Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Miss You!

Today has been a very sad day for me. One year ago today my sister, Angela, was found dead in her home in Memphis Tennessee. I can't believe she's been gone for one whole year already. I was busy taking down the Christmas tree when I got the call from my brother in law that the ambulance had been called to her house. This was and to this day so unbelievable.  I miss you Angela....I will see you again some day!

I love and miss you!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

When Does School Start Back?

Ok....I'm thinkin school should be starting back up right about now. As bad as I don't like homework...trying to please everyone is just a little too much for me at this point and time. I need a girlz night or ....immediately. Can I get an AMEN? Lil Bon is bored at the drop of a penny and if her friends are not at home...she get's angry....and the Big Boo...has friends and more friends that are over everyday and I am the official "Taxi" of the neighborhood apparently.  I not only "take" but also "pickup" ...does that sound fair....I think not.

I have asked Lil Bon to pick up her clothes from Christmas .."O Let's see a dozen or so times" and have they been picked up? Not......nada one. And if I have to pick up one more band-aid wrapper....I am going to go crazy. She is obsessed with band-aids......she thinks the floor is the tonight hopefully I cured her of this.  You might ask....what did I do to possibly cure her of this problem? I picked up every wrapper I could find and went and put them right next to her plate as she was eating and nicely gave them to her. I think seeing ALL of them together kind of overwhelmed her.....she looked at me with disbelief like I took her food away from her or something. I came back and it was all I think she got the message. I am looking forward to going to the movies tomorrow.

O Yes I am!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ok...So My Snowman Cookie Has A Toupe!

Yes ...My Sista's I really thought I had outdone myself making cookies for Boo's school tomorrow....that's until I got to the snowman and had no black icing. Well....I had a little bit of brownie fudge icing so I was trying to cheat a little with a toothpick and when I got through....this is what he looked like!

Ok he's been on the other side of the track with
this toupe...he looks like he's Italian fo sho!

So I wanted to thank my Bloggin
Sista...Cuz you know I give credit where
credit is due......Shawn over at Seriously
lent me her BIG Cookie cutters....and
my mitten turned out a lot better!

It's a little blurry but whatevah!
Here is a cute picture of all four!

In my personal Santa Hat came
out the best!

So's to my Sista....Lisa....who is the Cake Miss..
(in an Italian accent) toucha my cookies...
I breaka ya face!

Sista's I DO NOT BAKE....It scares me! But these
were so fun! I followed the royal icing recipe on line
and it made the cookie icing dry hard and everything.

Somebody get the Cake Boss....on the phone.

Hugs to you all!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Did You Send Me A Card?

Can I just tell you how much I love Christmas Cards! So far I only have eight....some somebody somewhere is slackin! I already have a favorite....well.....there's two in the running. One of them is a blogger....and...the other one use to blog but doesn't anymore. I don't know what it is about pretty paper...but I love it. You would think that I'm a scrapbooker....but I'm not....but I do love me some good paper!

One of my friend's name is Torry Greene. She is the creator/entreprenuer of Graceful Correspondence! A custom paper company that I love to frequent ....too much really! She designs the coolest stuff. I am just waiting for her to learn how to do blog templates....she is so talented...I know she could do it! But then I wouldn't have all my cool stationary.

So if your reading this and you haven't sent me a Christmas card....pony it up my friend! Here is my address so there are NO excuses! Christmas Count Down has begun!

Debi "SoulSista" DeLoney
3519 Cord Grass Drive
Valrico, FL 33596

My favorite Christmas Card will receive a Crystal Beaded Cross!

Just TEN more days!

Remember....Jesus is the reason for the Season!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Snuggie or a Cuddler....It's Not Really A Toss Up...Is It?

Would you rather have a Snuggie like this
or a

Cuddler like this?

I must say Happy Birthday to the SoulMate! Not that he reads my blog. He thinks that Facebook is for kids and still doesn't know why I like it! Not to mention the fact that there was a report on Bloggers tonight getting fired from there jobs from posting inappropriate pictures on their sites. There's one thing I try to keep in mind while posting. Act and talk like Jesus is sitting right next to you....would you say it.....would you post it? Let me be clear....I need Jesus everyday to keep me off a path I could very easily go down. And the days you don't hear from me......are generally the days I have gone down that path!

Yes know the day......when Satan is sittin on your shoulder sayin this and tellin you that!!! OH yes...
he makes him self known. I think he has messengers sent down.....just to mess with ya!Some might say he presents himself as the "anonymous blogger".....CAN I GET AN AMEN up in HERE!

It's been a crazy but sick week....but the Hamster has finally left the trunk of my car and is well on it's way to
Stacy! I will have to tell you honestly that this is the first year that my Christmas shopping is not done. This is somewhat unsettling since I have to mail things to Memphis this week or they will not make in time for Christmas!

The soulmate and I are shopping tomorrow night while Little Bon is at church making gifts at the church boutique for family and friends. (This was a really great concept!) It was only $12 for the workshop and she gets to make four gifts and wrap them and bring them home. Not to mention ....that it is also cheaper than a sitter for the night!Three hours will go by trust me...I will have a handy dandy list so we can make the most of our time.

