Saturday, August 8, 2009

Never Have I Posted About Football!

Hey to you Sista's, Now if any of you know me at are very aware that some sports just bore me! Maybe it's not as boring as it is HOT if you play a sport here in Florida, but I was inspired by watching the Football Hall of Fame that was on tonight with the "SoulMate". I love storytelling so this was better to me than watching a football game. I thought is was incredible because you get to hear about the player what they do ON and OFF the field. I was totally inspired by a Football Hall of Fame inductee named Rod Woodsman. The first thing out of his mouth was, "I have to thank God first and foremost because without him I would be nothing". Then He said, "I believe in Jesus Christ and have accepted him as my personal Savior". I know you hear people and many football players thank God from time to time (mainly after a championship of some sort) but this was heartfelt and totally genuine. He went on to speak of incredible mentors that influenced him at an early age and guide him through his adolescence that kept him on a straight and narrow path. He thanked each one of them publicly. I have to tell you I've never been so interested in watching football in my life. He was an amazing speaker and I am here to tell you that he made me want to get up and shout. All that was missing was Mandisa coming out to sing a "Halleighleueeer song"! In fact, they needed a little music intertwined in that program I said out loud to the soulmate as he rolled his eyes at me. Which begs me to ask the question....."Why don't the commentators spotlight more players prior to the game? Unless you are a die hard fan to you get to know people on a certain Tim Tebow....he's easy to follow. They always do it in college ball...but not the pro's. Tebow's parents were missionaries and he's traveled with them his whole entire life...not only that is Tebow was homeschooled. ( That's a whole topic for blogging right there....can't you just Larry the Cable guy sayin that line!? Can you actually believe that? I didn't believe it when I first heard it but it's true. If I had to home school my children......I would need some medication. We use to attend a church years ago that had alot of home school kids in our children's drama department. My son, Boo, was eight years old when he asked me to home school him. I can't even imagine the look I gave him. I said,"I can't even get you to get your homework done before your Dad gets home....and you want to be home schooled. Well.....PTL...that never happened. I just felt the need to post about that football guy tonight...I still am just amazed by it. If I find him on youtube talking about it...I will put it on so you all can enjoy it as much as I did! Maybe I can at least find a picture of him. Yay...I found it! Have a great Sunday! Debi


Susie Q

If you have a good program, homeschooling honestly isn't that hard. The problem is that when you do it, you are finished by noon and have the rest of the day to keep them busy!