Monday, March 30, 2009

Freedom Song

Love this song wanted to share it!

Who Needs Another Friend?

Hey to the Sista's! Mornting! As Madea would affectionately say, or should I say afternoon. Well, I just read my friends blog, Seriously...and she said it was "Friend Makin Monday". Now I am going to have to get a little re-directed my friends, cuz if you are a real friend of know my take on this! If I haven't said it hundred times, I have said it a thousand times.... I don't need anymore friends.....I can't take care of the ones I have! That was said totally before I begin blogging. I feel like I'm truly always leaving someone out. I don't like leaving friends out but it just happens that I see some of them more than others. It doesn't mean that I don't love them any's just....Life! To be perfectly honest....when I look back on saying that I didn't need anymore friends....I wasn't being prudent or superficial, I am just the kind of friend that sticks through and through. You know the one......the good times, the bad.....skinny times....rather than large times.......difficult times....those are easy! And to BE the bestest BFF....let's talk about's work. ( Can I get an amen....Sista!) Let's break that down momentarily for a second! You know you have a friend that can zap the zappy out of you quicker than most. You know she's the one you stop cooking crazy for....she drives you nuts... sometimes she even has you over just to help you pack for a trip....and her trip is even a week away...(hint..hint...nudge nudge!) She knows who she is! But I love her! Also, these type of friendships usually go way back the day...... you can actually get mad at them and just hang up in frustration. Cuz you know she's gonna call you back in 20 minutes laughing about something else. Then there's friends that if they don't see you at church....they think something's wrong and your mad at them or someone else at church. It's hilarious really! I guess I need to apologize to all my friends I have made this comment to because I've connected with someone new over the past year that has become a a great BFF! She's awesome and she really does like me. We laugh constantly! We can gripe about everybody that is on our last N E R V E ( In Christian Love of course) and know we're just venting and that it's harmless and out of an earshot of everyone. Those are the bestest of friends. If you don't have a friend like this.....just let me know. You HAVE TO HAVE ONE! I do love my friends....and I am up new friends. If you like my blog you can pass it on or leave me a comment (thank you Elizabeth Butler) at least I know I have one or two friends that read it! Have a blessed day in the Lord! He's my bestest BFF...I know he shakes his head at me daily along with the soulmate, Boo and Little Bon Qui. Make a BFF can do really can! Hugs to the Sista's! Debi

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let's Talk about Idol!

OK...Sista's ...I have to talk about idol cuz that's the only show I have time to watch and I want to seem somewhat connected to "the world". I had enough of Paula last night to last me a couple of weeks. Someone needs to split her and Simon up. The just feed off of each other! First, Paula pulls out the coloring books for Simon (very early in the show I might add!) and then the next thing you see is Paula with a mustache on painted on by Simon during a break obviously. PULEEEZ! Paula.. bless her heart...just how old is she? My guy, Adam, who I have selected to win the whole kit kaboodle, was awesome last night. I am so glad he changed it all up. Even took off the nail polish. That's really the only thing that bothers me really. I can handle even the eyeliner here in there because he is just a little dramatic and I dig that. He changed it up, shook it up and reminded me a little of Elvis with a twitch of a young Kurt Russell. Bottom three for me is, Megan, Michael and bless his heart poor little Scott. It really is time for him to go home I think. I disagreed with the judges last night and that really never happens. I thought Michael was good, but they blasted him pretty good. He has a good attitude and I think he will survive the night. I'm afraid it could be Megan to leave unfortunately, she was worse than bad, but I think she's a cute girl with some talent. Thank you Jesus, I am feeling much better today. Oprah had a show today about some overweight people and I just have to be honest, it made me get up and do my stairmaster while I was watching her show...I kid you not. It was really pitiful. If that can't make you put the "Shut to the Up" I don't know what would. I'm praying for sweet sweet Ruby. Let's all lift her up. One thing Sista's do is help each other out when we are in need. I have this such good friends. Recently when Mike was out of town both of my peeps were sick at the same time. I was going from one side of the house to the wore me out. I always always have a Sprite or Gingerale in my outside fridge, but not when the kids were sick. Thank goodness for my Sista friend, Stephanie, she came over with in the hour with soups and Sprites. That's what Sista's are for...right. My friend Dana would literally give you the shirt off her back. friend, Dana, went last summer on a mission trip to Ughanda, I bought her a little goodie to wear and she ended up giving it away to the lady whose baby accidentally pooped on her. I thought that was so sweet that the lady would even want it. That's Dana! If you have a story you want to share with all my Sista's you all can email me and I will let everyone know, meanwhile.....share you life and time with someone new every week and let the light of Christ shine through you. It's a amazing how one little compliment can make someone's day. Hugs to all my Sista's, Debi

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sista's Been Under the Weatha!

