Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Soulmate Got a Taste of SoulSista's Morning!

I couldn't have planned it better if I had staged it myself! The Soulmate (my hubby) typically get's up at 4:30 a.m. and leaves for work at around 5:30, yes that would be a.m. But today was special. He would be going to the Gator Basketball Game downtown tonight, so he wouldn't be seeing his peeps tonight, so he decided to stay home and bless them with his presence this morning. Let's just get this straight, my little Bon is not the morning person, nor am I. In my younger days I was, but somehow down the road...things just changed and that is not the case at this point in my life.( Maybe children...hello!) But the Soulmate is happy smiling from the moment his feet hits the floor. First He precedes to get little Bon up by talking and being real sweet and she is not use to anyone but me in the morning. We are both grumpy and that's the ways "we" like it! She knows what to do and I know what she wants...everythings cool with us! The soulmate starts teasing her and she gets very angry.... I saw him getting her mini frosted shredded wheat down and I said, " Whatever you do .....don't pour the milk until she sits down or she won't eat it." He replies, " I know that, I wasn't going to do that". I start getting ready for work and hear crying from the kitchen. I go to check it out and of course, she's crying. I said "What's wrong?" The soulmate replies, " Her mini wheats are soggy", he said that happened in the matter of seconds. I still don't understand it. Meanwhile.....I'm getting the "Teenager"(Boo) out of bed for school. Boo is still asleep and he is telling me to put the Shut to the Up! Of course I didn't realize he was actually still asleep which happens from time to time. He sleep walks and talks....mainly when he's really tired. The phone was taken. Period! Can somebody please get me some medication. I am over it all by 7:15 a.m. I look at the soulmate and tell him, I am so glad you are present to witness the wonderful world of getting the peeps ready for school. I usually give him the update on the drive to work each morning. I had to laugh that he was looking at me like......."you have to deal with this everyday"! I told him that is why I need some medication.....for days that start like today! Little Bon can some up things so well! We're in the car driving to school, studying OUR spelling words of course when she says, "Mama....we don't like the mornings do we? We don't like being happy in the morning do we? I said, "No, baby". She said, " Mama....Daddy's always happy in the morning, I wonder why? I said ever so lovely, "Because he doesn't have to get you both ready for school everyday! I looked in the review mirror and she was grinning ear to ear! We are two pea's in a pod! Hugs to my sista's! Debi



Did you take that boys phone away because he told you to Shut To The Up?

Girl he IS YOUR son, now go give him his phone back he ws sleeping for goodness sakes!


This is HIGH-larios ... I can totally see this going down too!!

BTW - Cam walked in and started busting a move to "Shackles" -- funny!!