Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It Was Just Ah'ight Dawg!

Have I told you about Wednesday Nights? Well Sista's.....on Idol night...let's just say T.V. is my friend! Tonight was Elton John!!! When I first heard this ...I'm thinkin..."this is gonna be very interesting". And well my opinion was "just  ah'ight dawg". I really thought it was going to be better than it was.

My favorite of the night was Lauren! She sand," Candle in the Wind"....which is a song about Princess Diana, who I just loved. Miss Lauren did a great job! Sista can hit just any note. Love Love Her!!! Some of my FB peeps said that she could be my daughter....and I will so take that as a compliment!

I know the judges think they did us some big favor last week about saving Casey, but I just don't see it after tonights performance. I crazy or did they thing trimming his hair and beard qualifies him for a makeover. I think NOT. They should have shaved his WHOLE face. What up with that?

And for those of you who love Pia, let me just start out by saying...I really do think the girl can sang...but she is SOOOOOO BORING me! She comes out every week and just stands there. Is that what people do? I think NOT. She needs some dance lessons...but then again...WHO can dance in seven inch Jimmy Choo's! I'm glad she's pretty!!

James rocked it as usual...but po thang is gonna get an earful for saying, "Pepsi" when COKE is Idol's Sponsor. I think he realized it about six seconds after the comment. Poor Ryan was scrambling to mention COKE their Sponsor. Ah...ya gotta love it. Of course that is an advertisers nightmare...and I don't think he'll make that mistake again.

Oh well...when I grow up, I want to be on Idol. Ya'll know ya'll would vote for me. Hugs to all my Sista's!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Idol Chat!

Is it me or does this year seem WAY different? I mean previous years they wouldn't even allow ....Lord Have Mercy....the choir comes out tonight with Jacob...totally drowning him out...which was a good thang...cuz Brotha was a wee bit off key tonight. (Although..I love him dearly!)  And lets be that fair to the other singers whose songs would not benefit from more than two backup singers?  uhmmmmm......that would be a NO.

I will have to say my favorite thing about Idol this year is Steven Tyler. He inspires and says things that have never been said before. He's refreshing and let's face it....clearly enjoying himself watching the ladies sing. ( When then camera pans over to him while their singing...he cracks me up!)

And if Ashton thinks she's Diana Ross.....she is sadly mistaken. I don't know what Randy was thinkin when he made that comment to her last week. Tonight she sang an unknown song and freakin Barry Gordy from MOTOWN was there to see her sing. Well.....thank God the trip wasn't a total waste for him. I am sure once he got a load of PIA singing, "All By Myself"...he was glad he came to Hollywood. She is definitely the Dark Horse to watch out for.

It is time for a girl to win. The last three AI winners have been male. I have to be honest I have chosen the past winner for the past year except for last year. Yes...I had Adam picked from the top 24. (I am still mad about that!) Of course....his sales have way outnumbered...Chris whatever his name was....from last year. Adam stood way out above the rest!

I am lovin me some James!!!!His story is amazing and I just love the fact that someone with a disability has beat the odds and has made it so far! Like he said tonight....he feels like he's already WON. 
I hope he's in the finals for sure.

My life has been revolved around Big Boo's Lacrosse tryouts so...I have been WAY to BUSY to even consider blogging. Hugs to all you Sista's.