Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How Bout them Memphis Girls on Idol!

OK.....I officially get to brag on my HOMETOWN Girls, Lil Rounds and Alexis Grace who are both from Memphis! yeah baby! I have to be honest and tell you that my fav girl is actually Lil, sorry Alexis Grace, you have a wee bit of a yelling problem at the end of your songs. You know how the producers like this show to run....girl winner, boy winner....etc. Well, last year David Cook won, so theoritically it's time for a girl to win, but my heart tells me a guy will be winning. By the way I picked David Cook last year in our office pool to win the whole thing the very first week! Yee ha! Yes toss me a raw fish for that one. I just have to tell you all something funny! Do you ever find yourself listening to other people while your out shopping? I mean ...really! I can't help it, if their standing right around your area and your looking for something. I shall keep the store's name off of here to protect the innocent and sweet older ladies that work there, but I feel like I'm always being punked! I guess that I play so many practical jokes on people that I always feel like there is someone trying to get me back for all the crazy things that I've done....all in the name of fun. Here's how the scenerio went. Older man: "Honey, seriously, now what size are we looking for here"? (This man was very loud, and yes I checked he was wearing a little hearing aid!) The wife: " Well.....I guess about a 14". ( IN a hushed sort of way!) Older man: " Let's see here.... (loudly) I see a 14p and 14L which one do you want?" The wife: "Neither.....I'm just regular". Older man: "Honey...this could be a problem here". OK, I have to stop now because I was laughing so hard, I think I offended her. Who in the world is gonna take this up right here in front of God and everybody. It cracked me up to think first of all he didn't make any bones about yelling out his wifes size smack dab in the middle of the store. The sad thing is that the little lady probably was a 14 in another life but certainly not this one. This is a why you don't take your man shopping is because they want to get it and "Get Gone". This man was clearly on a mission to get her some jeans and head straight to Ace Hardware. I had to laugh because that's probably going to be me one day. I think that's why I just love older people so much, is because we'll be there right before you know it. Hugs to my Sista's! Debi



I can.not believe you started a blog -- this is fantastic!!

Check mine --- I gave you a SHOUT OUT!!



A 14 but not in this world!!!

Girl you are not right!