Sunday, August 30, 2009

When Believers Worry....He Said That? I'm In Trouble!

Yes Sista's I needed me some church today. Much of you know about the week I had. And my Pastor pointed out to me very clearly this morning...... I have sinned.

In fact...I have sinned every day this week... in a bad way!

I've thought things about people that I never thought I would think, and I have said things I would normally never ever say. UHMMM. Yes...I needed me some Jesus today! Our Pastor pointed out this morning that, "Worry will choke out what Jesus wants for your life. which is, Peace, Hope and Life!"

For the Readers Digest version: When Believer's Worry.......this is what happens: * We refuse our security that Christ gives us. God Gave us Life...He will take care of us if we only surrender to him.

* We Misuse Our Energy. If we would stop worrying and start praying and let God take control this would this would be a lot easier. ( This is always the one that get's me because I am not a backseat kinda person. I am a Do'er...I get things's so hard to let go and not control the situation). God used a situation just this week....that made me rely and trust in Him for something to happen and in doing so .....the result was so much bigger than anything I could have ever hoped for.

* We abuse our testimony. As a believer...others are them that worrying is not what you do but trusting in God is.....even in the difficult times. This is also a hard one because if you are some one who serves in a Ministry type position....non-believers are waiting for you to fall so they can say......"Yeah...I see how you roll". This one is really hard for some....especially for me.

And the last one is....We confuse our priorities. Matthew 6:25-34. You can read this one to know what I am talking about but I am so guilty of this one it sickening. This verse talks about being worried about what your going to eat, what your going to wear...and worrying about your looks. All of which I worry about on a daily basis.... I am just sayin.....I am so guilty of this one!

The soulsmate didn't think I would be going to church this morning because he heard me get up last night .....Satan didn't want me to go either. In fact...I was up sick from 3:30a.m. until 5:45 a.m but went anyway....because I didn't get to go last week and I Love me some church!!

 If Pastor didn't get through to one person ...he got through to me. Can I get an Amen?

Hugs to you Sista's!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Does She Look Happy?

That would be a No!!
This is what I have been dealing with for the past 48 hours! This sad face and many tears..... my dearest and closest friends all know why....she is not so happy with school! Lil Bon....Changes are a coming!!
With that said....please pray for my Lil Bon cuz she usually looks like this! This was
her and her BFF right before their big night out for the Jonas Brothers concert!
She had a blast that night....but was mad when she got home that she forgot to blow the $40 dollars I gave her to spend .....that was a problem. This was the outfit she had to have
from one of her fav stores (Justice)! Could they be any cuter.....I think not!
Her BFF, Paige,
is also a fashion Diva ...who can put some serious outfits together....I've never seen this child not color coordinated....not even on a bad day. Also....she is the only kid I know that will let me do absolutely anything to her hair and not complain and love whatever I do...that why I love her so much!
Lil Bon is now very happy! She is a Bevis Bronco.
Peace Out to ALL my Sista's!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Just Sayin.....

I'm just gonna take the high road and say this.......if you know me.....please pray for me. I Might Have To Take Off My Earrings.... I'm Just Sayin! Debi

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm Gonna Buy Myself Something "Real Nice"!

I don't know what movie I heard it in, but I think that Sally Fields said that she was gonna buy hereself something real a southern voice in one of my favorite movie's. This Migraine/Veritgo situation has put a total major stop in me thing that I love to do most. You know one thing that will cure the, " I don't feel so good" is a little retail therapy....I tell ya can really do it for me. But since my Birdie May veritigo spells has come up on me....I have been only able to last long enough to get the kids necessities for school and then...I'm floatin so bad...I have to go home. I miss shopping and taking my time. This is not normal. I have taken my medication and it is not Madea would put it! And the kicker is that...when I put on my glasses makes everything I can't do any of the following: Make jewelry...and Bead.....cuz I need my glasses. Can't read my book......cuz I need my glasses. That pretty much sums up what I do in my spare minutes at home. I don't feel like talking on the phone because anything "loud" really bothers me. I am very sensitive to "noise" at the moment. I can't clean because when I bend over and come back up it makes me dizzy. I have caught up on all the wash. Might I add that there is no good programming on T.V. My favorite night of T.V is Monday night because my favorite show is "The Closer" I just love love it. And then...Saving Grace....yes I am an a TNT watcher. I need prayers from all my Sista's so.....if you can.....please say an extra one for me. And to my friend Shawn...I have you a Birthday present for you....and if Idon't get it to you soon....I'm gonna wear it. In fact might want to come and see me...just to get I won't! Hugs to you all! If anyone is having trouble leaving a comment please email me at Debi

Friday, August 21, 2009

Middle School Migraine....

