Monday, March 30, 2009

Who Needs Another Friend?

Hey to the Sista's! Mornting! As Madea would affectionately say, or should I say afternoon. Well, I just read my friends blog, Seriously...and she said it was "Friend Makin Monday". Now I am going to have to get a little re-directed my friends, cuz if you are a real friend of know my take on this! If I haven't said it hundred times, I have said it a thousand times.... I don't need anymore friends.....I can't take care of the ones I have! That was said totally before I begin blogging. I feel like I'm truly always leaving someone out. I don't like leaving friends out but it just happens that I see some of them more than others. It doesn't mean that I don't love them any's just....Life! To be perfectly honest....when I look back on saying that I didn't need anymore friends....I wasn't being prudent or superficial, I am just the kind of friend that sticks through and through. You know the one......the good times, the bad.....skinny times....rather than large times.......difficult times....those are easy! And to BE the bestest BFF....let's talk about's work. ( Can I get an amen....Sista!) Let's break that down momentarily for a second! You know you have a friend that can zap the zappy out of you quicker than most. You know she's the one you stop cooking crazy for....she drives you nuts... sometimes she even has you over just to help you pack for a trip....and her trip is even a week away...(hint..hint...nudge nudge!) She knows who she is! But I love her! Also, these type of friendships usually go way back the day...... you can actually get mad at them and just hang up in frustration. Cuz you know she's gonna call you back in 20 minutes laughing about something else. Then there's friends that if they don't see you at church....they think something's wrong and your mad at them or someone else at church. It's hilarious really! I guess I need to apologize to all my friends I have made this comment to because I've connected with someone new over the past year that has become a a great BFF! She's awesome and she really does like me. We laugh constantly! We can gripe about everybody that is on our last N E R V E ( In Christian Love of course) and know we're just venting and that it's harmless and out of an earshot of everyone. Those are the bestest of friends. If you don't have a friend like this.....just let me know. You HAVE TO HAVE ONE! I do love my friends....and I am up new friends. If you like my blog you can pass it on or leave me a comment (thank you Elizabeth Butler) at least I know I have one or two friends that read it! Have a blessed day in the Lord! He's my bestest BFF...I know he shakes his head at me daily along with the soulmate, Boo and Little Bon Qui. Make a BFF can do really can! Hugs to the Sista's! Debi