Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sista's Been Under the Weatha!

Hey to my Sista's! First of all ...I have to thank my Soul Sista, Shawn from It's Personal who donated some gorgeous personalized art for the Spring Jubilee at Little Bon's school. It rocked!! Thank you for giving me my very first blog award...although I di...ent deserve it! You make me smile. I will be throwin that bad bama jama "up in here" when I figure it out. O Yes I will! Girlz, I have to be honest and apologize for not blogging. I have been ever so slightly under the weatha! Truly! I haven't worked in two days and for all my Sista's that know me, I don't usually miss work. I love my job!It's nice to know I have Sista's who care. I'm bummed that idol is not on tonight. I know the President is coming on and I should want to hear what he has to say, but really....we know that we are all pretty much on "lock down" when it comes to designer shopping right now. So I won't tell the Prez to put the "SHut to the UP! Maybe we will feel like listening when I can go shopping, "freely" and have a girly shopping day without any GUILT. Yeah....you know the word.....it's located right next to the word, "Mother" in the WEBSTER goodbook. I can't wait for summer to get here and have somewhat of "spray tan" and put my strappy sandals on and just go out for the day. I feel a New York trip comin on. Any takers? While I was home today I was thinking just how blessed I am. You know when your not feeling the best....you are thankful that you don't feel that way all the time. Praise to my Jesus! I had to make a list of all of the things I am thankful for. It was quite long. I must admit that we don't do that enough. On a more somber note. Some of you may not know that I lost one of my real life Sisters back on December 30th. Her name was Angela and she was only 39 years old. Our family still hasn't received the autopsy report back so it's been hard for my parent's to move on. We found out this week that one of the pain patches she was wearing has apparently been responsible for 8 deaths recently. There is currently a class action law suit for this med. Who knew. So to all my Sista's who know Jesus and believe that His Plan is Always Perfect, please pray for my Dad, Jerry and my Stepmom, Jeanne. They both have had very dark days lately. I love you all! Debi



Thanks for the shout out girl, you're too much.

Feel better OK, I hate hearing you the way you were this afternoon!