Sorry to you Sista's... But this Soul Sista has been down with severe migraine. So severe that I had to see a specialist at Tampa General this past Wednesday......I thought I had vertigo....but apparently the Dr. said I am not hormonal afterall! WHO KNEW! Apparently I am having severe migraines that can actually cause vertigo. And I thought it was just my Boo...Middle Schooler...who apparently knows everything .....and I know absolutely nothing! Yes ...they gave me a shot I was so bad!! Countdown has starts Tuesday! No more fighting or talking back at least during the hours I am at work. PTL! I just got home from 8th Grade Middle School Open House. Yes....I totally embarrassed my son, by yelling a big ole... Woooo Hooooo...when his P.E. Coach said he ran Track N Field for the University of Florida Gators. In came out so fast...I embarrass myself. I'm Just Sayin.... Girlz.....I am still officially if any of you are in the area and see me driving....don't be like ROZ and BE SCARED and Call's just your Sista with a little bit of Vertigo. I promise I won't try and run you off the road...but if I do...I'm sorry ahead of time. And might I add....what's wrong with a grown woman like myself still lovin to shop for some school supplies. I am addicted to pretty paper and tablets and pens and cute folders.....Houston we do have a problem.....! I need a laptop bag...but can't find a cute one still. Been on Etsy....everywhere and still have yet to find one. Someone just find me one and send it to me please! My medication is obviously kickin in so I must quit babblin.....ya'll pray for me. Cuz you all know I pray for sweet sista's! Peace out! Debi

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mandisa's At My Church....And I'm Not There!

Sister's Nothing could be sadder for me to know that Mandisa was at my church this morning and I am laid up in bed with vertigo. Ok...I use to think vertigo was for old people...that's of course until I got it! My stepfather's mama, Ms. Birdie May had vertigo and she was quite up there in age...and she was the only person I've ever know to have it. This is what she used to say and I can hear it like it was yesterday...bless her soul! " My vertigo has got me today"! I use to smile and act like I understood what it mean't ...I mean being she was older and all...I didn't want to question her...I just shook my head and told her that I was sorry to hear it. She is with Jesus now ...but I know what she mean't.

Back to Mandisa! My peeps tried to get the soulmate to call me from church so I could hear her singing but he didn't succomb to the pressure. I wish he would have! I didn't know that she was coming..not that it would have made a difference, because I dont' like missing church and I would have been there if I was up to it...for sure. Oh well....I know she was a blessing to many and I will see her somewhere else. Last time she was in town I got to interview her for a few minutes and she signed a book and a had my picture made with her....I will have to find that one. Anywho....I just found out that my favorite worship leader, Travis Cottrell was a Disney the same day that my sister Jennifer and I were last week. And the funny thing is that he was at Liberty Tavern watching one of his singers debut with her rendition of "Summertime" in the President's hall. sister laughed when I mentioned that we should take the kids over to get some education while at Disney....she rolled her eyes at me and said, " Naw Girl"! I want you to know if we would have ran into Travis while at Disney....we would have both gone completely rock star crazy! Ya'll know I' don't get excited about too many folks....but let's just say we would not have been a good example for the "chiren"!! I can't wait to tell JeAdd Imagen....she's gonna flip!

Well, gotta go for now, but I am looking for someone who will go to Orlando with me the first week of October to see Beth Moore and Travis. I hoping to hook up with Travis for a quick interview for Olivia's show...she doesn't know that yet.....ya'll be blessed and have a great week and pray that my vertigo' takes a leave of absence!

Peace Out Sista's!