Little Bon and I headed to Steinmart to buy the soulmate some presents for his birthday today when she stumbled upon something that I thought was very interesting. Unless have been living under a rock...everyone I know has heard about the "Snuggie" blanket....right? Well....leave it to Little Bon to discover that someone has allegedly "stolen" their idea and have come up with the same thing but low and behold named the "Cuddler"!"

This really bothered her for some reason! She said, "Mama, did those people steal away the idea from the Snuggie Man?" I said...well apparently so...since we've heard of the "Snuggie" and not the "Cuddler". She said, " Mama, what do you do when someone steals your idea?" I said...."well as we are sitting here talking about it...I'm sure some where in some courthouse.....a judge is going to have to make that decision on whether or not "Mr. Cuddler" owes "Mr.Snuggie" some money! She said...."that's not fair is it!"

I said , "no baby" isn't. She said, "I wouldn't want anyone to do that to me....would you?" No baby...I wouldn't! So we've decided...this year ....we wont be buying a "Cuddler".....we will be buying a "Snuggie"...
in the Cheetah print of course!

What do you think? Snuggie or Cuddler? Is it fair? As I sat here at wrote this tonight....I couldn't help but start laughing. You see I have this crazy bloggin friend name Shawn....and today when I went to her post to catch up I saw this dots comin down on my first I thought I had a virus or something...but then I noticed that it looked liked it was snowing. Bing Batta was I have to tell you that I saw this and thought my reindeer on my template would love to play in the SISTA"S KNOW I give credit where credit is DUE.....SHOUT OUT TO ...Shawn over at SERIOUSLY....for being the SNOW QUEEN of BLOGGIN! O YES she is!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Winner Is......Stacey!

The winner of the Zsh Zsh Pet is Stacey over at Bloggin Like It Is!Just email me your address and it will be on it's way just in time for Santa to deliver! I just had to let you know....I usually don't post this early in the day's been a few days since I've posted!

Have a blessed day!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Last Chance to Enter Zhu Zhu Pet Giveaway!

You could have this in your Mailbox by Friday!
Just enter to win!
Become a follower and post about it....and
your could be the lucky winner!

Last Chance to enter is Tuesday, December 8th! I will be picking the winner on Wednesday, December 8th!I want to make sure the winner gets this baby in time for Christmas! Thank you to all who have entered so far! Yes I could sell it on Ebay for $40 but I wanted someone to have it that really really wanted it for their kid who couldn't find it! So....good luck to all who entered and I have increaded my followers by 7 yay! I look forward to hearing from a few more people....but you seven that entered have a really great chance to win.

Have a blessed week!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tide May Roll....But Beware..... of Gators In The Swamp!

Yes today is the official day of Gators and Bama playing for bragging rights to go the SEC National Championship. You would have to know me to understand....I love the Gators but most football snores me. But I have to share with you a funny story about my cute nephew of the twins of my sister, Jen. My Brotha in law is a Die Hard Bama Boy....who tends to tease me when possible, Christian love of course. Only today...I have to tell you that I will be teasing him today because I can tell everyone what his son is saying!

This is my adorable nephew Jonah.

I told him that Tim Tebow is a really good
Christian young man who plays awesome
fotball but he really love Jesus best of all!
I told him to tell his Daddy that he wanted
Tim Tebow to win. SO...Jonah...with
his sweet innocent self...told his Daddy
that he wanted the GATORS TO WIN!

And.....then My Brother-inlaw, Todd,
preceeded to tell him that he was
confused and didn't understand!

Hee Hee! Todd's face was....well

I sure hope the Gators make me proud today!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Apparently Hamsters Are In! Want To Win One...Find Out How?

Do you recognize this?

Apparently I live on another planet! Or so I'm told by A CVS employee who spilled the beans
to me earlier today when I stopped in the store for a card. Well my friends.....I have hit
the jackpot on these things. So I will be giving one away within the next two weeks.
Yes....I have been looking for some followers.....just because I like to amuse
myself and think someone want's to laugh at the same things that I do.

So Here's How it Going to Go Down!
Post my site on your page and send me a comment letting me know and
become a follower and let me know that as well, and I will figure out from my friend Shawn over at
Seriously how to pick the winner.

Tell me which one you want and's just
that simple! O and could someone please scroll down and
figure out how I can have my name in the Signature that I
can't ever seem to get out of the Box....Lord help me.
That could enter your name twice. Or just make me a
pretty signature and send it over to

Good Luck Sista's!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

He Made His Mama Proud!

Hey to you Sista's....

A couple of day prior to the Big Boo Lacrosse "playa" won 1st Place in his Lacrosse Championship Games for the Tampa Bay Fire Elite Travel Team. I must admit I was quite proud! So proud that I will share some awesome pics of Big Boo and his team. I am not proud because they won...I was proud of the way they played the game and won! Here is my favorite picture!

and this next one I like because
his number is 1 and he's holding
his finger up that his team is #1!
How cool is that!

and the prize picture of Big Boo and
his Championship trophy!

I have never been able to go to both
days of his Lacrosse tournaments....
this was the first time. Boo
said I was his lucky charm!