Hey to my Sista's! First of all ...I have to thank my Soul Sista, Shawn from It's Personal who donated some gorgeous personalized art for the Spring Jubilee at Little Bon's school. It rocked!! Thank you for giving me my very first blog award...although I di...ent deserve it! You make me smile. I will be throwin that bad bama jama "up in here" when I figure it out. O Yes I will! Girlz, I have to be honest and apologize for not blogging. I have been ever so slightly under the weatha! Truly! I haven't worked in two days and for all my Sista's that know me, I don't usually miss work. I love my job!It's nice to know I have Sista's who care. I'm bummed that idol is not on tonight. I know the President is coming on and I should want to hear what he has to say, but really....we know that we are all pretty much on "lock down" when it comes to designer shopping right now. So I won't tell the Prez to put the "SHut to the UP! Maybe we will feel like listening when I can go shopping, "freely" and have a girly shopping day without any GUILT. know the's located right next to the word, "Mother" in the WEBSTER goodbook. I can't wait for summer to get here and have somewhat of "spray tan" and put my strappy sandals on and just go out for the day. I feel a New York trip comin on. Any takers? While I was home today I was thinking just how blessed I am. You know when your not feeling the are thankful that you don't feel that way all the time. Praise to my Jesus! I had to make a list of all of the things I am thankful for. It was quite long. I must admit that we don't do that enough. On a more somber note. Some of you may not know that I lost one of my real life Sisters back on December 30th. Her name was Angela and she was only 39 years old. Our family still hasn't received the autopsy report back so it's been hard for my parent's to move on. We found out this week that one of the pain patches she was wearing has apparently been responsible for 8 deaths recently. There is currently a class action law suit for this med. Who knew. So to all my Sista's who know Jesus and believe that His Plan is Always Perfect, please pray for my Dad, Jerry and my Stepmom, Jeanne. They both have had very dark days lately. I love you all! Debi

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is Your Car Nasty?

OK Girly Girlz, I have to get something way off my chest, you know cuz it's buggin me! I have to admit I do have a new vehicle and the newness is no where in sight wearing off. You can drink water in my car, but that's it! No food, except for this past weekend on the way to Boo's Lacrosse game. In the past I have been guilty of Little Bon's shoe here or there, and it's been known to have stuff way in the back. (maybe a shopping bag or two!) but really.....there is nothing worse than getting into someone's nasty car. I got into a car/van than had spilled coffee on the carpet and in between the seats and someone had what looked liked to be toenails cut on the floor. No one's fingernails could have been THAT LARGE! I have to tell you this was indeed not a southerner who commited this ungodly offense. The details aren't clear and no one wants to "fess up" to this for this particular vehicle is shared by many. What would make someone do that? They couldn't have been driving and it's actually close to the drivers side. It makes you think, if they treat the car like this, can you just imagine their home or their bedroom. Ugh! Oprah says it really says alot about the way you live. I really believe she's right. Same goes for nasty fridgerators. It totally grosses me out. I can't even throw away leftovers....the "soulmate" has to do it. Seriously. I cannot handle it. He's been doing it so long we really don't even discuss after 20 years. Idol is on tonight......yeah! My true friends never call during this time. Hugs to the Sista's! Debi

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Soulmate Got a Taste of SoulSista's Morning!

I couldn't have planned it better if I had staged it myself! The Soulmate (my hubby) typically get's up at 4:30 a.m. and leaves for work at around 5:30, yes that would be a.m. But today was special. He would be going to the Gator Basketball Game downtown tonight, so he wouldn't be seeing his peeps tonight, so he decided to stay home and bless them with his presence this morning. Let's just get this straight, my little Bon is not the morning person, nor am I. In my younger days I was, but somehow down the road...things just changed and that is not the case at this point in my life.( Maybe children...hello!) But the Soulmate is happy smiling from the moment his feet hits the floor. First He precedes to get little Bon up by talking and being real sweet and she is not use to anyone but me in the morning. We are both grumpy and that's the ways "we" like it! She knows what to do and I know what she wants...everythings cool with us! The soulmate starts teasing her and she gets very angry.... I saw him getting her mini frosted shredded wheat down and I said, " Whatever you do .....don't pour the milk until she sits down or she won't eat it." He replies, " I know that, I wasn't going to do that". I start getting ready for work and hear crying from the kitchen. I go to check it out and of course, she's crying. I said "What's wrong?" The soulmate replies, " Her mini wheats are soggy", he said that happened in the matter of seconds. I still don't understand it. Meanwhile.....I'm getting the "Teenager"(Boo) out of bed for school. Boo is still asleep and he is telling me to put the Shut to the Up! Of course I didn't realize he was actually still asleep which happens from time to time. He sleep walks and talks....mainly when he's really tired. The phone was taken. Period! Can somebody please get me some medication. I am over it all by 7:15 a.m. I look at the soulmate and tell him, I am so glad you are present to witness the wonderful world of getting the peeps ready for school. I usually give him the update on the drive to work each morning. I had to laugh that he was looking at me like......."you have to deal with this everyday"! I told him that is why I need some medication.....for days that start like today! Little Bon can some up things so well! We're in the car driving to school, studying OUR spelling words of course when she says, "Mama....we don't like the mornings do we? We don't like being happy in the morning do we? I said, "No, baby". She said, " Mama....Daddy's always happy in the morning, I wonder why? I said ever so lovely, "Because he doesn't have to get you both ready for school everyday! I looked in the review mirror and she was grinning ear to ear! We are two pea's in a pod! Hugs to my sista's! Debi