Friday, August 14, 2009


O yes My Sista's....Little Bon ...was given the "silly air" for the removal of 5 permanent teeth extracted this morning...and you could guess...she talked all the way through it. The dental assistant came out to let us know how she was doing and she was laughing. I said, "Is she ok?" Her response, " O yes ma'am she's back there saying she felt like she is floating but she was telling us all about her horse..."Princess". At that point three of the teeth were already taken out! Also...she said, "She has requested to take home all the teeth so the tooth fairy would "double up" and feel sorry for her and possibly give her more. The last sentence....she said with a very sly in...uhmmmm......maybe they will pony it up and give me some extra since I'm going thru all this pain....and I KNOW there isn't a tooth fairy....let me see how this pan's out! She has been planting seeds about that ever since she got home......with the sly grin and squinted eyes. O what would I do without my Little Bon....she drives me completely insane and makes me laugh all in the same breath. She wanted to know afterwards if we could go to KOHLS and shop for some new makeup and perfume. O YES SHE DID! I'm tellin you rightnow that these were some of the biggest teeth with roots that I have ever seen. No wonder she didn't have any room for them in her mouth. I would show you but I'm too tired for all of the technical part of posting the please forgive.'s been a day. I have been driving all over town with Vertigo...I haven't had a wreck but I'm sure I've caused a few! Not's strange how sometimes it's really bad and other times it's not. I will see a specialist next week...not to worry. Guess I'm headed to Kohls in the morning. Ya"ll have a great weekend. Peace out! Debi

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Surprises From The Peeps!

Hey to you Sista's! It's really been a crazy two days. My Little Bon has been feeling bad bad bad. She is never sick ....but her Molars came in and the tooth in front of it has a bracket on it and it made it absess so she has been in a lot of pain. She will have to have four permanent teeth extracted in the morning. She is fearfully crazy when it comes to I am hoping the "silly air" puts her to sleep prior to getting it done. The Soulmate is going with me.....and what a surprise tonight as my 13 yr old, Boo, said he wanted to be with her as well. I said..."who are you and what have you done with my son?" He usually drives her crazy by throwing her in the pool and making her scream just so he can laugh. Yes it was a touching moment! We'll see how it goes. All of the sudden Boo wants to cut the grass. This is my child who has asthma but wants to make extra money for who knows what. I have a yard service which is my friends hubby's company. Dilemma. For another time. During the above drama....I have had vertigo...which has made me very sick. I was in Wally World with the kids on Wednesday buying school supplies and it hit me again....I gave Boo the list to finish up Little Bon's list, which he completed might nicely...I might add! I headed to the rest room trying not to embarrass my children by losing it on the supplies aisle....get to the bathroom and it was a false alarm. With a cold rag to my head...I muddle my way back towards to the peeps and on the way back.....there are huge bends of sale items for like 15 cents. All of this sale stuff for school was in the back of the where near the supplies. O YES I DID! Put some of those 2.97 notebook spirals back and loaded up on the 15 cent ones. Why would Wally World do that? The notebook paper was cheap too. I could not get over it. You know I have to share a bargain. Sick or not sick I was on the supply aisle telling everyone to head toward the bathrooms. Sam Walton would be ashamed of his employees for that! Boo had finished up everything and took the basket for me to the checkout lady and did the rest! He comes through for me all the time. I am so proud of him. We get to the car and head home....I'm driving down bloomingdale and pull in our development at the gate and this time it was not a false alarm.....I lose my cookies right there next to the guard shack right in front of about 10 people waiting in line to get into the neighborhood. Boo brought me a napkin ....he was so sweet. I get back in the car and head home least I didn't embarrass them in the store. It's been very eventful around here. Please say a prayer for my Little Bon in the morning. And I hope you all have a blessed weekend. Peace Out! Debi

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sista's....Answer Me Fast....Ain't Too Proud to Beg?

The Soulmate called me today from work and he sounded a little kinda scared me at first. I said, "What's wrong?" He said, " you have a minute to talk." Kinda sorta maybe...Geez I thought something was wrong with one of the peeps! He said no ....but I have to know something pretty quick. Now I'm really worried. He said we have been invited by one of his vendors to go on a Carribean Cruise late October but we have to tell them like in two days if we can go. Ok...there's nothing more exciting than trying to find someone to keep your children for 7 days while school is in session...and have it all wrapped up in two days. Yes .....that really make me feel like going somewhere. I just think I might would rather stay home than have to get everything organized in order to be away for 7 days while my kids are in school. Hey ....but it is a free all expense paid trip... it makes me want to at least try....right. so here's where the dilemma begins. We would be gone on Halloween! Friends...I have to tell you I have never in my life been away from my peeps on Halloween and the thought of it just makes me feel really bad. I just love Halloween. I know that may sound strange coming from a crazy sideways adult but Halloween was always a happy time because it was my Daddy's Birthday and we always always had fun. I acutally think I like it more than my kids and it's not even because of the candy. It's just silly fun! So I need to hear from all of you Sista's on what I should do. Please keep in mind my son, Boo is 13 and rides the bus......but my daughter, Lil Bon is 9, and I have to drive her to school about 20 miles away, but not really a bad drive! Help! I need answers fast! Debi

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Never Have I Posted About Football!

