Friday, August 21, 2009

Middle School Migraine....

Sorry to you Sista's... But this Soul Sista has been down with severe migraine. So severe that I had to see a specialist at Tampa General this past Wednesday......I thought I had vertigo....but apparently the Dr. said I am not hormonal afterall! WHO KNEW! Apparently I am having severe migraines that can actually cause vertigo. And I thought it was just my Boo...Middle Schooler...who apparently knows everything .....and I know absolutely nothing! Yes ...they gave me a shot I was so bad!! Countdown has starts Tuesday! No more fighting or talking back at least during the hours I am at work. PTL! I just got home from 8th Grade Middle School Open House. Yes....I totally embarrassed my son, by yelling a big ole... Woooo Hooooo...when his P.E. Coach said he ran Track N Field for the University of Florida Gators. In came out so fast...I embarrass myself. I'm Just Sayin.... Girlz.....I am still officially if any of you are in the area and see me driving....don't be like ROZ and BE SCARED and Call's just your Sista with a little bit of Vertigo. I promise I won't try and run you off the road...but if I do...I'm sorry ahead of time. And might I add....what's wrong with a grown woman like myself still lovin to shop for some school supplies. I am addicted to pretty paper and tablets and pens and cute folders.....Houston we do have a problem.....! I need a laptop bag...but can't find a cute one still. Been on Etsy....everywhere and still have yet to find one. Someone just find me one and send it to me please! My medication is obviously kickin in so I must quit babblin.....ya'll pray for me. Cuz you all know I pray for sweet sista's! Peace out! Debi


Susie Q

I feel for ya! I get them too and yeah, every few years I get one badly enough that I need a shot. I was on the Imitrex nasal but without insurance, I just can't do it...but boy, does that one have me babbling for about 15 minutes or so if I am awake when I use it...geez!

Just sleep when ya can and get better. I keep ice packs in the freezer for those monsters.


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