Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mandisa's At My Church....And I'm Not There!

Sister's Nothing could be sadder for me to know that Mandisa was at my church this morning and I am laid up in bed with vertigo. Ok...I use to think vertigo was for old people...that's of course until I got it! My stepfather's mama, Ms. Birdie May had vertigo and she was quite up there in age...and she was the only person I've ever know to have it. This is what she used to say and I can hear it like it was yesterday...bless her soul! " My vertigo has got me today"! I use to smile and act like I understood what it mean't ...I mean being she was older and all...I didn't want to question her...I just shook my head and told her that I was sorry to hear it. She is with Jesus now ...but I know what she mean't.

Back to Mandisa! My peeps tried to get the soulmate to call me from church so I could hear her singing but he didn't succomb to the pressure. I wish he would have! I didn't know that she was coming..not that it would have made a difference, because I dont' like missing church and I would have been there if I was up to it...for sure. Oh well....I know she was a blessing to many and I will see her somewhere else. Last time she was in town I got to interview her for a few minutes and she signed a book and a had my picture made with her....I will have to find that one. Anywho....I just found out that my favorite worship leader, Travis Cottrell was a Disney the same day that my sister Jennifer and I were last week. And the funny thing is that he was at Liberty Tavern watching one of his singers debut with her rendition of "Summertime" in the President's hall. sister laughed when I mentioned that we should take the kids over to get some education while at Disney....she rolled her eyes at me and said, " Naw Girl"! I want you to know if we would have ran into Travis while at Disney....we would have both gone completely rock star crazy! Ya'll know I' don't get excited about too many folks....but let's just say we would not have been a good example for the "chiren"!! I can't wait to tell JeAdd Imagen....she's gonna flip!

Well, gotta go for now, but I am looking for someone who will go to Orlando with me the first week of October to see Beth Moore and Travis. I hoping to hook up with Travis for a quick interview for Olivia's show...she doesn't know that yet.....ya'll be blessed and have a great week and pray that my vertigo' takes a leave of absence!

Peace Out Sista's!



Susie Q

I'm so sorry you're dealing with that. A good friend of mine gets it too and she's so miserable. I dare not suggest any of the stuff I've read to do....she's probably tried it all anyway!

Feel better