Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tide May Roll....But Beware..... of Gators In The Swamp!

Yes today is the official day of Gators and Bama playing for bragging rights to go the SEC National Championship. You would have to know me to understand....I love the Gators but most football snores me. But I have to share with you a funny story about my cute nephew of the twins of my sister, Jen. My Brotha in law is a Die Hard Bama Boy....who tends to tease me when possible, Christian love of course. Only today...I have to tell you that I will be teasing him today because I can tell everyone what his son is saying!

This is my adorable nephew Jonah.

I told him that Tim Tebow is a really good
Christian young man who plays awesome
fotball but he really love Jesus best of all!
I told him to tell his Daddy that he wanted
Tim Tebow to win. SO...Jonah...with
his sweet innocent self...told his Daddy
that he wanted the GATORS TO WIN!

And.....then My Brother-inlaw, Todd,
preceeded to tell him that he was
confused and didn't understand!

Hee Hee! Todd's face was....well

I sure hope the Gators make me proud today!




You're so bad! Silly Debi telling a BAMA BOY that he wants the Gators to win. Jonah was probably confused.

Regardless of who wins~both teams have done AWESOME all season, but, here in this household....


Love you!!! Muah!


We had a moment of silence at church this morning. I kid you not, he gave us a moment! I love my church...and Tim!