Tuesday, November 23, 2010

GloZell Is Killing Me!!!

I have a confession to make....I have spent a WHOLE LOT OF TIME on YouTube today! You see my son sent me an email with a link late last night. It was YouTube video of this chic called GloZell ...and she has had me hysterically laughing most of the day. Yes...a grown woman....Likes ...myself...laughing outloud...my stomach is still sore from laughing! Take a look for yourself and please know that I am not responsible for what comes out of her mouth....and some things she says.....I would not condone for children to be present.....but this chick is just crazy funny! (insert Full Disclaimer!)

I have to tell you that she will have her own show one day...or end up on Saturday night live...I am sure! So enjoy Sista's. O and GloZell ...if you happen to stumble upon this....I will take you to lunch if you are ever in Denver....I'm just sayin!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2UE-zPbUGY

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Potter Loves A Screaming Mama!

It wasn't my idea....it was my daughter....Lil Bon! "I really want to go see Harry Potter tonight"! (Insert big sigh here!) This type of movie is usually reserved for "Daddy...Daughter Datenight". Usually because it's something he wants to see as well. However...the Soulmate was with Big Boo at a Lacrosse game. Hence thereforth...this journey began.

First of all....I have only purchased Harry Potter books and I am probably the only person on earth who hasn't seen a Harry Potter movie and never seen ANY Star Wars episode as well. Yes...I am the minority. I cannot stand Sci-Fi or this fantasy mess...yes that includes that Twilight crap too. Call me crabby...crazy....I don't care....I don't enjoy scary mess...or vampires....or anything else that's creepy.

Did I say I've never seen the Harry Potter movies...that would be H to the Y. And yes...I knew completely nothing about what was happening...other than a man named Dumbledorf had died in the movie prior to this one. ( I did get that one...pretty early on!)

So I was ok...until Harry follows some creepy old woman to her house and then comes this God awful big snake....Did I mention I hate creppyness....OH YES I DID! Well....I let out a SCREAM when this snake popped out on the screen...and as my friend Shawn would say....."I may or may not have wet my pants". Lil Bon said....I am not allowed to take her to Part two. So....let's get this straight....I thought this was the very last one...or that's at least what I was told prior to making this commitment. So now Part two doesn't come out until July 2011. Uhmmmm....the thangs....we do for our babies.

So I would like to officially apologize to anyone who I offended or scared at the theatre tonight. I know some one got a laugh out of this Mama screamin in Harry Potter. Unbelievable...fo real!