Friday, June 12, 2009

When Does School Start Back?

Hey to all my Sista's! Yes you read it right? When does school start back. Am I the only working for my daughter to in camps all summer. Seriously! Last week Little Bon's camp was $175.00, this week was $160 and get this.....she complains when I pick her up of one thing or another! She didn't get the ride the horse she wanted or she didn't get to hold the baby bunny.....or she will say, "Come on Mom...there selling the little bunnies for only ten dollars?" Is this their way of tormenting me? Where the heck am I gonna keep a bunny? This is FLorida and they wouldn't do well by the swimming pool on the patio and ain't no stinkin bunny gonna be im my house! H to the No! Call me Bad Mommy, but that ain't happening! O NO IT"S NOT! It seems I just can't make anybody I might as well go shopping and make myself happy ....right? Can I get an AMEN! If Boo didn't have Lacrosse games all day tomorrow and Sunday... you could find me at the mall! This was one of the busiest weeks for me this summer. I need to let you all know that my older real life sister, Lisa, has a new blog. Please go and take a look. You will find her to be just as sassy as me! It's I am looking forward to Marco Island with the family next week. I need it! Have a great weekend Sista's and have a sweet ice tea for will ya? Blessings, Debi