Hey to you Sista's, Now if any of you know me at are very aware that some sports just bore me! Maybe it's not as boring as it is HOT if you play a sport here in Florida, but I was inspired by watching the Football Hall of Fame that was on tonight with the "SoulMate". I love storytelling so this was better to me than watching a football game. I thought is was incredible because you get to hear about the player what they do ON and OFF the field. I was totally inspired by a Football Hall of Fame inductee named Rod Woodsman. The first thing out of his mouth was, "I have to thank God first and foremost because without him I would be nothing". Then He said, "I believe in Jesus Christ and have accepted him as my personal Savior". I know you hear people and many football players thank God from time to time (mainly after a championship of some sort) but this was heartfelt and totally genuine. He went on to speak of incredible mentors that influenced him at an early age and guide him through his adolescence that kept him on a straight and narrow path. He thanked each one of them publicly. I have to tell you I've never been so interested in watching football in my life. He was an amazing speaker and I am here to tell you that he made me want to get up and shout. All that was missing was Mandisa coming out to sing a "Halleighleueeer song"! In fact, they needed a little music intertwined in that program I said out loud to the soulmate as he rolled his eyes at me. Which begs me to ask the question....."Why don't the commentators spotlight more players prior to the game? Unless you are a die hard fan to you get to know people on a certain Tim Tebow....he's easy to follow. They always do it in college ball...but not the pro's. Tebow's parents were missionaries and he's traveled with them his whole entire life...not only that is Tebow was homeschooled. ( That's a whole topic for blogging right there....can't you just Larry the Cable guy sayin that line!? Can you actually believe that? I didn't believe it when I first heard it but it's true. If I had to home school my children......I would need some medication. We use to attend a church years ago that had alot of home school kids in our children's drama department. My son, Boo, was eight years old when he asked me to home school him. I can't even imagine the look I gave him. I said,"I can't even get you to get your homework done before your Dad gets home....and you want to be home schooled. Well.....PTL...that never happened. I just felt the need to post about that football guy tonight...I still am just amazed by it. If I find him on youtube talking about it...I will put it on so you all can enjoy it as much as I did! Maybe I can at least find a picture of him. Yay...I found it! Have a great Sunday! Debi

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Disney Blisters!!

I never thought I would have to say this.....but I am Disney'd Out! My sweet sis, Jenny, and her peeps (and her soulmate) were here this weekend from Tennessee visiting. My adorable nephews have never been to....( as Jonah...put it...) Disney Word! He's so cute it ain't even funny..with his cute little dimples! But my friends I am here to tell you ...I don't think Jesus wants anyone to be a Disney for 12 hours. I have blisters to prove it. Yes I wore proper shoe attire and anyway you look at it...12 hours of anything must automatically just give them to you. I must say that WE DID A LOT!! And Space Mountain and Splash Mountain were closed......can somebody get Roy Disney on the phone. Little Bon was disappointed....only because she more than likely she had finally beat the height requirement for Space Mountain. However, she did get to ride Thunder Mountain RailRoad with Uncle it wasn't a total bust. Some things just don't change at Disney...and might I politely add that the Country Bears Jamboree needs a Ty Pennington Makeover. It was down right embarrassing. I have to tell you that it was so hot that when we got there that my sister Jen and I felt a little dizzy we thought that food was in order within the first 15 minutes of arrival. It was .....HOT SICK! I don't think I have ever been that HOT in my life. I wanted to take a picture of Jen....but I couldn't stop laughing at her long enough to do it. The look on her face ...was priceless! She didn't want to be there either...but we both suffered through it! The boys had a great time.....and they got to do just about everything they wanted. I loved seeing their little faces light up! They were so much fun...even if I have Disney was worth it to see them have a great time. And today.....I have a Disney Migraine....that will not seem to lift...even with medication....something is very wrong here. Yes I ordered TakeOutButler! A friend of mine has a new business in the Brandon, Riverview and FishHawk area that will bring food right to your door from some really great restaurants. Please give him a shout Pray for me, Debi

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Friend Shawn is Swappin It!

Hey Girlz, My friend Shawn is having a Swap and for the two of you that don't know her...she's CRRAZZZYYY! And I promise you that if she's havin will definitely want to take part. In fingers and legs are crossed hopin that she's my swappin partner! GO over and check it out at I don't have a winner because no one entered. The days not over so if you see this and enter before midnight tonight could just win hands down. Go figure! Have a blessed day! Debi