and I don't even know why.) It's not like I've thrown a party...and left anyone off a list!

2. Church...I will miss my Bell Shoals Baptist Church Family and my former Sista Church ....FishHawk Fellowship Church. All my peeps in the FFC choir and at Bell Shoal Baptist Academy.

3. My Work...My Spirit FM 90.5 Family. I've been working there for about five years now and I will miss them all.(well maybe not one person).. as well as, my Business Underwriters, who I have had the priviledge to serve and get to know for quite some time now. They are ALL truly so incredibly awesome!!

4.  My In-Laws...They are the sweetest! Even though they live an hour and a half away and we don't see them as much as we use to now that the kids are getting older and their schedules are more hectic....we know they are just a phone call away if there was an extreme emergency.

5: Gator Season Tickets..I can't personally say this one...but I will say this on behalf of the Soulmate since he had to give them up and he has had them since he graduated since 1986. So he's not been really happy about that one.

And the rest are little things like our Cleaners. I have had the same Cleaners since 1990 in Tampa. It's called Al Capotes. They bill us montly and they have been our cleaners forever. We know the owners personally and it's just little things like that. Little family owned business that we patron that mean alot to me. I'm sure I will have more to add to this list before the end of the week...but for now...please pray for me. Satan has been on the attack since early last Tuesday....and he hasn't quite let up yet. 

I  need your prayers!





We moved away form friends, family, our beloved church, etc. 2 years ago. It was very hard to do but now we see that God moved us here for a reason and it is all in his perfect plan for our lives. We adore where we are now.

So as hard as it is to say goodbye, know that you are moving on to something incredible!!

Best wishes!



That's what I keep hearing Becca! I'm praying that's what it is for me too! Thanks for all the encouragement! I need it right about now! Blessings!