Tuesday, November 23, 2010

GloZell Is Killing Me!!!

I have a confession to make....I have spent a WHOLE LOT OF TIME on YouTube today! You see my son sent me an email with a link late last night. It was YouTube video of this chic called GloZell ...and she has had me hysterically laughing most of the day. Yes...a grown woman....Likes ...myself...laughing outloud...my stomach is still sore from laughing! Take a look for yourself and please know that I am not responsible for what comes out of her mouth....and some things she says.....I would not condone for children to be present.....but this chick is just crazy funny! (insert Full Disclaimer!)

I have to tell you that she will have her own show one day...or end up on Saturday night live...I am sure! So enjoy Sista's. O and GloZell ...if you happen to stumble upon this....I will take you to lunch if you are ever in Denver....I'm just sayin!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2UE-zPbUGY



We love her! Did you see the one where she couldn't get the wax off! I about peed...or is that your breath or did you just fart?

I'm dying!


Hey! Shawn told me you're new to Denver and I live in Denver!

Thanks for this....now I'm going to be watching this all day and I won't get my Christmas Cards out on December 1st.

Welcome to Denver!