Monday, June 29, 2009

Satellite Sista's!

Hey to you Sista's!! Happy Monday to all!I must admit I watched another award show last night! It wasn't a Gospel Music one...but very entertaining. My kids think I'm nuts because I tend to watch any and every award show that's on. Hey.....what can I say, I love Music, especially Christian and Country and R & B...and yes some Rap! The Christian Rap is can receive the great beat....but positive and uplifitng lyrics! I always love it when winners on the award shows...thank their Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ first!!! Yay! With all the sad deaths over the past week, I couldn't watch one more news program about anything depressing!I choose to let all that go today! Besides life is short and today is a new day in the Lord! If you woke up this morning and saw your kids and soulmate......thank Him right now...we never know when our last moment will be! Every now and then we get so busy we let the little things in life pass us by! Today take a moment to call a friend or family member and catch up! I received a sweet call from my BFF from Atlanta, Lynda, this morning! It made my day! And to all my Satellite Sista's....make a call to your Friend....or Sista and tell them you love them and catch up!!! Peace to you my Sista's! Debi

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama Princess!

Hey to you Sista's! Wow...what a weekend! My four nights back in my hometown..Memphis, just flew by! Today is officially my sister, Lisa...aka..."Mama Princess" Birthday! She's 39 again!I will tell you that she doesn't look a day over 29! That's only because she has oily skin! Not because she does some type of regimen! I LOVE YOU MAMA PRINCESS! I had a great time in Memphis....My nephew, Tybo graduated and I got to see my Daddy who is not doing so well. I had the best time shopping with my niece "K" and seeing my sister, Jenny and her four beautiful boys! They were in a program at church that was really incredible. It was a patriotic musical pertaining to the city of Memphis. Old footage of Elvis never seen before and amazing stories about him. They recognized the men and women of the military and had historical presidential characters do things as well!It really was awesome.I also got to see my Mom and Bill and Trisha too! Little Bon returned home from Camp on Friday! Of course I haven't seen her in six days and when I got home she was down the street with the girls in the hood. I called her to tell her to come home so I could see her. She came home two hours later! She must have missed me terribly!!!! I found out that the camp food was terrible...therefore she hasn't stopped eating since she got home according to the soulmate. The soulmate took Little Bon on a rainy day shopping's amazing how she can talk him in to just about anything. Abercrombie and Hollister were involved so just imagine for yourself what I came home to! I have tons of cute pictures that I will be posting! Stay tuned Sista's! hugs to ya! Debi

Monday, June 22, 2009

Little Bon Off To Camp......Whaa!

OK Sista's! How does one take that their daughter really wants to be somewhere without her parents? UHMM....could it be that she is just so independent......nah....could it be that she just totally wants no rules from Mom & Dad? That would be the BIG OLE ...YEAH!There were no tears, I will miss you Mom or nothing! She was excited to show us that she had secured the three back seats in the "BACK OF THE BUS" on her trip to Camp. Oh yes she did! She wants to make sure that her and her "GIRLZ" get a good seat....away from the Camp Counselor of course. Luckily for me I know the Counselor! Lucky for her...that she really doesn't know my Little Bon! I did however share one piece of important information that she will want to know as my childs camp counselor....Little Bon is not by any means a morning person. She only gets up great for three things: 1. Disney World...there is always no problems at all. She jumps out of bed. 2. Busch Gardens....she will get up with a smile on her face. and last but not least... 3. A field doesn't matter where... she's happy! With this said, the counselor said, I will just make sure to wake her up first!I was truly sick to my stomach this morning. I don't know why. Maybe I was nervous about her being away from me for the first time in a very long time and in someone else's care. I'm so blessed her Counselor, Ms. Melissa is a friend! The "Big Boo" is home from the weekend in Tallahassee with the Soulmate! He had Lacrosse championships there on Father's Day weekend. Which was totally terrible since it was Father's Day. My laundry room was quite smelly last night. So bad that I stayed up to wash them! We'll see if Little Bon comes home with her clothes. When Boo when the first year even though I put his name in his clothes. His new camp clothes just disappeared. I did not make that same mistake ever again! Peace out to my girlz! Debi

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Praise Jesus My Nephew Tyler is Graduating!

Hey to you Sista's! Have you ever just wanted to jump and kiss somebody...the nearest person in sight when you hear good news! I almost did that when I got the call from my sister, "Mama Princess"!If you ever thought for a minute I am funny...she's even funnier, so check her blog out. You can look at my fav blogs below and check her out! Seriously, I thought I was going to pass out when she called me! It's been a very long road for my little Ty! He's so stinkin funny he should have his own comedy show. Mama Princess had some pretty babies and they are all officially out of school. Now she came help me with mine! It's has been a very busy week for our family! We just got back from our yearly family trip to Marco Island where we go to the Florida Cattlemen's Convention! It's where over a thousand Cowboy Ranchers come together and meet and have meetings and figure out everything for their farms, ranches, etc. It's also a great time at the beach for all of the family as we get together for this once a year. Please say a prayer for my baby Bon as she prepares to go to Camp this week! She is so excited to be out from under her Mama's wings, it ain't even funny. I will be the one definitely having a problem next week. It's hard to let them spread their little wings and fly. Even though I am excited for her to experience the things, Boo did! He never blinked an eye when he went.. I thought I would have to go get him, but that never happened either! Little Bon has already informed me that she's taking her boots to ride the horses! Just pray that she comes home with all her clothes. Happy Satday!

Friday, June 12, 2009

When Does School Start Back?

