Friday, August 14, 2009


O yes My Sista's....Little Bon ...was given the "silly air" for the removal of 5 permanent teeth extracted this morning...and you could guess...she talked all the way through it. The dental assistant came out to let us know how she was doing and she was laughing. I said, "Is she ok?" Her response, " O yes ma'am she's back there saying she felt like she is floating but she was telling us all about her horse..."Princess". At that point three of the teeth were already taken out! Also...she said, "She has requested to take home all the teeth so the tooth fairy would "double up" and feel sorry for her and possibly give her more. The last sentence....she said with a very sly in...uhmmmm......maybe they will pony it up and give me some extra since I'm going thru all this pain....and I KNOW there isn't a tooth fairy....let me see how this pan's out! She has been planting seeds about that ever since she got home......with the sly grin and squinted eyes. O what would I do without my Little Bon....she drives me completely insane and makes me laugh all in the same breath. She wanted to know afterwards if we could go to KOHLS and shop for some new makeup and perfume. O YES SHE DID! I'm tellin you rightnow that these were some of the biggest teeth with roots that I have ever seen. No wonder she didn't have any room for them in her mouth. I would show you but I'm too tired for all of the technical part of posting the please forgive.'s been a day. I have been driving all over town with Vertigo...I haven't had a wreck but I'm sure I've caused a few! Not's strange how sometimes it's really bad and other times it's not. I will see a specialist next week...not to worry. Guess I'm headed to Kohls in the morning. Ya"ll have a great weekend. Peace out! Debi



I so believe every word!

PLease feel better and limit your driving!