Monday, June 22, 2009

Little Bon Off To Camp......Whaa!

OK Sista's! How does one take that their daughter really wants to be somewhere without her parents? UHMM....could it be that she is just so independent......nah....could it be that she just totally wants no rules from Mom & Dad? That would be the BIG OLE ...YEAH!There were no tears, I will miss you Mom or nothing! She was excited to show us that she had secured the three back seats in the "BACK OF THE BUS" on her trip to Camp. Oh yes she did! She wants to make sure that her and her "GIRLZ" get a good seat....away from the Camp Counselor of course. Luckily for me I know the Counselor! Lucky for her...that she really doesn't know my Little Bon! I did however share one piece of important information that she will want to know as my childs camp counselor....Little Bon is not by any means a morning person. She only gets up great for three things: 1. Disney World...there is always no problems at all. She jumps out of bed. 2. Busch Gardens....she will get up with a smile on her face. and last but not least... 3. A field doesn't matter where... she's happy! With this said, the counselor said, I will just make sure to wake her up first!I was truly sick to my stomach this morning. I don't know why. Maybe I was nervous about her being away from me for the first time in a very long time and in someone else's care. I'm so blessed her Counselor, Ms. Melissa is a friend! The "Big Boo" is home from the weekend in Tallahassee with the Soulmate! He had Lacrosse championships there on Father's Day weekend. Which was totally terrible since it was Father's Day. My laundry room was quite smelly last night. So bad that I stayed up to wash them! We'll see if Little Bon comes home with her clothes. When Boo when the first year even though I put his name in his clothes. His new camp clothes just disappeared. I did not make that same mistake ever again! Peace out to my girlz! Debi