Hey to all my Sista's! Yes you read it right? When does school start back. Am I the only working for my daughter to in camps all summer. Seriously! Last week Little Bon's camp was $175.00, this week was $160 and get this.....she complains when I pick her up of one thing or another! She didn't get the ride the horse she wanted or she didn't get to hold the baby bunny.....or she will say, "Come on Mom...there selling the little bunnies for only ten dollars?" Is this their way of tormenting me? Where the heck am I gonna keep a bunny? This is FLorida and they wouldn't do well by the swimming pool on the patio and ain't no stinkin bunny gonna be im my house! H to the No! Call me Bad Mommy, but that ain't happening! O NO IT"S NOT! It seems I just can't make anybody I might as well go shopping and make myself happy ....right? Can I get an AMEN! If Boo didn't have Lacrosse games all day tomorrow and Sunday... you could find me at the mall! This was one of the busiest weeks for me this summer. I need to let you all know that my older real life sister, Lisa, has a new blog. Please go and take a look. You will find her to be just as sassy as me! It's I am looking forward to Marco Island with the family next week. I need it! Have a great weekend Sista's and have a sweet ice tea for will ya? Blessings, Debi

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Toast To The Newlyweds!

Hey Sista's! One of my Sista Co-workers got married last weekend! I've been very busy with work and keeping my children happy so the pics are just now getting up! Sorry Olivia and Eric! In fact they are in Hawaii on their Honeymoon! I can't wait to see their pics! This was by far the prettiest and most sacred wedding I have ever witnessed! It was at a beautiful Catholic Church in St. Pete. Catholic Churches are so pretty that you really don't need that many flowers! She had some anyway...that made it even more breathtaking! Little Bon was with me and she said, "Mama is this a Catholic wedding?" I said,"Yes baby it is". She said, " this is so pretty but is all Catholic weddings this long". I said , "Sweets, when you buy a dress as pretty as Olivia' need to keep it on as long as you can!" The blushing bride,Olivia,is my "Little Bon's" godmother! Olivia's colors were tiffany blue and hot pink!It made a absolutely stunning reception! O yes it did! But the amazing thing is it was a WHOLE family affair! Aunt Trish did the flowers, Owner of Westover's Florist in Brooksville, she is awesome! Olivia Aunt LaRie and her Mom and friends helped decorate the reception! It was alot of fun. Little Bon actually helped with some tables too! The food was crazy good! A little of this and a whole lot of that! I was good and saved plenty room for the cakes that were homemade by another sweet Aunt. Her name escapes me...Aunt Jennie...I think! But she made the grooms cookie cake and Olivia's Wedding Cake that was the best wedding cake I have ever tasted! Enjoy the pictures! We had a blast! I hope to be planning a shower some time in the next year. Eric and Olivia were totally made for each other. They both have a passion for music and the Lord! They are both very strong in their faith! Eric won Olivia's heart on the first date when he took her to Mass! Hugs to the Newlyweds...Dr.Eric Hoegstrom and Mrs. Olivia Hoegstrom! Debi

Monday, June 8, 2009

A New Friendly Game of Tag!

OK... one of my crazy blogger mama, Shawn from Seriously has tagged me to tell six things about myself that no one would know. This could get really ugly....just teasin. Here we go.... #1. I love prank phone calls! I know it's stupid and totally immature and I am WAY TO OLD to be doing it but I really can't help it. (Does anyone remember the JERKY BOYS! I use to have their tape....yes their was that long ago. #2. I always stare at people's teeth when I first meet someone. I really don't know what but maybe it's because it's the first thing you see when someone smiles. There really is no answer for that one. #3. I dont like it when I call a friend and they say, " I haven't talked to you or seen you in awhile, Where have you been and why don't you call me anymore?" Hello.... I have a job and then kids...which require all my time..especially now since school is out and they need entertainment. It's like hello....that way works both ways have a phone! #4. I roll my eyes at "Star Trek" and anything like SCI- FI! I can't stand it! It's totally boring. I have never seen the above show or Even Star Wars. The only thing I know about what I've heard around the water cooler!And that's the he's hairy and kind of ugly. #5. I don't like it when people try to make a wisecrack comment to you and then say...I was just teasin you! YOU KNOW they really do mean it. It's a cowards way of telling you what they really feel! #6. I totally love my job and my boss. He's the best! And NO he doesn't read my blog, so I am not kissin up! Thank goodness he knows nothing about it. We laugh and joke and cut up something terrible...cuz I'm right outside his office. He always has a funny hunting story or funny incident! There you have it! Now, I am tagging the following: My Sister, Jen at "A Day in the Life of a Busy Wife and Mom". My Sister, Lisa at " Pam at McAuley Chronicles....she hasn't posted since December...she's due. and that it for now. Have a blessed week Sista's! Debi

Monday, June 1, 2009

Vintage Jewelry from Debbie Sallee....The Birthday Girl!

Hey to the Sista's, I would like to share with you what my BFF Debbie Sallee from Breezy's Beads made a a couple of weeks ago. I give credit where it's due you know that. She came up with this sassy new summer vintage bracelet! SO...if you must have one they are really inexpensive and easy to stop in Breezy's and tell I said to help you make one! Or she can make one for you! This Week is her Birthday Week as well, So HAPPY BIRTHDAY BFF! Her REAL Birthday is on Saturday , June 6th. At my house we celebrate all week long! It's a lot of fun. She's a trip! She's sassy and loves to shop and is always there to listen to her friends whimper or complain! I love you girl! Have a blessed week! Love from your Sista, Debi