Thursday, August 27, 2009

Does She Look Happy?

That would be a No!!
This is what I have been dealing with for the past 48 hours! This sad face and many tears..... my dearest and closest friends all know why....she is not so happy with school! Lil Bon....Changes are a coming!!
With that said....please pray for my Lil Bon cuz she usually looks like this! This was
her and her BFF right before their big night out for the Jonas Brothers concert!
She had a blast that night....but was mad when she got home that she forgot to blow the $40 dollars I gave her to spend .....that was a problem. This was the outfit she had to have
from one of her fav stores (Justice)! Could they be any cuter.....I think not!
Her BFF, Paige,
is also a fashion Diva ...who can put some serious outfits together....I've never seen this child not color coordinated....not even on a bad day. Also....she is the only kid I know that will let me do absolutely anything to her hair and not complain and love whatever I do...that why I love her so much!
Lil Bon is now very happy! She is a Bevis Bronco.
Peace Out to ALL my Sista's!