Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Disney Blisters!!

I never thought I would have to say this.....but I am Disney'd Out! My sweet sis, Jenny, and her peeps (and her soulmate) were here this weekend from Tennessee visiting. My adorable nephews have never been to....( as Jonah...put it...) Disney Word! He's so cute it ain't even funny..with his cute little dimples! But my friends I am here to tell you ...I don't think Jesus wants anyone to be a Disney for 12 hours. I have blisters to prove it. Yes I wore proper shoe attire and anyway you look at it...12 hours of anything must automatically just give them to you. I must say that WE DID A LOT!! And Space Mountain and Splash Mountain were closed......can somebody get Roy Disney on the phone. Little Bon was disappointed....only because she more than likely she had finally beat the height requirement for Space Mountain. However, she did get to ride Thunder Mountain RailRoad with Uncle it wasn't a total bust. Some things just don't change at Disney...and might I politely add that the Country Bears Jamboree needs a Ty Pennington Makeover. It was down right embarrassing. I have to tell you that it was so hot that when we got there that my sister Jen and I felt a little dizzy we thought that food was in order within the first 15 minutes of arrival. It was .....HOT SICK! I don't think I have ever been that HOT in my life. I wanted to take a picture of Jen....but I couldn't stop laughing at her long enough to do it. The look on her face ...was priceless! She didn't want to be there either...but we both suffered through it! The boys had a great time.....and they got to do just about everything they wanted. I loved seeing their little faces light up! They were so much fun...even if I have Disney was worth it to see them have a great time. And today.....I have a Disney Migraine....that will not seem to lift...even with medication....something is very wrong here. Yes I ordered TakeOutButler! A friend of mine has a new business in the Brandon, Riverview and FishHawk area that will bring food right to your door from some really great restaurants. Please give him a shout Pray for me, Debi



When we first moved to Fl we lived in Tampa and used dine11 all the time. So glad to see there's something like it again!

Here's to a quick recovery!