Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm Gonna Buy Myself Something "Real Nice"!

I don't know what movie I heard it in, but I think that Sally Fields said that she was gonna buy hereself something real a southern voice in one of my favorite movie's. This Migraine/Veritgo situation has put a total major stop in me thing that I love to do most. You know one thing that will cure the, " I don't feel so good" is a little retail therapy....I tell ya can really do it for me. But since my Birdie May veritigo spells has come up on me....I have been only able to last long enough to get the kids necessities for school and then...I'm floatin so bad...I have to go home. I miss shopping and taking my time. This is not normal. I have taken my medication and it is not Madea would put it! And the kicker is that...when I put on my glasses makes everything I can't do any of the following: Make jewelry...and Bead.....cuz I need my glasses. Can't read my book......cuz I need my glasses. That pretty much sums up what I do in my spare minutes at home. I don't feel like talking on the phone because anything "loud" really bothers me. I am very sensitive to "noise" at the moment. I can't clean because when I bend over and come back up it makes me dizzy. I have caught up on all the wash. Might I add that there is no good programming on T.V. My favorite night of T.V is Monday night because my favorite show is "The Closer" I just love love it. And then...Saving Grace....yes I am an a TNT watcher. I need prayers from all my Sista's so.....if you can.....please say an extra one for me. And to my friend Shawn...I have you a Birthday present for you....and if Idon't get it to you soon....I'm gonna wear it. In fact might want to come and see me...just to get I won't! Hugs to you all! If anyone is having trouble leaving a comment please email me at Debi