Monday, June 8, 2009

A New Friendly Game of Tag!

OK... one of my crazy blogger mama, Shawn from Seriously has tagged me to tell six things about myself that no one would know. This could get really ugly....just teasin. Here we go.... #1. I love prank phone calls! I know it's stupid and totally immature and I am WAY TO OLD to be doing it but I really can't help it. (Does anyone remember the JERKY BOYS! I use to have their tape....yes their was that long ago. #2. I always stare at people's teeth when I first meet someone. I really don't know what but maybe it's because it's the first thing you see when someone smiles. There really is no answer for that one. #3. I dont like it when I call a friend and they say, " I haven't talked to you or seen you in awhile, Where have you been and why don't you call me anymore?" Hello.... I have a job and then kids...which require all my time..especially now since school is out and they need entertainment. It's like hello....that way works both ways have a phone! #4. I roll my eyes at "Star Trek" and anything like SCI- FI! I can't stand it! It's totally boring. I have never seen the above show or Even Star Wars. The only thing I know about what I've heard around the water cooler!And that's the he's hairy and kind of ugly. #5. I don't like it when people try to make a wisecrack comment to you and then say...I was just teasin you! YOU KNOW they really do mean it. It's a cowards way of telling you what they really feel! #6. I totally love my job and my boss. He's the best! And NO he doesn't read my blog, so I am not kissin up! Thank goodness he knows nothing about it. We laugh and joke and cut up something terrible...cuz I'm right outside his office. He always has a funny hunting story or funny incident! There you have it! Now, I am tagging the following: My Sister, Jen at "A Day in the Life of a Busy Wife and Mom". My Sister, Lisa at " Pam at McAuley Chronicles....she hasn't posted since December...she's due. and that it for now. Have a blessed week Sista's! Debi