Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sista's....Answer Me Fast....Ain't Too Proud to Beg?

The Soulmate called me today from work and he sounded a little fretful...it kinda scared me at first. I said, "What's wrong?" He said, " Nothing...do you have a minute to talk." Kinda sorta maybe...Geez I thought something was wrong with one of the peeps! He said no ....but I have to know something pretty quick. Now I'm really worried. He said we have been invited by one of his vendors to go on a Carribean Cruise late October but we have to tell them like in two days if we can go. Ok...there's nothing more exciting than trying to find someone to keep your children for 7 days while school is in session...and have it all wrapped up in two days. Yes .....that really make me feel like going somewhere. I just think I might would rather stay home than have to get everything organized in order to be away for 7 days while my kids are in school. Hey ....but it is a free all expense paid trip... it makes me want to at least try....right. so here's where the dilemma begins. We would be gone on Halloween! Friends...I have to tell you I have never in my life been away from my peeps on Halloween and the thought of it just makes me feel really bad. I just love Halloween. I know that may sound strange coming from a crazy sideways adult but Halloween was always a happy time because it was my Daddy's Birthday and we always always had fun. I acutally think I like it more than my kids and it's not even because of the candy. It's just silly fun! So I need to hear from all of you Sista's on what I should do. Please keep in mind my son, Boo is 13 and rides the bus......but my daughter, Lil Bon is 9, and I have to drive her to school about 20 miles away, but not really a bad drive! Help! I need answers fast! Debi



20 miles. WTH? {heck} Is she going to a magnet school? If so they do have bus service ya know!

I would try, they're kids and believe it or not they really won't miss you all that much on Halloween. If they're anything like mine they're always tying to ditch ya anyway!

Go,Enjoy.Relax. That's what family is for, fly one of them down to help, that's what I do.

Olivia On Air

Maybe her Godmother can help out?


Maybe the Princess Big Mama can come to the rescue! Yea I believe she can! You have nothing to worry about, I love me some Halloween too and I will make it fun for the kids and I'm overprotective like you when it comes to our little peeps, so now that's settled! NEXT...