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How Bout them Memphis Girls on Idol!

OK.....I officially get to brag on my HOMETOWN Girls, Lil Rounds and Alexis Grace who are both from Memphis! yeah baby! I have to be honest and tell you that my fav girl is actually Lil, sorry Alexis Grace, you have a wee bit of a yelling problem at the end of your songs. You know how the producers like this show to run....girl winner, boy winner....etc. Well, last year David Cook won, so theoritically it's time for a girl to win, but my heart tells me a guy will be winning. By the way I picked David Cook last year in our office pool to win the whole thing the very first week! Yee ha! Yes toss me a raw fish for that one. I just have to tell you all something funny! Do you ever find yourself listening to other people while your out shopping? I mean ...really! I can't help it, if their standing right around your area and your looking for something. I shall keep the store's name off of here to protect the innocent and sweet older ladies that work there, but I feel like I'm always being punked! I guess that I play so many practical jokes on people that I always feel like there is someone trying to get me back for all the crazy things that I've done....all in the name of fun. Here's how the scenerio went. Older man: "Honey, seriously, now what size are we looking for here"? (This man was very loud, and yes I checked he was wearing a little hearing aid!) The wife: " Well.....I guess about a 14". ( IN a hushed sort of way!) Older man: " Let's see here.... (loudly) I see a 14p and 14L which one do you want?" The wife: "Neither.....I'm just regular". Older man: "Honey...this could be a problem here". OK, I have to stop now because I was laughing so hard, I think I offended her. Who in the world is gonna take this up right here in front of God and everybody. It cracked me up to think first of all he didn't make any bones about yelling out his wifes size smack dab in the middle of the store. The sad thing is that the little lady probably was a 14 in another life but certainly not this one. This is a why you don't take your man shopping is because they want to get it and "Get Gone". This man was clearly on a mission to get her some jeans and head straight to Ace Hardware. I had to laugh because that's probably going to be me one day. I think that's why I just love older people so much, is because we'll be there right before you know it. Hugs to my Sista's! Debi

Monday, March 9, 2009

Shout out to all my Sista's!

Hey Girlfriends, My hommies at work would just fall out in the floor if they knew I created this all by myself. Let's see....I really can't say that. There are two people that made this possible, a true southern girl always gives credit where credit is due. First, a call out to my crazy friend Shawn Trotti, and next to my real live Sista, Jennifer Goodwin! Blessings to both of you for your patience and true's not always easy with me. Welcome to my blog GirlzASoulSista! Well....I have to be perfectly honest and tell you that the name of my first choice was already taken by someone who is doing absolutely nothing with it! Whoever you are...I'm praying for you! I'm sure at least one of you is dying to know what that name is! (Shawn you already know!) It was going to be....Keepin It Real! Yes...I already had that name way back in the day before Rev. Al Sharpton name his cable show that. Let's just move on quickly and let that be. I really never wanted to share my thoughts with everyone because personally I didn't think anyone would ever care what my thoughts are. You never really know what a true soul sista is thinkin! I have to admit that I am pretty good at reading people. My soulmate calls me Ms. Cleo. You remember her ...right. She was the 1-800 lady who was on tv real late at night wanting you to call her so she could get you to babble and then turn it around to make it seem like she knows you! I guess some would call it a "Gift", but let's be real, it's the Holy Spirit at work..hands down. Who else could peg it so right? I give credit where it's due...remember! That's truly why I wanted the name, "Keepin It Real"......hello! One thing for sure, for those of you who don't know me I believe in the truth and let's just be real clear here....some people can't handle the truth, hence thereforth I was leary of having my own blog. I know I should probably have a Christian music song to play but you have to admit that Lady Marmalade is the better choice ....come really does fit pretty good, huh! Just make sure all you Sista's get your groove on when the song comes on....just for me! Live in that 80's moment for just a couple of minutes! I do apologize if it didn't play yet, I'm still trying to figure this out. I look forward to chattin it up with all my Souls Sista's and for those of you about to be my new Soul Sista. Be Blessed! Peace Out! Debi

Hey to all my Sista's!!

I can't believe I finally did it!