Thursday, August 13, 2009

Surprises From The Peeps!

Hey to you Sista's! It's really been a crazy two days. My Little Bon has been feeling bad bad bad. She is never sick ....but her Molars came in and the tooth in front of it has a bracket on it and it made it absess so she has been in a lot of pain. She will have to have four permanent teeth extracted in the morning. She is fearfully crazy when it comes to I am hoping the "silly air" puts her to sleep prior to getting it done. The Soulmate is going with me.....and what a surprise tonight as my 13 yr old, Boo, said he wanted to be with her as well. I said..."who are you and what have you done with my son?" He usually drives her crazy by throwing her in the pool and making her scream just so he can laugh. Yes it was a touching moment! We'll see how it goes. All of the sudden Boo wants to cut the grass. This is my child who has asthma but wants to make extra money for who knows what. I have a yard service which is my friends hubby's company. Dilemma. For another time. During the above drama....I have had vertigo...which has made me very sick. I was in Wally World with the kids on Wednesday buying school supplies and it hit me again....I gave Boo the list to finish up Little Bon's list, which he completed might nicely...I might add! I headed to the rest room trying not to embarrass my children by losing it on the supplies aisle....get to the bathroom and it was a false alarm. With a cold rag to my head...I muddle my way back towards to the peeps and on the way back.....there are huge bends of sale items for like 15 cents. All of this sale stuff for school was in the back of the where near the supplies. O YES I DID! Put some of those 2.97 notebook spirals back and loaded up on the 15 cent ones. Why would Wally World do that? The notebook paper was cheap too. I could not get over it. You know I have to share a bargain. Sick or not sick I was on the supply aisle telling everyone to head toward the bathrooms. Sam Walton would be ashamed of his employees for that! Boo had finished up everything and took the basket for me to the checkout lady and did the rest! He comes through for me all the time. I am so proud of him. We get to the car and head home....I'm driving down bloomingdale and pull in our development at the gate and this time it was not a false alarm.....I lose my cookies right there next to the guard shack right in front of about 10 people waiting in line to get into the neighborhood. Boo brought me a napkin ....he was so sweet. I get back in the car and head home least I didn't embarrass them in the store. It's been very eventful around here. Please say a prayer for my Little Bon in the morning. And I hope you all have a blessed weekend. Peace Out! Debi



OH Deb that's horrible! My Mom suffered a bought of Vertigo and said it was miserable! If there's anything I can do...